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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 08

Sad Melody, Love Memory

Having taken a beating from the Crow Imagin’s attack, Ryoutarou and Momotaros return to DenLiner all battered up, with Urataros laughing at Momotaros at the side. Hana tend to Ryoutarou’s injuries, while the DenLiner crew talk about the Crow Imagin. Momotaros and Urataros once again take part in childish squabbles, and Ryoutarou tries to resume his search for Yumi, but is stopped by Hana who is worried about his injuries. She volunteers to look for Yumi, while wanting to know more information about the wish made by her, but Ryoutarou expresses his worry of Yumi and Hana fighting, to Hana’s disbelief.

Back in Milk Dipper, Tomoya paces up and down the cafe, commenting that Ryoutarou is taking a long time. Airi calmly tells him that it is natural, for it is rare for Ryoutarou to reach his goal, and this point is further justified by Oozaki’s comment on Ryoutarou’s bad luck. Back in the current time plane, Ryoutarou continues searching for Yumi, while planning to himself the sequence of actions he should take, but he meets Yumi on his way. He goes on to ask about Yumi’s wish to the Imagin, which Yumi is surprised to know that Ryoutarou knows about it. Ryoutarou goes on to talk about the attacks and the connection to sound, but Yumi just runs away after having a deep thought. Urataros talks to Ryoutarou about how he’s scaring Yumi, and takes over Ryoutarou, saying that to leave things to him when it comes to women.

Indeed, U-Ryoutarou sweet talk manages to get himself a date with Yumi, and more information regarding Yumi’s wish. However, Urataros leaves Ryoutarou half-way through, and Yumi once again runs away from him. Returning to DenLiner, Urataros is questioned by Hana about Yumi’s wish, but he refuses to say anything, telling her to just ask Ryoutarou. Momotaros then once again starts another quarrel with Urataros, and they eventually face off again, with Naomi cheering hysterically and Hana watching nonchalantly, saying to herself that they would be thrown out if they continue like this. Meanwhile, the Crow Imagin continues to ‘erase’ people listening to the Four Seasons: Spring.

Back to Ryoutarou and Yumi, he confirms with her that her wish was to forget about the man she was going to marry. He suspects the man to be Tomoya, which Yumi confirms, and he goes on to tell Yumi that he is currently waiting for her in Milk Dipper regarding the commotion that morning. Ryoutarou also thinks to himself that the wish has actually nothing to do with sound, and cannot seem to find a connection between the wish and the attacks. Tomoya continues pacing up and down in Milk Dipper, and Airi offers a cup of coffee, telling him that if he calms down and wait patiently, his ‘star’ will come to him naturally. Tomoya takes a sip of Airi’s ‘wonderous’ coffee and calms down, and starts telling his story with Yumi to Airi and the others. He and Yumi broke up at their failed wedding ceremony, where they had a quarrel and in a fit, Tomoya threw away a similar pendant to what Yumi has, and the pendant is destroyed by a passing car. Shifting back to Yumi, she says to Ryoutarou that if Tomoya has anything to say, he can say to her, but he hasn’t done so and so everything is over between them. Tomoya goes on to mention that they have broken up for half a year now, and that how can she find another man (Ryoutarou) for herself. He takes a hammer out, scaring Oozaki and Miura, but uses it to fix one of the chairs, saying that he can only calm down when he works, signifying that he is willing to wait patiently for Yumi to turn up.

Ryoutarou continues to follow Yumi, and he asks her whether she really wants to forget everything bad, and Tomoya too. She then just screams at Ryoutarou about properly following her, and not just at a distance away. Just then, Ryoutarou’s bad luck strike again, first stubbing his foot on a tricycle, then rolling down a slope, and then getting hit by balls of increasing size. Yumi, amazed by what she sees, walks away, leaving Ryoutarou behind, but he continues to follow her at a distance, stating his bad luck she had just saw as the reason for the distance. Again, he slides down a slope on a fallen advertisement board and almost gets his head rammed by an incoming van, until Yumi pulls him to safety.

Once back to a safe spot, Ryoutarou continues his lecture on forgetting to Yumi, when the Crow Imagin attacks Ryoutarou, causing him to drop his Den-O belt. The Taros, tired out from fighting each other in DenLiner, sense the trouble. The Crow Imagin holds Yumi by the neck while pinning Ryoutarou under his foot, and removes the pendant from Yumi. it is then revealed that the Four Seasons: Spring music is a memorable tune between Yumi and Tomoya, and the Crow Imagin has decided on his own that by destroying all traces of the music, Yumi will forget Tomoya. Yumi struggles to get the pendant back, but the Imagin manages to destroy the pendant nevertheless. With her will lost, Yumi mumbles to her self that she actually does not wish to forget, and the portal is open for the Crow Imagin. Ryoutarou, getting his belt back, tries to henshin, but is attacked by the Imagin, though Urataros and Momotaros in their incomplete forms shield the attack. The Taros argue again, causing the Crow Imagin to successfully enter the portal. Ryoutarou, smashing Urataros on his way, moves up to a weeping Yumi and holds up the Rider Ticket, showing 24th July 2006. After telling Yumi to wait, Ryoutarou henshin into Den-O Rod Form, and travels to the designated time plane. on DenLiner.

24th July 2006, the (failed) wedding day of Tomoya and Yumi. After throwing the pendant away, the couple got into a fight, with their relatives and friends trying to intervene. However, the Crow Imagin flows out of Yumi, who is the only one oblivious to the Imagin. The Crow Imagin, attacks the crowd in the church and is about to move on to the couple, who fainted when they see DenLiner arriving, when Den-O arrives. Den-O performs a chain of attacks on the Crow Imagin, while the mysterious Past Man shows up briefly. He tells the Imagin that his attacks are different form that of Sword Form, and the Imagin flys away, trying to get an aerial attack on Den-O. However, Den-O manages to reel the Imagin back to the ground, and Ryoutarou switches to Sword Form, to Urataros’ chagrin. An all hyped-up Den-O (Momotaros) unleashes a barrage of attacks on the Imagin, finally finishing him off with his Hissatsu Waza Part 3 (same move, actually). Transforming back, Ryoutarou slumbers onto the ground, praising both Taros for the good work, while revealing the pendant he had managed to salvage as using DenGasher Rod.

Yumi finally shows up in Milk Dipper, where Tomoya and Airi have been waiting patiently. However, the couple fights again once they meet. In the midst of the fight, Ryoutarou is flung back into Milk Dipper, and he tries to return the pendant he had retrieved to Tomoya. Tomoya, however, throws the package he has to Yumi, who opens it up, revealing to be a box holding 2 new pendants in the exact image of their previous pendants, which took Tomoya half a year to make himself. After a tearful scene, the couple leave together on Tomoya’s bicycle, with Airi commenting that they will make a good couple.

Back in Milk Dipper, Ryoutarou mentions that it is good not to forget, and telling Airi that she should not forget about the telescope too, implying that there’s a story yet to be told regarding the telescope. However, Airi seems to have no memories regarding the telescope, though she still shed a tear, to her surprise. Ryoutarou, seeing this, gets Airi to go prepare dinner, trying to make her forget about everything he had just said.

Outside, another person gets possessed by a new Imagin (finally!).

Ryoutarou and Momotaros, suffering injuries from the Crow Imagin’s attack

U-Ryoutarou’s sweet talking always gets him what he wants

Ryoutarou’s bad luck strikes him any time, any place

The Crow Imagin preventing Ryoutarou from his henshin

Momotaros and Urataros working together to protect their contract holder

Den-O Sword Form…with DenGasher Rod…?

Airi shedding a tear unknowingly, while looking at the telescope

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