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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 12

Run Taros!

Having allowed the Ivy Imagin to escape, Den-O reverts back into K-Ryoutarou and looks for Kasumi, hoping to confirm the person she and Hana saw was indeed her father, Kobayashi Kensaku(小林 謙作), which Kasumi gives no doubts about it. Hana then asks K-Ryoutarou about why he didn’t destroy the Ivy Imagin, and he replies that he wants to check what Kensaku is thinking when he was forming the contract with the Imagin. Hana, unable to accept such an unreasonable answer, screams in his face, telling him that things will take a turn for the worse if the Imagin isn’t destroyed before the contract is complete. K-Ryoutarou is stunned by her words, and Kintaros leaves Ryoutarou. Kasumi is shattered to know that it is indeed her father who ‘sent’ the Imagin to attack her, and although Ryoutarou says things may not be what it seem, she refuses to accept it and runs off.

Ryoutarou and Hana pay a visit to Kensaku at his restaurant, but is treated with hostility from him. Hana uses harsh words on Kensaku, but he refuses to disclose anything, merely saying that he does not know anything at all. Ryoutarou mentions about the kasumisou person that is very important to Kasumi to Kensaku, and tells him of his suspicion on Kensaku being the kasumisou person. Kensaku, though seems slightly affected by Ryoutarou’s words, remains silent, and Ryoutarou and Hana leave. After they have left, Kensaku recalls on the occasion which he got possessed by the Ivy Imagin, and is shocked to realize that it was all real, and not a dream that he had thought to be. Back in DenLiner, the crew talk about the supposed cruelty of Kensaku, and Momotaros asks Ryoutarou on what they should do. Ryoutarou in turn asks Kintaros, who is asleep, but wakes up to call Momotaros ‘momohiki/butt-hugger’ and tells them on his decision to believe in Kensaku. Ryoutarou comments on having a bad feeling, and Hana agrees.

Ryoutarou carries a troubled face back to Milk Dipper, which Airi notices. He asks her whether it is possible for a parent to suddenly hate his children, and Airi replies, saying that ‘the stars are unable to change everyday-stuff just like that’, meaning it just isn’t natural. While trying to get himself to swallow his sister’s specially made lemonade with garlic, Ryoutarou receives a call from Kasumi, telling him that she would be leaving for Paris the next day, and she needs him to protect her from her father. The next day, Kasumi travels with Ootsuki in a vehicle, while Ryoutarou has asked Oozaki to drive him and Hana to tail Kasumi’s vehicle from behind during the trip to the airport. Sure enough, the Ivy Imagin attacks again, causing the vehicle Kasumi and Ootsuki is on to almost fall into the sea, while the vehicle Oozaki is driving crashes into a wall, and Oozaki loses consciousness.

Kintaros fights the other Taros for possession, and K-Ryoutarou stops the Ivy Imagin from pulling the vehicle Kasumi is on into the sea. Kasumi and Ootsuki manages to escape, but K-Ryoutarou does something weird: helping the Imagin to push the vehicle into the sea, destroying it. When asked by Hana, he gives the reason of believing in Kensaku that he loves Kasumi very much, and that they will patch things up, so he will try to prevent Kasumi from leaving. Soon, Kensaku arrives at the scene just when K-Ryoutarou throws the vehicle into the sea. Kasumi asks him if he really hates her that much, but Kensaku just asks Ootsuki to bring Kasumi to the airport quickly. The Ivy Imagin shows up once again, and after telling Kensaku that now Kasumi’s career is ruined, the contract is complete, he enters Kensaku’s past. K-Ryoutarou and Hana runs to him, but K-Ryoutarou is left dumbfounded when he is asked by Kensaku sternly on what he has done. Kensaku goes on to explain that his wish was not to ruin Kasumi, and how he decided to cut his relation to Kasumi because she had once thought about quitting being a model to help her father. In order to make her dream come true, he could only think about doing the cruel act. Ever since then, he has always shown Kasumi support in the background by leaving the bouquets of kasumisou behind. However, on the day when he met the Ivy Imagin, he unconsciously wished to see Kasumi again, and the Ivy Imagin decides that to make it come true, he has to destroy her career. Felt with guilt for helping the Imagin for completing the contract, Kintaros leaves Ryoutarou’s body, and Ryoutarou holds up the Rider Ticket: 8th November 2006, the day Kensaku had thrown Kasumi out of the house.

Kensaku throws Kasumi out, telling her to go live with Ootsuki, and indeed, Kasumi left in tears. Now alone in the restaurant, the Ivy Imagin pours out and start wreaking havoc in the streets. DenLiner finally arrives and Ryoutarou alights to face off against the Imagin. Momotaros feels excited , but is once again pushed away by Kintaros. Now K-Ryoutarou, instead of fighting the Imagin, he runs away, to the surprise of Hana and the Taros. He tells them that he is going to catch up with Kasumi to tell her how much her father loves her, ignoring the need for the defeat of the Imagin. To chase after the bus that Kasumi has gotten on, K-Ryoutarou even rams through a building. Back on DenLiner, Owner appears, mentioning that not only Kintaros had helped an Imagin, but even trying to change the flow of time, and for that he will be banished from DenLiner, which the other Taros cheer for. Hana points out to Kintaros that he will wander in Time for all eternity if that happens, but Kintaros appears to be willing to accept that. K-Ryoutarou catches up with the bus, and while running together with the bus, he tells Kasumi about how her father had thrust her away on purpose to grant her dream, and that she should believe in her father. Kasumi, however, closes the window after that, and still decides to leave, and Kintaros leaves Ryoutarou.

Returning to DenLiner, Owner grimly tells Kintaros of his banishment, which he readily accepts. Outside, Ryoutarou finds the Ivy Imagin, who has been destroying everything he sees all this while. He henshin into Den-O Ax Form, to the disbelief of Momotaros, and fights the Ivy Imagin after Kintaros mentions that this will be his final battle as Den-O. Den-O willingly takes a beating from the Ivy Imagin as a form of punishment to himself, but neevrtheless he destroys the Imagin with his Dynamic Chop, and Momotaros cries in DenLiner for the lack in his appearance for the entire episode. With the entire crew present, Owner once again tells Kintaros of his banishment, and Kintaros thanks Ryoutarou for everything. The atmosphere turns depressing, even to the Taros. Owner notifies about a stop signal, which DenLiner stops at, and everyone gathers at the door for Kintaros’ farewell. They realize that they have stopped at the time right before Kasumi has met Ryoutarou, and everything happens just like usual except for one thing: Kasumi starts searching around before she receives a bouquet of kasumisou. She runs off and sees her father talking to a waiter, handing a bouquet of kasumisou in the process, and calls out to him. Kensaku asks her how she knew about him being the kasumisou person, and she mentions about someone who told her last year to believe in her father. She goes on to tell Kensaku about her decision on going to the Paris Collection show, and Kensaku tries to leave, saying that there is no use for the kasumisou anymore. However, Kasumi tells him to protect her not as the kasumisou person, but as her father from that on, and Kensaku finally holds Kasumi in his arms.

Having seen this emotional scene, Kintaros cries like a baby, to the amusement of Ryoutarou, who hands him a handkerchief, quoting his line of ‘wiping his tears with this’. After a long, hard blow of his nose, Kintaros returns the handkerchief and tries to leave, but Owner tells him that there is no longer the need for him to leave. Back inside the diner carriage, Owner explains that due to the reconciliation of Kensaku and Kasumi, the meeting of the Ivy Imagin with Kensaku never occurs, and Kasumi’s meeting with Ryoutarou has been negated too, thus the rampage that both Kintaros (as K-Ryoutarou) and the Ivy Imagin had caused does not happen at all. Everyone, including Owner, finds it strange, which is why Owner warns again that the flow of Time must never be changed and sternly warns Kintaros against doing such an act again, and he takes his leave.

Momotaros goes all whiny about Kintaros being fired and all, while Ryoutarou thinks loudly that he wishes to run like before (as K-Ryoutarou) again, but they realize that Kintaros has already fallen asleep immediately after he sits down, causing Momotaros to suffer a near nervous breakdown again.

K-Ryoutarou realizes what his decision, made in a moment of folly, could result in

The DenLiner talk about the ‘cruelty’ of Kensaku towards Kasumi

Not only does K-Ryoutarou helps the Ivy Imagin in completing his contract…

…but also tries to change the flow of time in the past

Owner gives a grim notice to Kintaros on his banishment

Kintaros’ final Dynamic Chop…?

Father and daughter finally reconcile


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