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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 07

Jealousy Bomber

Even after having defeated his first Gigandeath Hades, Ryoutarou still has to help out in the Milk Dipper, and the exhaustion he suffers from his double-life can be seen through his yawns. Airi, taking a reading break from her work, asks Ryoutarou to have his dinner, while the customers of Milk Dipper, with gifts in their hands, are mesmerized by the beauty of Airi, although it is rather obvious that all gifts left for (ditzy) Airi are placed in the ‘Lost Items’ corner of the shop. Ryoutarou is surprised to see a little too much food for dinner, but Airi says it is needed for him to regain his strength, causing Ryoutarou to comment that she has always been rather forceful. While Ryoutarou starts on his dinner, Airi looks dearly at a telescope, which is the central decoration piece in Milk Dipper.

In DenLiner, Hana warns Urataros about him borrowing Ryoutarou’s body without permission, for it might result in Ryoutarou getting into trouble. However, all Urataros thinks about is Airi, saying that she’s lovely, and Hana just stomps off in disbelief. Momotaros continues Hana’s lecture about using Ryoutarou’s body without permission, and reminds Urataros that it was Ryoutarou who took pity on him, and that he is his senpai (senior). Urataros, offered by Naomi a cup of coffee, in turn offers his cup of coffee to Momotaros, wishing for them to work well together and seemingly trying to make peace with him. Momotaros accepts this ‘token of apppreciation’, but Urataros walks away, laughing to himself. Outside, Ryoutarou is still on his bout of yawns when he is suddenly possessed by Urataros. Back in the diner carriage, Momotaros falls into deep slumber after the cup of coffee, and doesn’t wake up even from Hana’s vicious attacks. Naomi reveals that red peppers were added as they help to ease fatigue, as told by Urataros, which causes Momotaros to sleep so soundly, and Hana realizes what Urataros is up to. U-Ryoutarou, now all dressed up and in an amusement park, starts spurting out romantic lines, causing girls to go crazy around him, and with a final line of ‘Won’t you enjoy night fishing with me?’, the girls surround him.

The next morning, Ryoutarou wakes up in a seriously pink apartment, and with his blurred eyesight he sees a weeping Airi. He calls out to her, but the woman isn’t who he sees, and after addressing him by his name, the woman goes on to prepare breakfast. Ryoutarou sits up in shock, looking around in astonishment at his surroundings. He then takes out his handphone, and stands up with a start after seeing all the photos of him with girls at the amusement park, the last photo being that of himself and the woman in the apartment. Ryoutarou tries as hard as he can to escape, despite being pulled by the woman. They cause a commotion so loud that a man cycling past below takes notice, and his face strangely turns furious. Ryoutarou is finally free from the woman’s clutches, but still manages to fall down a whole flight of stairs. However, he wastes no time to disappear as fast as possible from the woman’s sight. The furious man below, having seen all these, growls out the woman’s name, Yumi, and turns to the running Ryoutarou, crushing a rose he has with him. He finds his dropped wallet, which he learns Ryoutarou’s name from.

Back in the apartment, the woman, or Saitou Yumi(斉藤 優美), suddenly stops in her tracks after hearing a melody of Four Seasons Concerto No.1: Spring from her pendant, but she snaps out of her trance and tries to start on her lunch. However, an Imagin enters the apartment through the open window and possesses Yumi.

In DenLiner, Momotaros assaults Urataros for possessing Ryoutarou without permission, with Ryoutarou catching up on his sleep again, Hana and Naomi watching coldly from the counter, and the other passengers having their meals admist the commotion. Even Hana tries to punch Urataros squarely in the face, but she misses and 1-hit-K.O. Momotaros instead. Owner enters the carriage this time, reminding them again that he doesn’t condone fighting in the carriage, and that he possesses a ‘Passage Denial’ card. Momotaros and Urataros act friendly all of a sudden, telling Owner that all that before was just exercise. Owner and Naomi have an interesting conversation about fried rice, and with a look of slight disbelief, Owner leaves, and the Taros continue their fight. Ryoutarou however intervenes and pulls Momotaros out, telling him that all these fighting would make him more tired instead.
At a club, a woman with the Four Seasons: Spring melody as a ringtone is attacked by an Imagin.

Back in Milk Dipper, the customers once again gawk at Airi, while she looks dreamily at the telescope again when suddenly the man who had witnessed the commotion from before comes crashing into the shop on his bicycle. The man, Oobayashi Tomoya(大林 友也) demands to see Ryoutarou, but is informed by Airi that he is out at the moment. Meanwhile, Ryoutarou returns to the current time plane from Denliner, when Momotaros takes over, and the two of them have a small talk about Urataros. In the midst of it, M-Ryoutaros smells an Imagin, and goes happily after the scent. In a shopping arcade, Four Seasons: Spring is being played through the PA system when a flying Imagin destroys the speakers. M-Ryoutarou give chase to the rooftops and finally faces the Crow Imagin. He henshin into Den-O Sword Form and the Crow Imagin soon attacks him from far. Instead of going head-to-head with the Imagin, Den-O plays around instead, dodging all the attacks instead of moving closer to the Imagin, and telling Ryoutarou to shut up when he asks about it. As a result, the Crow Imagin manages to escape, flying away, leaving an unsatisfied Den-O screaming for him to come back. Ryoutarou tells him that they should look for the contract holder, and M-Ryoutarou has no choice but to listen. While stomping off, M-Ryoutarou receives a call from Airi.

Airi tells Ryoutarou to return quickly to Milk Dipper, while moving all the gifts left behind to the ‘Lost Items’ corner. Tomoya is staying close to Airi, trying to hear the conversation too. When she hangs up, she asks Tomoya on what Ryoutarou has done to make him wait so impatiently for Ryoutarou, giving several lame reasons like spilling a urinal and knocking over a post. Just then, Miura enters Milk Dipper with a cake in his hand, but trips on Tomoya’s bicycle. He raises his head, only to see a furious Tomoya with a saw in his hand, calling out for Yumi. In Yumi’s apartment, she recalls the meeting with the incomplete Crow Imagin, who requests for a wish of hers. However, she shakes it off and tells herself that it was all a dream. Meanwhile, a roadside rock performer plays a rock rendition of Four Seasons: Spring, but is ‘erased’ by the Crow Imagin.

Ryoutarou finally returns to Milk Dipper, only to find Tomoya shoving his wallet back to him. Tomoya goes on to hint about Yumi, but he gets agitated eventually and punches Ryoutarou (in an amusing slow-motion scene involving everyone in Milk Dipper). Momotaros and Urataros sense something amiss. Tomoya goes on to hold Ryoutarou by the collar, shoving him around the cafe when Momotaros suddenly takes over, but Ryoutarou stops him before M-Ryoutarou can punch Tomoya, and takes over once again. Recovering from his shock of witnessing Ryoutarou’s change in personality, he gives another punch to Ryoutarou, who falls to the ground this time. Airi, in a rare moment of cute anguish, hits Tomoya at the back of his head with a wooden spatula, telling him it is a library-cafe and that they should calm down and talk things out, which Tomoya agrees. She goes on to complain about Ryoutarou getting knocked down too easily. Outside, a man sitting next to Oozaki is listening to the Four Seasons: Spring on headphones, and is suddenly ‘erased’ by the Crow Imagin.

Tomoya and Ryoutarou goes on to talk about Yumi, while Airi prepares coffee, but the talk doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Oozaki drops by again, and flirts with Airi as usual. He also speaks of the strange incident about the sudden disappearance of the person, which Ryoutarou hears about too. He asks Oozaki for more information, but the rantings of Oozaki annoys Tomoya and he goes on a rampage, hacking his saw into a pillar of Milk Dipper and sawing away, demanding for Yumi’s presence. The crowd sees a suspicious package in Tomoya’s shirt and goes hysterical, thinking it could be an explosive, and Ryoutarou has no choice but to find Yumi and at the same time, take care of the Imagin. Yumi, outside her apartment, hears the Four Seasons: Spring playing on the radio at a shop and she pauses a while, but she sees the Crow Imagin fly into the shop, attacking the shop owner. She runs away, but is still caught up by the Crow Imagin, who tells her he will continue the erasing. Ryoutarou finds the running Yumi and gives chase, but is stopped by the Imagin, making him realize that Yumi is the contract holder.

Ryoutarou henshin into Den-O once, but the close-ranged attacks of Sword Form prove useless to the flying Crow Imagin. As a desperate move, Den-O manages to bring the Imagin down, but loses sight of it. Ryoutarou then points out that it is flying above them, but it is too late as Den-O takes another serving of the Crow Imagin’s attacks.

The telescope sitting in the centre of Milk Dipper

Urataros tries to make peace with Momotaros…?

Momotaros, knocked out by the cup of red peppers-added coffee

Oobayashi Tomoya大林 友也), and Saitou Yumi(斉藤 優美), the contract holder for the Crow Imagin

The ‘Passage Denial’ card, possessed by Owner

The Crow Imagin, executing his feathers attack

Den-O getting thrashed by the Crow Imagin

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