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Oh yeah!!!

After months of searching in countless video shops, finally received a call from a strange number:
“Hi, can I speak to Marcus? Your order for the HERO DVD has arrived.”

Absolutely thrilled…though felt strange, for I did not order the DVD, but I just left my number as told by the shop attendant, so that they could call me when stocks finally arrive.
And sure enough, when I reached there a few hours after the phone call, I dun see any copies  of the DVD I had thought I’ll see on the racks. So I asked the same shop attendant who told me to leave my number, and he took this out from behind the counter:

HERO (drama series) DVD set

I didn’t expect them to order just 1 copy! Well, maybe they did order in bulk and just left one copy out for me, others not being placed onto the racks yet……but still, GREAT SERVICE!!!

Poh Kim is definitely my favorite video shop. To any Singaporean J-drama fan reading this: visit Poh Kim for your ORIGINAL J-drama needs…unless you are too cheapskate to get original, like the person I had bitched about previously.

You know, I’m starting to get this question: Do people in western countries get Japanese drama DVDs? Like, English dubbing/subbing?
Perhaps I should offer some kind of service to them huh… 😛


One response to “貰った!!(Received!!)

  1. De'Siree Fairley Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 1038

    This is about 3 years late, but we don’t really get japanese dvds in america unless you live in an area that is populated with a lot of japanese people, so you’ll probably be able to find them in new york, california, and hawaii

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