Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 11

Madness, Delusion, Baby’s Breath

At a restaurant in a hotel, an interview is taking place, and the interviewee is a top child fashion model by the name of Kobayashi Kasumi(小林 カスミ). She talks about getting selected to go for the Paris Collection, a fashion show, and how she will work hard for it when she receives a bouquet of Baby’s Breath (Japanese name: Kasumisou/霞草). Upon receiving it, she looks around hard, and sees Ryoutarou walking by outside the restaurant, holding a bouquet of kasumisou. She runs after Ryoutarou, to the bewilderment of her manager, Ootsuki, and catches up with him. She asks him about the bouquet in his hands, and although Ryoutarou mentions about Airi asking him to get it, she believes him to the one who had sent the bouquet to her. Ootsuki catches up with them, telling her that she shouldn’t run off like that. From this sentence however, Kintaros somehow manages to twist the words to sound like ‘cry/weep’ (in Japanese, which is ‘naku/泣く’), and suddenly wakes up from his slumber, taking over Ryoutarou. Ootsuki senses his change and ask who he is, but Kasumi says he’s a fan of hers. Again, K-Ryoutarou twists the word ‘fan/ファン’ to ‘fuan/不安’, meaning anxiety, and when he sees Ootsuki trying to pull Kasumi back to continue the interview, K-Ryoutarou thinks he is acting rough on her, and throws Ootsuki onto the rooftop of a building a far distance away. Once again, K-Ryoutarou talks about how ‘his strength has made her cry’ and hands her a paper handkerchief with a few kasumisou caught in it, thus further causing Kasumi to believe him to be the person sending the kasumisou.

In Milk Dipper, Oozaki and Miura are acting like monkeys trying to figure out the name of the kasumisou, and Airi educates them on it, explaining that kasumisou, in flower language, means ‘pure heart’ (?). Ryoutarou and Hana are enjoying their coffee at the side, where he describes how he had to help Ootsuki out after he threw him, and Hana comments about Kintaros overdoing things. Back in DenLiner, the Taros, with Naomi, are also enjoying coffee, when the senior Taros adds to Hana’s comments on Kintaros, saying that he’s big and in the way, and how he doesn’t wake up after he falls asleep. Indeed, Kintaros falls asleep while still holding the cup of coffee up from the table, and somehow this scene gets on Momotaros nerves. Kintaros suddenly calls Momotaros ‘Momo/*peach in Japanese’ in his sleep, and Momotaros assaults him to wake him up, though he remains asleep. Back to Milk Dipper, Ryoutarou receives a call from Ootsuki, demanding him to meet him. Hana volunteers to accompany him as she feels Kintaros entering Ryoutarou is her fault.

They arrive at the place Ootsuki had asked to meet, where they see many excited children with presents in their hands, and Ryoutarou is surprised to see Kasumi on a fashion show poster. He asks a girl on whether she’s supposed to be a well-known figure, and learns only then that Kasumi is a top child model. All of a sudden, a girl pulls Ryoutarou away, with Hana following, and having hidden from the gathering group of children, the girl reveals herself to be Kasumi in disguise. Before they can say anything, her fans see her and runs to her, but Ootsuki shows up (in bandages) and pulls her away to safety, telling Ryoutarou to protect her. However, Ryoutarou gets trampled instead. Now inside the building, Ryoutarou gets reprimanded by Ootsuki for being unable to stop the rushing group of fans. Kasumi merely says that she just wants to check with Ryoutarou on being the kasumisou person, when Hana asks for the reason for the meeting. When Ootsuki prepares for Kasumi to get on stage, they find the dresses Kasumi is supposed to wear all cut up, and Ootsuki talks about this being the third time happening ever since Kasumi was selected for the Paris Collection show. Ryoutarou and Hana suspects it to be the doing of an Imagin, and Kasumi decides on Ryoutarou being her bodyguard.

The fashion show starts without a problem, with Ryoutarou and Hana keeping watch. The fans go wild when Kasumi goes on stage, throwing their gifts on the catwalk. Ootsuki appears, shouting for the fans to stop throwing their gifts, and once again, having twisting his words, Kintaros possesses Ryoutarou again, telling Ootsuki that there’s a suspicious person hiding under the stage. He starts destroying the stage, causing the audience to disperse in fear, and finally stops when he finds the suspicious ‘person’: a rat. Ootsuki almost faints in disbelief. Kasumi looks in awe at K-Ryoutarou, commenting that he is an amazing person. On their return from the show, Ootsuki reprimands Ryoutarou again for causing the show to be canceled due to his rash behavior, and tells him to behave at the next event. At the same time, Momotaros tries to reprimand Kintaros on using Ryoutarou’s body without permission, but Kintaros has been asleep all the time, thus has not listen to any word from Momotaros. Momotaros is nearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

At the next event, a photo shoot, Ryoutarou compliments Kasumi for working hard at her job, and hears from Hana that she does not stay with her parents, but with Ootsuki instead. Suddenly, the power goes out during the shoot, and in DenLiner, Momotaros smells an Imagin, and Ryoutarou looks for the Imagin in the darkness frantically. Kasumi gives a scream and Ryoutarou rushes to her, and falls down instead. The power returns, and everyone sees Kasumi’s dress to be stained by ink. They manage to catch a glimpse of someone escaping and Ryoutarou and Hana give chase. They split up to trap the intruder, and succeed in apprehending the culprit. The culprit is a girl who, according to Kasumi, is considered to be Kasumi’s rival by people, although she does not acknowledge it. She is behind the cutting of the dresses too, all because she feels she was supposed to be the one selected for the Paris Collction show. Ryoutarou heaves a sigh of relief knowing that there was no Imagin involved, but Momotaros is certain that he had smelled one, and sure enough, an Imagin shows up, the Ivy Imagin, and tries to attack Kasumi. M-Ryoutarou appears just in time to hold the Ivy Imagin up, allowing Hana to bring Kasumi to safety, but before M-Ryoutarou can henshin, the Ivy Imagin escapes. Back in Kasumi’s room, Kasumi has once again receive a bouquet of kasumisou, but Ryoutarou denies flatly that he was him who sent it, to Kasumi’s disappointment. They hear about how the bouquets of kasumisou had helped Kasumi go through her difficult periods of her career, but they also learn about Kasumi’s strange hatre for her father.

Kasumi is getting prepared for another event, and Ryoutarou and Hana stay on to protect her from possible Imagin attacks. They talk about the contract holder, and Hana points out that the person might be someone unexpectedly close. She confronts Ootsuki, who has been making a suspicious phone call, to ask about anyone who hates Kasumi. Ootsuki denies there being anyone like that, but Kasumi shows up, telling them of one person: her father. She describes about how her father had threw her out of the house for no reason one day, and that she has never seen him ever since that day. She also coldly says that a top model like her does not need parents, then walks off. Back in DenLiner, Momotaros states his dislike for Kasumi, while Urataros thinks otherwise. Kintaros, holding up a paper handkerchief, shouts ‘Cry!’, to the other Taros’ surprise, and shifting back to Kasumi, she is shown to be crying alone indeed, like what Kintaros had shouted. She quickly wipes her tears and heads back when an assistant shouts for her, and Kintaros, after commenting on how ‘the tears of the heart cannot be wiped with these (paper handkerchiefs)’, possesses Ryoutarou again and goes to Kasumi, telling her that he will help her patch things up with her father. Kasumi warns him not to do anything on his own.

Hana catches Ootsuki giving the locations of Kasumi whereabouts on the phone again and snatches the phone, but the person hangs up before Hana can ask anything. Hana threatens Ootsuki to tell them the truth, telling him of her suspicions on Kasumi’s father being the culprit (contract holder), but Ootsuki remains tight-lipped. Hana warns Ryoutarou about Kasumi being in danger. During the photo shoot, the Ivy Imagin strikes again, and this time Ryoutarou manages to henshin into Den-O Sword Form. Momotaros, having his irritation at a climax, thrashes the Ivy Imagin, but Kintaros, having heard the word ‘naki’ again, forces Momotaros out and Den-O switches to Ax Form. Hana and Kasumi, having escaped to a safe spot, see someone running away, with sand flowing out from the person. Hana, seeing the contract holder, and Kasumi chase after the person, whom Kasumi recognizes as her father, Kobayashi Kensaku(小林 謙作). Den-O, getting distracted by the news, gets knocked out of the studio, but he manages to bring the fight outside before Kasumi can be attacked by the Ivy Imagin.

Den-O manages to trick the Imagin and prepares his Full Charge, but Kintaros hestitates too long all of a sudden, thus allowing the Ivy Imagin to escape.

Kobayashi Kasumi(小林 カスミ), a top child model who requests for Ryoutarou’s protection

Kintaros proves to be a deep sleeper

The Ivy Imagin

Momotaros getting all stressed up over Kintaros’ weird antics

Suffering in silence…alone…

Fighting for control over Den-O’s possession

The contract holder for the Ivy Imagin, and Kasumi’s father, Kobayashi Kensaku(小林 謙作)


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