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久利生 公平、最大の危機。

A fitting end to the mega-hit drama series, yet there’s room for sequels (very unlikely though).

And it’s almost like watching a live-action Phoenix Wright. 😛

The main attraction, I would say, isn’t just Kuryu Kouhei(久利生 公平), the main protagonist and portrayed by the famous Kimura Takuya(木村 拓哉), but the entire cast, even those that appear exclusively in this movie. They managed to bring the entire original cast back, even for those, what I would call, cameo roles, and added a few more superb others. No roles have been downplayed at all. Well, I think I should list down the cast that appear in the movie. 🙂

Original Drama Cast:
Kuryu Kouhei(久利生 公平): Kimura Takuya(木村 拓哉)
Amamiya Maiko(雨宮 舞子): Matsu Takako(松 たか子)
Nakamura Misuzu (中村 美鈴): Ootsuka Nene(大塚 寧々)
Shibayama Mitsugu (芝山 貢): Abe Hiroshi(阿部 寛)
Egami Tatsuo(江上 達夫): Katsumura Masanobu(勝村 政信)
Suetsugu Takayuki (末次 隆之): Kohinata Fumiyo(小日向 文世)
Endou Kenji (遠藤 賢司): Yashima Norito(八嶋 智人)
Ushimaru Yutaka(牛丸 豊): Kadono Takuzou(角野 卓造)
Nabeshima Toshimitsu(鍋島 利光): Kodama Kiyoshi(児玉 清)

Bartender(マスター): Tanaka Youji(田中 要次)
Jousai Branch Guard(井戸 秀二): Masana Bokuzou(正名 僕造)

TV Special Cast:
Takita Akihiko(滝田 明彦): Nakai Kiichi(中井 貴一)
Izumitani Ririko(泉谷 りり子): Ayase Haruka(綾瀬 はるか)
Ooyabu Masahiro(大藪 正博): Ishibashi Renji(石橋 蓮司)

Movie Exclusive Cast:
Gamo Kazuomi(蒲生 一臣): Matsumoto Koshiro(松本 幸四郎)
Hanaoka Renzaburou(花岡 練三郎): Tamori/Morita Kazuyoshi(タモリ/森田 一義)
???(黛 雄作): Kagawa Teruyuki(香川 照之)
Matsumoto Megumi(松本 めぐみ): Kuninaka Ryouko(国仲 涼子)

Lee Byeong-heon(李炳憲): Kang Min Woo(姜敏宇)

Another attraction of this movie would be its story, just like back in the drama. The persistance shown by Kuryu and friends in searching for any glaring contadictions in the evidence, not to just prosecute the suspect, but to bring out the possibly hidden truth. The way that Kuryu affects the people around him on how they look upon their job and work. The seemingly far-apart, yet surprising close relationship between Kuryu and Amamiya, going beyond that of a prosecutor and law clerk, etc…. Just like back in the glorious days of the drama. Very few movies adapted/continued from drama series can ever bring out the original ‘flavour’ that the audience of the drama series once enjoyed.

Loved the performance by Matsumoto Koshiro-san, who is Matsu Takako’s father in real-life, as Gamo Kazuomi…he just has this slight tinge of shrewdness in him, yet is able to emit a sense of justice when need to in the movie. Perfect for the role.
And yah, pretty girl Ayase Haruka is in too. Woot!

My verdict: 4.9/5. 0.1 lost for a rather impossible point during the climax of the court hearing, but still makes for the climax. 🙂


4 responses to “HERO

  1. Random J Monday, December 3, 2007 at 1023

    I agree. That’s what I did with ‘Love & Farm’ and also ‘Nodame Cantabile’.

    ‘Yukan club’ doesn’t have Yamashita-san, but it does have 3 Johnny’s in it. *rolls eyes*

    The show seems good so far. Everybody seems well cast (especially the characters of Yuri and Noriko). The only thing I’m not keen on is Akanishi’s acting. It’s so wooden and like he’s trying way too hard to be cool. He also dresses like a woman. I thought the same thing about him in ‘Anego’. It was only towards the end of that series that he began to get more comfortable in his role and loosen up a bit. There’s very little difference between his character in ‘Yukan club’ and Kurosawa in ‘Anego’.

    Still, ‘Yukan club’ it’s a good show (so far) – even though I’ve only watched 2 episodes. It’s like ‘Hana Yori Dango’, mixed with a bit of detective mystery.


  2. MavericK Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 1127

    Just did a read-up on ‘Yukan Club’…pretty boys and girls galore!
    But no Yamashita-san. 😛

    Haha, to me, the best way to watch a drama is to wait until all episodes have been released, and then watch them in one straight go. 🙂

  3. MavericK Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 1123


    Sad to say, I’ve been missing out on J-dramas lately…due to Kamen Rider Den-O 😛 But I’ve heard of of ‘Ushi ni Negai o – Love & Farm’ from my friend, who’s a Toda Erika fan…:D
    Thinking starting on dramas again…when I get myself a new harddisk first…:D

    By the way, the drama DVDs are coming fast in Singapore…very hard to catch up…haha…I ain’t no rich man’s son, ya?

    And yup, HERO’s definitely a must-watch! Having played Phoenix Wright, I sometimes get myself confused about the movie, since the main character in the movie is a prosecutor, and in Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney. So I wonder to myself in parts of the movie why Kuryu is trying so hard to like, prove the defendant guilty. Haha…:p

    But many law terms in Phoenix Wright appear in the movie…kinda make me excited when I recall them in the movie (since I know nuts about law). 🙂

  4. Random J Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 1027

    Oooo…I’ve heard about this. I may check it out on your reccomendation. I just got done watching “Ushi ni negai wo – Love and farm” and don’t want to get too into “Yukan club” yet, because I’ll be itching for new episodes to release. 😛

    I’ll be sure to check this out. How could I not check out a live action Phoenix Wright!! *lol*

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