Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Merry Christmas (2007)

Strange title, isn’t?
Well, thought that is possible that this blog of mine would go on for another year (hope so) , and that most likely I will use the same ‘Merry Christmas’ title again, so the year is there. 🙂

Anyway, it will be Christmas Day tomorrow, and what have I done today, the eve of Christmas?

Stayed at home.
Cuz’  it’s too much of a hassle to be out strolling/window-shopping, having to squeeze with everyone doing their last minute shopping.
And no plans nor invitations (not that I mind) for any parties/get-together with friends. 🙂

And what about tomorrow?
In camp for duty, having my Christmas lunch, and dinner, in the cookhouse. Eventful. 🙂

Haha…enough ‘sarcasms’ for now. Saw an interesting sight today, and thought of something interesting as well.
Saw this girl carrying lots of shopping bags with both hands, staggering her way (probably home) all the way. Probably it’s because of the weight, suddenly got this idea popping into my head:
‘Why not help her with the bags? After all, her home can’t be too far away. (Since she’s walking away from the direction to the MRT station, and since she isn’t on a bus.)’
Next thought:
‘She’ll probably think I’m trying to hit on her, or even worse, do something unruly to her.’

Am I just thinking too much? Or is it that my ideas are really improper for the situation? Even if it’s not a girl, it can be an old person, or even a man struggling with the bags, I believe the same thoughts would come to me.

Well, that’s all that’s interesting in my life today.


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