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Christmas/New Year…きた!!!

Today’s the 18th.
7 days to the most anticipated/dreaded day at the end of the year: Christmas.
12 days to the last day of the year, which has become the perfect day for couples to screw around (literally), thus fulfilling the line ‘Sex on the Beach’, while rubbing boobs, dicks and butts with one another at ZoukOut (dun even know if it’s the name for  that).
And 13 days to the first day of the year 2008, which everyone looks foward to a whole year of good fortune, or pure terror.

All I’m looking forward to is my ORD: 50 days.

Today’s lesson was interesting. For I was the only student, thus becoming a private lesson. According to my sensei, it should have cost $75 per hour for private lessons (I could have heard wrongly). Guess I really got my money’s worth.
Next lesson would be on the 8th of January, since very unfortunately, both X’mas and New Year’s Day fall on Tuesdays. Sensei praised me a little by saying that I’m kinda a fast learner for the language. Well, this may sound proud, but I think so too. The only thing is, I dun have anyone to practice Japanese speech with.

Always hate the way to school. Actually, not just then. Hate being outside when there’s a lot of people. Thus, I hate the holiday seasons.
Couples going out on dates, fully understandable. But couples holding hands yet walking far apart=dumb fuck. Do they wanna be together or apart? Either both of them walk closer together, like the lovey-dovey couple they are, or walk along the 2 sides of the route separately, giving space to people in the middle.
If a group of people wanna stroll, please dun walk in a line and stretch across the entire route, causing people behind to stroll along with you, be it they want to or not.
When getting off the escalator, elevator, or when walking through an entrance/exit, please do not stop at the mouth/door/gateway. At least step to the side or walk further away before stopping.

And maybe I’ve said this before: Singaporeans can’t differentiate between left and right. Our escalators at the MRT have signs showing that people who are not in a rush should stand on the left side of the escalators, so that people who are rushing can move up on the right. But everyday, be it young or old, there will be a chain of muthafuckers who stand on the right, congesting the escalators.

Good ol’ Brandon once described me as ‘a miserable man who hate people to be happy’. Well, that may be what you, who is reading this, might be thinking too. But dun forget, there’s this Chinese line (forgot how the original line goes), ‘Do not build your happiness on/using other people’s suffering.

Lastly, for those who wish to (or think they can) impress people with Japanese greetings, this is for the coming New Year’s Day:
よいお年を。/yoi otoshi o. (To be used before New Year’s Day.)
Tha’s what my sensei taught me at the end of today’s lesson. It’s actually a short form for a much longer line, according to my sensei, and I didn’t ask her about the longer line.



One response to “Christmas/New Year…きた!!!

  1. xianz Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 2052

    yo bro, haha relax la. enjoy the festive seasons ahead! take care and tag mi too!

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