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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 09

You Wept Over My Strength

At night, a karateka is attacked by an Imagin, whose shadow is all what is seen. Ryoutarou is cycling along the way when he sees the karateka getting thrown right in front of him from the bushes, causing to fall into them. A man, with sand pouring out from him, walks towards Ryoutarou and helps him with his bicycle, but damages it unintentionally instead. Momotaros takes over, confronting the man about what he has done, and for being a contract holder. The man is a contract holder unlike others before, with a streak of golden hair and golden eyes, signifying that he has allowed the Imagin to fully possess him and take over. However, the man does not seem interested in fighting M-Ryoutarou, who keeps taunting him to fight, and walks away. In his frustration, M-Ryoutarou tries to back-attack the man, but the man is able to hold his punch. He speaks about how ‘his strength will him (M-Ryoutarou) cry, and throws him over to the bushes instead. Before leaving, the man leaves a piece of paper handkerchief for M-Ryoutarou to ‘wipe his tears’ with, then leaving a fuming M-Ryoutarou raving in the bushes.
At a distance away, the man is seen practicing his moves on a lamppost, but knocks it over unintentionally. Seeing this, the man catches the lamppost and tries to fix it, with a glimpse of the golden Imagin possessing him being shown.

Back in DenLiner, Urataros makes fun of Momotaros about his ‘defeat’ at the Imagin-possessed man. While they squabbling, DenLiner enters a tunnel, which is a first for Ryoutarou. Owner appears suddenly at a table behind Ryoutarou, scaring him. Owner, thinking that Ryoutarou is surprised by the tunnel, explains that the tunnel is a gap in Time, which sometimes occur, while he starts on a pudding (with a flag, as usual) this time. At the same time, the Taros start fighting again because Urataros had secretly finished Momotaros’ cup of coffee during entry into the tunnel. Owner knows about Ryoutarou keeping the pendant he had salvaged previously, which Ryoutarou apologizes, but he does not seem to mind as according to him, it does not affect the flow of time in any way (probably due to the fact that the pendant is still regarded as ‘destroyed’ to Tomoya and Yumi). However, he warns Ryoutarou about the huge repercussions that might occur when the flow of time is indeed changed. Upon hearing this, Hana’s face turns grim. After the flag falls, Owner takes his leave, just when DenLiner exits the tunnel. Hana punches Momotaros in the face again without even looking and tells Ryoutarou that they must get a lead on the Imagin in order to protect the flow. Ryoutarou mentions about Oozaki being a reporter on mysterious happenings, and Hana stomps out of the carriage, stepping on Momotaros on the way. Ryoutarou thinks to himself that Hana really hates Imagin.

Ryoutarou brings Hana to the Milk Dipper, and Airi is surprised to see her. Airi offers blend coffee to Hana, and sesame seed juice (!?) to Ryoutarou, to his disgust. Just when Ryoutarou and Hana start chatting, Miura interrupts them, introducing himself as a super counselor. Oozaki interrupts Miura this time with his loud entrance, and being the flirt that he is, Oozaki gets attracted to Hana, mistaking her as Ryoutarou’s girlfriend. He goes on to blabber about the case that he is currently investigating, the attacks on various karateka, just what Ryoutarou and Hana are looking. from the documents Oozaki shows them, they learn the name of the man who defeated M-Ryoutarou to be Honjou Masaru(本条 勝), and that he has already retired from his karateka profession. Outside, Honjou gate-crashes into a karate doujou, spoiling the door in the process. He challenges all of the karateka, but none of them is his match. Like before, Honjou leaves a piece of paper handkerchief behind and leaves, fixing the door on the way.

With the information they have gotten from Oozaki, they decide to track down the possible targets of the Imagin before they are attacked. They reach this karate doujou, where a karateka by the name of Kikuchi Shinji(菊池 信司)is giving an interview, and a recollection of the past from Kikuchi, it is learned that he is currently the top karateka in the Kantou region. However, his victory in last year’s tournament was due to a technicality, where his rival, Honjou, suddenly collapsed. Kikuchi is one of the people in Ryoutarou’s list, and they see sand on the doujou floor, meaning one of the karateka training there is the contract holder. However, 2 of the karateka see them acting suspiciously and bring them forward to face Kikuchi and the rest of the doujou karateka, under the suspicion of being the ones behind the karateka attacks. Kikuchi decides to leave the matter to the others, taking his leave. On his way out however, it is shown that Kikuchi is the contract holder, with sand pouring out from him. The doujou decides to teach Ryoutarou a lesson their style and throws him a karate uniform, and Hana advises Ryoutarou to switch over to Momotaros, who is able to detect who the contract holder is.

On the rooftop, the doujou decides on a one-against-everyone, and Ryoutarou tries to contact Momotaros. However, it seems that the connection is cut off due to DenLiner traveling in a tunnel and Momotaros sleeping again, and Ryoutarou has no choice but to avoid all attacks on his own, even comically shouting ‘Ore, sanjou!’ on his own. Having escaped to the ground floor, Ryoutarou continues fending himself against the karateka, and strangely he is able to fling one of them onto a high fence. Hana goes to his rescue, fighting off the karateka on her own, and manages to pull Ryoutarou away and run to safety. Heaving a sigh of relief from the adrenaline rush, Ryoutarou notices blood at the corner of Hana’s mouth, but she doesn’t think much about it. Hana asks him about the sudden surge in his strength, but Ryoutarou has no idea as to what had happened either. He then goes on to ask Hana about her origins, whether if she is from the future, but Hana just says that she does not belong to any time (plane). Before Ryoutarou can further inquire into this strange description, they notice Honjou and confront him. Hana scolds him about the attacks on the karateka, but Honjou does not seem to know anything about it, even describing it as a cowardly act. Ryoutarou holds up his Den-O belt and Honjou notices it, expressing interest in Den-O’s strength. He throws Ryoutarou to the side and Momotaros, now that DenLiner has exited the tunnel, takes over. M-Ryoutarou gives Honjou the choice of fighting as himself or as Den-O, and Honjou chooses to fight Den-O, having seen the strength of M-Ryoutarou. M-Ryoutarou then henshin into Den-O and fights the Bear Imagin, who materializes out of Honjou’s body.

Shifting to Kikuchi, who is probably returning home after training, he thinks back on the occasion where he first met the Imagin, thinking to himself that the Imagin is probably the one attacking the karateka. Just then, another karateka falls in his sight, and the Rhino Imagin shows up, telling Kikuchi that he will grant his wish, and that to prepare to connect to the past. Kikuchi shouts to the leaving Imagin that this is not what he had want, and another recollection is played, showing Kikuchi receiving the champion trophy in last year’s tournament, but he clearly wasn’t happy to receive it.

Den-O and the Bear Imagin are still fighting, with the Bear Imagin using an ax for a weapon. Having taken enough beating, Ryoutarou warns Den-O not to get into close range with the Imagin, but Den-O rushes anyway, telling Ryoutarou that he has a plan in mind. He manages to get to higher grounds and uses his Hissatsu Waza Part 3 to attack the Imagin, but the Bear Imagin throws his ax at Den-O, causing him to fall and as a result, Momotaros is rejected back into DenLiner, and Den-O turns back into Plat Form. Hana shields Den-O trying to stop the Bear Imagin from attacking Den-O, but the Imagin asks her to move as he has no intention of ‘making her cry with his strength’. Den-O asks her to fall back and switch to Rod Form, and just when he is about to attack, the Rhino Imagin appears, to the shock of Hana, and tries to attack the fallen Honjou, who seems to be in pain. Strangely enough, the Bear Imagin shields the attack and pushes the Rhino Imagin away, asking him what is his purpose in attacking Honjou. The Rhino Imagin explains about the wish and contract that he has made, but before he can continue his attack, Den-O tries to reel him in. The Rhino Imagin evades the attack and escape into the river, and Den-O tails him on Radome, but gives up when the Rhino Imagin dives deeper into the water.

Transforming back, Ryoutarou faints and Hana goes to his aid. Hana watches from afar as the Bear Imagin carries Honjou on his back, walking away.

Mikuchi Shinji(菊池 信司), contractor holder for the Rhino Imagin, and Honjou Masaru(本條 勝), contract holder for the Bear Imagin

DenLiner enters a tunnel, which is a gap in Time

The doujou karateka gangs up on Ryoutarou…

…but Hana rescues Ryoutarou with her fighting prowess

The Bear Imagin

The Rhino Imagin

Imagin fighting against Imagin…?


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