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Me…a father…!?

Think I’ll scare a lot of friends if they read the title of this post (that is, if they even bother visiting… 🙂 )

But to start things: meet my ‘son’:

He has a boss-like smile, doesn’t he?

Anyway, now to clear things. Had a haircut yesterday, at EC House. Just to comment, it was only my second time there, ‘cuz I find it a bit too ‘glam’ for commoners like me to patronize…and even though they state a ’10-minutes haircut’, felt that it took longer than that. But have no qualms about it, since I wasn’t rushing for time (and I wouldn’t be having a haircut if I’m indeed rushing for time).
The hairdresser chatted with me (though I dun really like talking then, but better than slowly falling asleep), and eventually she started to mention about my ‘son’, as seen above.

Hairdresser: Very cute hor?
Me: Yeah. (Giving a forced smile.)
Hairdresser: Yours? (In Mandarin: 你的哈?)


You know, I can lie to her and said yes, but I didn’t, ‘cuz I’m a good guy. (?) Quite a shock, I’ve received…not because I mind people implying that I’m old or anything (I dun really care about such trivial stuff), it’s just that, I look like a father meh? Haha…my ‘son’ dun even resemble me, how to be my ‘son’?

Anyway, I dun think I’ve explained who this kid is. Yup, just a kid my mum’s babysitting. But hey, my entire family treats him like almost our own.

Hmmm…I wonder what kind of a father I’ll be when I really become one……
……if it ever happens.


3 responses to “Me…a father…!?

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  2. MavericK Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 010


    Expected such reactions, but didn’t expect that you’re the first to write about it!!! 😛

    Anyway, sorry that I gave you (and anyone) a scare…haha…:P True, actually nothing wrong with being a father and all, but like you said, we should give it a few years. 🙂

    But a decade or two? O_o


  3. Random J Saturday, December 22, 2007 at 1045

    When I saw ‘son’, I was sat thinking “Oh Jesus…he got a young girl pregnant!?” But I read the whole post (as you have to with an opening sentence like “meet my son”) and then breathed a sigh of relief for you. *lol*

    Ain’t nothing wrong with being a father. I just think we should give it another few years…a decade or two perhaps? 🙂

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