Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Reacquaintances and Farewells

Had rather interesting days.

Went to Walter’s place 2 days ago, playing his new Wii into the wee hours. Wii is indeed a fun console to have, but that aside, it has been ages since I’ve last visited his place. Brings back memories from my secondary school days. =)
Was supposed to be playing badminton with Zhi Hao yesterday morning, together with Walter at Khatib, but rather expectedly, overslept (having slept at 4:30 in the morning, who wouldn’t?), and thus did not turn up.

Then last night, we went for the (annual?) Student Council gathering at Downtown East (sorry, but again? 😛 ) Took a lift from Walter (my first time), and since he’s still considered a new driver, I became his GPS, with a street directory on my lap. Overall, good driving…just that some points are kinda scary. Haha… 😛
I wanna learn driving soon too.

Saw many faces which I haven’t seen in a long, long, LONG time. Tong Tong, Huixin, Colin, Jun Kiat, Jiaying, Nanthini, ‘Pinky’……and a lot more others whom, sadly, I can’t really remember the names. 😛 It was kinda great to see familiar faces again, but being the person that I am, didn’t really warm up to anyone there except those who were of the same batch as me.
Sorry. 😛
I guess I should really put more effort into my conversational skills. I just can’t seem to start, or end, a conversation. I can only kinda interrupt in the middle of one, and then start joining the crowd in the topic. And it definitely helps me in finding a partner in life, which many have done so, as I have found out only last night. 😀

Read my friends’ blogs last night…quite shocked to read about 2 of my friends losing their loved ones (I dunno if this is the correct way to phrase it). Wanted to write something like ‘My condolences to you’ or something like that on their tagboard or something, but being a rather (unreasonably?) practical person, decided not to do so, since I consider it to be of no beneficial use, rather it might cause my friends to recall the painful ordeal they had gone through during the tough period.
But hey, I’m ain’t no heartless bastard, understand? 🙂

Then thought to myself, if I lose a loved one, would I cry? After some thinking, I rule out the possibility…but this is very hard to say. Well, wait till that time comes then (dun tell me not to say something like that, as it is to be expected…the natural course through life).

Now, what’s important is to strengthen my relationship with my friends and acquaintances…but kinda lost about how I should do it. 😛


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