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Anyone who works on a duty shift-based schedule knows how much it sucks, as it will mean that public holidays ain’t confirmed to be exactly ‘holidays’ for you.

This is something interesting that I had heard at my workplace again.

I work on a shift-based schedule, but I dun really have much problems with working on public holidays. The case seems to be different in another working unit near mine.

This guy (the same guy I had bitched about in an earlier post), I shall name this person ‘A’ for convenience sake, and the rest of the people working with him at that place work under such a schedule as well, so it’s rather obvious most, if not all, would end up having to work on Christmas Day, New Year Day, etc…
So this ‘smart’ A makes an offer to his colleagues: A volunteers to work on Christmas Day and New Year Day, telling the others that these days are free for them. However, in turn he will not be forced to work on the eve of Lunar New Year, the 1st and the 2nd days of Lunar New Year, and he says this is fair, since he has already worked for them on Christmas Day and New Year Day.
Well, any sane Singaporean, if not all Chinese, wouldn’t want this, right? Since especially Lunar New Year is considered the most important festive event for all Chinese in the world (I think). So of course the others disagree to this offer made. The funny thing now: A now says that they’re trying to eat his Lunar New Year holidays.


This is seriously funny. When in the first place did the Lunar New Year holidays become exclusively his? Eating his holidays!? This is exploitation, I tell you. To add, he plans the duty schedule for everyone working there, so he must have known that he will be working on one of those desired days. So he tries to exploit his colleagues by playing the saint.

Whole lot of bullshit.

Luckily, I’ll be out of this place right before Lunar New Year. I can stick my pink I/C on my forehead while collecting ang baos, with a stupid grin on my face. 😀

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