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What many Singaporean girls really want…

Visited the HardwareZone forum last night, and read about a thread-starter asking for help on how to help a female friend of his/her, because she had been supposedly groped at her butt on the streets of Orchard Road last night, during the ‘mass orgy’ (huge, HUGE crowd of people squeezing to ‘absorb’ the ‘feeling of Christmas’…?).

His/Her calls were answered mostly with these replies:

“Ask her ‘song bo’(爽吗?), or in other words, ‘she enjoyed it?'”

To tell frankly, I would say something lidat too, but not so crude. More like a ‘She asked for it’ kind of reply.

Isn’t it so?
From the incidents that had happened during Christmas last year or the previous one, we learnt that many despicable people use the crowd to cover their acts of groping, or even molesting, women. And with the usage of the spray foam, they can cover their tracks even further by blinding the victims with the foam.

But it seems that not many girls and women learnt their lesson, still choosing to join in the crowd, thus exposing themselves to the obvious dangers.
I might sound rude and all saying this, but perhaps they desire to be groped? Most likely they wish for it, thus sending themselves into the lion’s den. But yet they are afraid of being deemed improper, so they give acts of being the sorry victims.

全然わからない。 😦


4 responses to “What many Singaporean girls really want…

  1. MavericK Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 2114

    No mah, no one say dun go out…

    Just that if you wanna go out during that period, expect the much expected. 🙂

  2. xQ Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 2059

    haha well…then bring more friends along lor…at least they can protect u….lol…

    bottom line is not practical to stop people from going out….prevention is the key

  3. MavericK Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 2050

    Like you said, “the more appropriate action to take is to dress less seductively”. How high is the chance of a person wanting to commit indecent acts on females who are dress decently, when there hundreds of other people around? 🙂

    And if you were the girl, you will be unable to do that, since your butt dun grow in front of you, and thus you can’t see who groped it. 😀

  4. xQ Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 1918

    wahlau…kinda stumped by this kind of thinking of HWZ and you la. Looking the issue in another angle….if you are the girl who was groped, how will you feel? You can’t possibly ask every girl to stay at home during the festive season and not come out to enjoy. I guess the more appropriate action to take is to dress less seductively….be more carefull of perverts and possible bring guy friends along. Haha if i were the girl, i will spray foam at the guy, slap him…..kick his crouch….buahahahaha~

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