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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 06

A Swindler’s Dignity

Momotaros and Urataros resume their fight, causing the diner carriage to rock dangerously. However, no outcome is decided, as Hana returns to DenLiner in time to stop the two Imagins by punching them squarely in the face. She goes on to lecture them on how dangerous it would be if DenLiner is damaged and they had to end up wondering in Time for all eternity, and then taunts them to fight her instead if they wish to continue the fight. The Taros hang their heard, but not without Momotaros delivering an insult to Hana. Hana then throws a fork, which is impaled on the wall inches from their faces, and is thus successful in scaring even Momotaros.

Outside, in the current time, the Crust Imagin continues his attacks on elementary school boys. Back in the diner carriage, Urataros, being the Casanova that he is, tries to flirt on Hana, but of course to no avail. Urataros then comments that it must be his appearance that’s turning her off, but implies to Ryoutarou that he doesn’t mind it, as long as he gets his body when he goes out. Momotaros tries to enlighten Urataros that Ryoutarou is a Singularity Point, but apparently Urataros already knows that, to the shock of Hana and Momotaros. With a line ‘Without limits there are no merits’, Hana realizes that Urataros had chosen to possess Ryoutarou though he loses his freedom to move freely outside, he is able to remain safe inside Ryoutarou. When further questioned by Hana about changing the past to alter the future, Urataros expresses no interest at all to the matter, as he only has his eyes set on Hana. Ryoutarou tries to ask more about being a Singularity Point, but Hana leaves it for a later time and tells him to rest and regain his stamina.

In the hospital where Daiki is staying, 2 more patients is admitted into his wardroom. Daiki recognizes them as Atsushi and Yuusuke, fellow members of his school soccer team. Outside, the Crust Imagin attacks yet another 2 boys playing soccer. In DenLiner, Ryoutarou catches up on his sleep. Urataros complains that it’s either too quiet, or too boring, but Momotaros continues to show his hostility by saying that DenLiner will have been a fun train to be in if not for Urataros. Urataros, staring out of the window, starts to depict his sad ‘life story’ before he came onto DenLiner, on how he had been wondering out in the sands of Time for many years, and how every time he gritted his teeth with his mouth full of sand, telling himself that he must board DenLiner every time it passed him by. Ryoutarou and Hana are moved by his words, and Momotaros even bursts out in tears, though he tries holding back. A tear drops from Urataros’ eye while he mumbles to himself on how he has finally obtained it.

In the hospital, Daiki is told by his mother that the whole soccer team had been attacked. Hana hears this and asks for more information, but Daiki runs out of the wardroom after seeing another fellow member, Minoru, being admitted. Hana manages to catch up with him and tries to ask him on the Imagin, but Daiki lies about knowing nothing, and that he is running away because he is scared of being attacked too. Naomi receives a call from Hana, and informs her that Ryoutarou is out (possessed) with Urataros. U-Ryoutarou is then shown being on dates with several girls. Hana, worried about Ryoutarou, starts questioning on his actions, even though she had told him to rest. Momotaros answers this time, telling Hana how much of a poor bloke Urataros is by repeating what Urataros had said to Hana, but Hana brings both Naomi and Momotaros back to reality by explaining that the Imagins had come into our time, thus no way for them to wander in the sands of Time, and that Imagins have no physical forms until a contract is formed, thus there is no way Urataros was able to bite sand at all. Delivering a last line of advice to the fuming Momotaros and Naomi, she warns him that Urataros might even be contemplating on chasing Momotaros out of Ryoutarou. Daiki continues to lie about the truth regarding the attacks on his soccer team-mates.

In DenLiner, an agitated Momotaros tries to connect with Ryoutarou, but is shut out by Urataros, who is still having fun as U-Ryoutarou on his dates with girls. An equally fuming Naomi tells him that there is no choice but to wait for Hana’s return. Ryoutarou returns to Milk Dipper under Urataros’ request, where Airi advises him that he shouldn’t leave the hospital out of whim. Oozaki and Miura turn up at the Milk Dipper too, with Miura requesting Ryoutarou to go for a medical check-up, and Oozaki asking about his wallet which U-Ryoutarou had taken. Ryoutarou faints while Miura and Ozaki starts a small squabble, which Miura explains it as a possession by a evil spirit. U-Ryoutarou awakens, and lies that he (Ryoutarou) is actually beingaffected by the evil spirit haunting Oozaki, to his shock.

Ryoutarou meets Hana outside, together with Daiki, where he hears about the soccer team being attacked, and they come to the conclusion that someone connected to the team is the contract holder. Urataros speaks to Ryoutarou about knowing who the contract holder and Ryoutarou lets him take over, despite Hana’s opposition. Hana manages to see through U-Ryoutarou’s lie when he tries to bring her to the amusement park, saying that the contract holder is somewhere there. Hana tells him that it is impossible to believe for all he does is lie, but U-Ryoutarou rebuts by saying ‘One lie makes life more interesting than a thousand truths’. Hana then goes on to scold him then he is just running away from the truth, and that she despises cowardly acts like lying. Daiki, hearing this, confesses to being the contract holder to the Crust Imagin, and goes on to describe his regret of missing the penalty shot in last year’s tournament. He comments that he was afraid of the Imagin, and Hana too, causing her to realize that she had unintentionally instilled fear in Daiki through her actions and words, and she apologizes to him. Daiki apologizes too for lying, and he comes up with a plan to save the remaining regular players of the soccer team from being attacked. However, on their way, they see another boy, Tatsuya, attacked by the Crust Imagin, and they confront the Imagin. Ryoutarou and Hana tries to stop the Imagin from entering Daiki, but aren’t successful.

With the Rider Ticket showing 15th October 2006, they go to that time plane on DenLiner, where Momotaros assaults Urataros for lying to him and Naomi. Owner steps in this time, clearly unhappy about the quarrel that’s taking place. He educates Ryoutarou on having the choice of sharing his Rider Pass with Urataros or not, and that he would have him removed from DenLiner should he chooses not to share, resulting in Urataros having to wander in Time eternally. He also presses Ryoutarou to come up with a decision fast for they are reaching their destination. Eventually, Ryoutarou lets Urataros remain, to the shock of the rest of the crew, saying that Urataros had lied before Daiki so as to let him speak the truth (an excuse), and Urataros is surprised of this. Reaching 15th Oct ’06, the Crust Imagin has already emerged from Daiki and starts his attacks on the time plane. Ryoutarou arrives and henshin into Den-O Sword Form, resuming his fight from before. Once again, the mysterious Past Man appears, only to walk away at Den-O appearance. Back in DenLiner, Hana and Naomi has a chat on how Ryoutarou could think about such a forced excuse for Urataros, with him commenting about ‘being saved by the fish he caught’. The Crust Imagin once again escapes into the sea, causing Den-O to have no choice but retreat, however the Imagin pulls Den-O into the sea, and it is revealed that Momotaros do not know how to swim, meaning trouble for Ryoutarou. Urataros senses the trouble, and after telling that although he lies, his ability to swim is not a lie and tells Ryoutarou to push the blue button on the belt, resulting in a new form of Den-O: Rod Form.

The Crust Imagin, thinking that Den-O has drowned, walks away, but the re-emergence of Den-O in his new form stops him in his tracks. Den-O releases a whole world of pain to the Crust Imagin with his rod-arranged DenGasher, and again the Imagin escapes into the sea. Den-O then tails him onboard Radome(レドーム), a turtle-shaped hovercraft ejected from a new carriage on DenLiner, the Isurugi(イスルギ・石動), and he manages to reel the Imagin out of the water. Den-O then finishes the Crust Imagin off with his finishing move, Den-Rider Kick. It is not over, for the Imagin grows into a Gigandeath Hades, and it takes an Isurugi-led DenLiner and all it’s arsenal to destroy it.

Back in DenLiner, Ryoutarou reveals that Daiki had worked hard and has become a regular player in his team. Urataros then comments that it is now his duty to teach Ryoutarou all about deception, but Hana strongly opposes. Momotaros and Urataros eventually exchange insults and almost move on to blows when they are offered coffee colored in their images by Naomi, and they calm down and enjoy their coffee, though not forgetting to dis each other, to the amusement of Hana and Ryoutarou.

The feisty Hana putting both Momotaros and Urataros in their places

Urataros getting all teary-eyed while speaking of his ‘sad’ past…

…and even Momotaros can’t help but cry at his words

The fuming Naomi and Momotaros upon realizing having fallen prey to Urataros’ lies

Ryoutarou speaking up for the unpopular Urataros

Den-O Rod Form(ロッドフォーム)

Den-Rider Kick(デンライダーキック)!


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