Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Shopping Spree

It’s an early payday, and what happens when payday comes?


My spoils for today, and hopefully, the entire month:

And thus, my display cabinet:

Out of space!!!

OK, enough of my toys. While at CSC today, saw someone unexpected. Hazel, one of my juniors in secondary school! It’s really been a long, long time since I last saw her, and indeed, a huge difference! She had make-up on (but I dunno how to appreciate her make-up) and dressed very well. And well, she had a companion with her…a tall, macho guy, so we didn’t talk much, just usual stuff like ‘How’ve you been?’ or ‘Where are heading to next (in life)?’…
Learned from Walter later on that she has been working as an air stewardess for a few months!!! Rather shocking news indeed, but still, good for her!!! *thumbs up* But he mentions that she isn’t going to study…not sure whether if it is true, ‘cuz she told me that she IS going to university…hmmm…

And yeah, met with good ol’ Ying Ru today…same old, same old, just a lot more loaded, that’s all… 😛 He helped me get the set of Kamen Rider masks (as seen above), really appreciate it! But now I have a debt to him of $…… 😀

Watched ‘Hitman’ with Tommy-bro too today…well, I agree with what my friend Mei Sin had said about the male lead is suave indeed, but he doesn’t look like an assassin to me. And he doesn’t even look remotely close to the character in the game! But still, the violence and action are there…but $9.50 for this movie just doesn’t seem worth it at all. 😦

Gonna be meeting up with the usual group on Wed, for an early X’mas dinner (!?). Well, since it’s kinda rare that everyone’s free and able to meet up, and I’m gonna turn up, since I’ve decided to put more effort into relationships with friends! But Italian vegetarian restaurant…sounds SUPER posh to me…think my stomach ain’t gonna be able to digest the food there… 😛

And finally, sorry to Jiemei for not attending her birthday celebration/chalet today…didn’t receive and read the invitation until this afternoon…well, kinda ‘cuz she sent it to the wrong e-mail address of mine.
Oh well, I apologize again…ごめんなさい!!


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