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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 10

Hana in a Stormy Singularity Point

After the incident with both the Bear and Rhino Imagin, Ryoutarou and company return to DenLiner. Ryoutarou takes a rest from the intense battle before, while Naomi points out the strange thing about the Bear Imagin defending Honjou, and he agrees that the Bear Imagin seems to be a little different from the other Imagin. However, Hana continues to show great distaste towards Imagin, telling them that the Bear Imagin had only protected Honjou because it would mean trouble for him if his contract holder dies. She also points out that Imagins attack people, like in this case, but Ryoutarou reminds her that it is the Rhino Imagin who is behind the attacks. Aware of being unable to make Ryoutarou have a change of heart, Hana decides to search for the Rhino Imagin in Ryoutarou’s place, and Ryoutarou, worried about Hana, asks the Taros to go along with her.

Outside, B-Honjou happens to witness a robbery taking place in a high-rise apartment (with the robber played by Takaiwa Seiji, suit actor for Den-O/Momotaros). He helps the police bring the robber to justice by hitting the foundation pillar of the building, shaking it, and as a result the robber is flung down to the ground floor. B-Honjou soon meets Hana and M-Ryoutarou, who once again taunts him to fight, but B-Honjou rejects him once again. Hana asks him whether the wish Honjou has made to the Bear Imagin is to allow the retired Honjou to return to practicing karate, but B-Honjou merely says that ‘a commoner/outsider cannot understand a contract between two parties who wish to master their strength’, and M-Ryoutarou gets pissed off by this comment. Before he does anything to B-Honjou, he senses the Rhino Imagin and runs excitedly to locate him. M-Ryoutarou meets the Rhino Imagin and henshin into Den-O to fight him, but Den-O’s attacks simply cannot penetrate the Imagin’s rock-hard defense and eventually the Rhino Imagin escapes again.

M-Ryoutarou runs off to track down the Imagin and ends up back in the doujou that Kikuchi belongs to. He sees Kikuchi finish up on his training, and then after taking a look at the trophy he had won last year, Kikuchi goes on to smash the stand where the trophy is placed on, and M-Ryoutarou sees the sand flowing out of his body, confirming Kikuchi to be the contract holder for the Rhino Imagin. Urataros takes over, and U-Ryoutarou confronts Kikuchi, wishing for him to talk about his wish. Shifting back to B-Honjou, he comes to a park where a karate class for children is being held. Hana shows up and angrily asks B-Honjou if he’s going to attack the children, but B-Honjou scolds her foolish, for he has ‘already perfected his karate’, according to him. He displays the results of his training to Hana just when the class is over, a few of the children point out that the moves displayed by B-Honjou are not karate, but sumo(u) instead. Even Hana agrees to the children’s statement, to B-Honjou’s great disappointment.

A disheartened B-Honjou is sitting on a bench by a stream when Hana returns with a cup of drink meant for Honjou himself, and not the Bear Imagin, according to her. B-Honjou gives another heavy sigh, which Hana reacts by asking why he is feeling so depressed when all Imagins do are destroying time planes and altering the future, but B-Honjou replies that he does not know about other Imagins, and that he merely wishes to grant Honjou’s desire to do karate again. He adds that with the combined desire for strength, it would have been the ultimate karate, but once Hana asks about the doujou gate-crashing, B-Honjou becomes disheartened again. Hana, seeing the depressed B-Honjou, does not understand way he’s acting like this and asks why he is acting like some good guy, when he supposed to be destroying the past. To Hana’s surprise, B-Honjou expresses that he has totally forgot about this mission, and he realizes that Hana really hates him, and ask if he had done anything to her. Before they can continue, Kikuchi runs to them, shouting for Honjou. Hana sees Ryoutarou in the distance and goes to him, where she hears about Kikuchi being the contract holder for the Rhino Imagin, and that he suddenly wanted to see Honjou when he was still talking to U-Ryoutarou.

The Bear Imagin leaves Honjou, allowing him to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kikuchi. In the conversation, Kikuchi mentions that he had told the Rhino Imagin that his wish is to be on the top, but looking back on the final round between Kikuchi and Honjou last year, Kikuchi tells Honjou that his real wish is actually to re-do the round with him. However, the Rhino Imagin appears behind him, having heard everything Kikuchi said, and tells him that his wish will be granted. Kikuchi tries to stop the Imagin from attacking the now vulnerable Honjou, but gets thrown by the Imagin instead. The Bear Imagin manages to take over in time to fight the Rhino Imagin, but B-Honjou still gets hit by him. Now that the contract is considered complete, the Rhino Imagin enters into Kikuchi’s past, while the Bear Imagin materializes out of Honjou and carries him onto a bench. The injured Honjou tells Kikuchi that his wish to do karate is so that he can finish the final round with Kikuchi again, and Honjou offers his thanks to the Bear Imagin, making a little fun of him in the process. However, the Bear Imagin also mentions about the contract being complete, and enters Honjou’s past. Hana, who has been watching the entire thing with Ryoutarou, exclaims that an Imagin is indeed an Imagin, and nothing else, but Ryoutarou seems to disagree. Ryoutarou holds a Rider Ticket to Kikuchi while Hana holds another to Honjou, and both Tickets show the same date: 21st May 2006, which is actually the date of the final round of the tournament, which Honjou and ikuchi had faced off against each other.

Like what had happened before, Honjou collapses at the start of the round and Kikuchi runs to his aid. But the Rhino Imagin pours out of Kikuchi, and starts attacking the people around and the doujou. Kikuchi hurries to Honjou and helps him up, escaping the doujou together. The Rhino Imagin continues attacking the building, causing debris to fall on Kikuchi and Houjou. Just then, DenLiner arrives, together with Ryoutarou and Hana, and the Past Man is once again shown to be on site. Ryoutarou henshin into Den-O Sword Form to fight the Rhino Imagin, while Hana looks for the Bear Imagin. During the fight though, the Rhino Imagin’s attacks causes more debris to be falling on the fallen duo, which Hana witnesses and tells them to run. The fallen duo are already pinned down by the previous fallen debris and are unable to move, but the Bear Imagin materializes out of Houjou in time to protect Honjou and Kikuchi, and even helps them out with the debris on them, to the surprise of Hana. Hana rushes to help the duo, and although they are out of the tight spot, the Rhino Imagin, unhappy with what the Bear Imagin has done, attacks him, causing him to pinned down this time, and knocking Hana and the duo over from the shock wave. Den-O, seeing such a dirty move, gets pissed and resumes his fight with the Rhino Imagin.

Hana goes to the fallen Bear Imagin, and is shocked to see him close to being destroyed. Even so, the Bear Imagin expresses concern for the fleeing Honjou and Kikuchi, and is relieved to know that they will be fine. Hana asks why he is willing to be even destroyed to help Honjou, and the Bear Imagin merely replies that he only wishes to grant Honjou’s true wish, which is to settle things with Kikuchi, and the only way to make that happen is not by practicing more karate, but to see that Honjou continues to live, even at the expense of his own life. Ryoutarou, aware of the state of the Bear Imagin, asks Momotaros for a way to help him, but Momotaros tells him to concentrate on the battle instead. Hana shows concern for the disappearing Bear Imagin, but the Imagin finds it strange since Hana hates Imagins. Hana agrees, going on to talk about how the Imagins had changed the past, causing the original time plane that she belongs to to be destroyed. The Bear Imagin and Den-O is stunned by her words, but Hana continues to ask the Bear Imagin to not disappear. Ryoutarou then mentions about letting the Bear Imagin entering himself in order to save himself, to the shock of Momotaros and Urataros. Hana goes on to punch the Bear Imagin in the face, further shattering his face, and Momotaros, though obviously frustrated, tells the Bear Imagin to make a choice between entering Ryoutarou and getting destroyed by the stinky flower woman (Hana). Hana punches the Bear Imagin after repeating ‘Stinky flower’, and the Bear Imagin reverts back into a spectre and possesses Den-O, causing him to return to Plat Form. After a short conversation, Den-O switches to Ax Form(アックスフォーム)for the first time.

Ax Form, although slow, has the strength and defense that is needed to fight the Rhino Imagin. Den-O manages to destroy the Rhino Imagin’s mace, and after throwing his DenGasher Ax up in the air, then jumping after it, he destroys the Imagin with his finishing move: Dynamic Chop, though he strangely speaks his finishing move after executing it, which Ryoutarou jokingly points out. Momotaros, back inside DenLiner, is fuming mad about Ax Form acting so cocky, and at the same moment, the Rhino Imagin, now out of control, grows into a Gigandeath Hell. Den-O uses DenLiner to evade the Gigandeath Hell’s attacks, but still crashes through a blockade caused by debris. From the crash however, a new carriage of DenLiner appears: the Rekkou(レッコウ・裂光). Using the Rekkou-led DenLiner, Den-O unleashes a stream of attacks on the Gigandeath Hell, and finally finishes off the Gigandeath by slashing it in half with Rekkou’s Front Ax.

Back to the current time plane, Kikuchi and Honjou is seen training together, working towards the goal of facing each other again in the tournament. In DenLiner, the crew christen the new member of the crew キンタロス (Kintaros), based on his image of a bear. Kintaros goes to tell Hana how ‘her scream of love made him cry’, but Hana, who is in a foul mood, punches him for no reason. Ryoutarou, looking at Hana, thinks back on when Hana mentioned about how the Imagin had destroyed her time plane, and wonders why Hana still exists. Owner appears behind Ryoutarou again, and this time explains that Hana, like Ryoutarou, is a Singularity Point, and the existence of a Singularity Point is in no way affected by any changes in any time planes, though it does not mean a Singularity Point is immortal. He also mentions that the current time plane is where Hana belongs to now. Before Ryoutarou can ask about himself, Owner, with a hilarious speech, welcomes Kintaros into the crew by treating everyone to pudding, with flags.

Outside, K-Ryoutarou is seen strolling along a small bridge across a river/small lake, where he accidentally spoils it with his unintended strength.

B-Honjou shows off his ‘karate’ moves to Hana, but gets mocked instead

The disappearing Bear Imagin, having taken a hit from the Rhino Imagin

Den-O Ax Form(アックスフォーム

Dynamic Chop(ダイナミックチョップ)!

Gigandeath Hell getting split by Rekkou’s Front Ax

Kintaros(キンタロス), voiced by Terasoma Masaki(てらそま まさき), and played by Okamoto Jirou(岡元 次郎



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