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Tonight’s gonna be a blogging night for me…well, provided I dun get bored in the middle of it. 😀

Firstly, I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I’m on block leave currently, thus explaining the much free time that I have. Secondly, having another birthday gone, resolutions should be made (I think)…so here they are:

  • To have my ORD come quickly. Can no longer stand that s***-hole.
  • To successfully go through Basic 3 of my Japanese language course, and then…
  • …go on to eventually study Japanese all the way till earning my JLPT1
  • To be able to ‘scream’ “今晩は!” when I enter class (meaning to be more friendly to my teacher and the staff over there…:D )
  • To be able to afford a Project BM Kamen Rider figure (could take me a long time)
  • …to have a taste, no…that’s too much…a dab of…love…?

OK, the last line made me sound kinda like a…I dunno, a ‘pervert’ of something…but still, hmmm… O_o

OK, that aside, the title being ‘The Norm’…I’ve done one, which is the resolution thingy (dunno, regard it as the norm…though a thought at the back of my head tells me people only make resolutions for coming new years…whatever). Next, the ‘norm’ that we see in Singapore. Probably be thinking that I must be complaining again about Singaporeans…well, partly, though more is on pointing out…and I dun think I’m sparing myself from the ‘criticisms’
that I’m about to write.

Almost every Singaporean knows (what I believe) that the fashion sense of the locals are, well…bad. Go out anyday, and you will probably an entire street filled with people sporting the same fashion sense, complete with the same hairdo. What’s amazing (to me, again) is that you are most likely to guess accurately which age group the person you are looking at. Here’s what I‘ve observed so far (thus everything is under my opinion):

For boys/guys:

  • From birth to Primary 4 (0-10 years): We suck thumb and wear whatever is given to us by our parents, for we do not have the balls to even speak our mind, in case we get a serving of pain from the terrifying strip of wood.
  • Primary 5 to 6 (11-12 years): We still wear what our parents buy, but this time our balls grow a bit, and if we’re lucky, we get the shirt ‘blazoned’ with our favorite cartoon and we wear it proudly.
  • Secondary 1 to 2 (13-14 years): When in school uniform, we try to get ‘beng’ (‘punkish’) and tuck out our shirts and speak some profanities to go along with the image, even though we are having our (hairless) legs shown off everyday from wearing the sexy school shorts. When in casual clothes, we usually still stick to showing our legs, and the profanities stay (unless parents are around).
  • Secondary 3 to 4/5 (15-16/17 years): Long pants this time, but apparently not satisfied enough with the length as we (I am excluded, just ask my friends) pull the pants down from waist to hip-level, as though we have just shat in our pants, with the shit left lumping in the groin area of the pants. Oh yeah, the tuck-out shirts and profanities still stay, but some people may complete it with wide arm-swinging movements and loud talking on the phone.
    Another phenomenon – we possess PE (Physical Education) T-shirts, yet we (me excluded again) love playing sports in school uniforms, making them translucent with sweat and thus, exposing as much as possible, like for photo shoot, just for example.
    And before I forget, most of us start to chase skirts.
    Outside, T-shirts and berms are the norm, but most will have basketball shoes in combo. Even though we are not playing, or even know how to play.
  • Different tertiary education levels/Other paths into life (17-20+++ years): For JC (Junior College) students, almost everything from secondary school remains, except this time, we always act the role of a 痴情汉 in front of girlfriends (actions include gentle body movements like walking, making it more like floating, speaking at a volume that a fly flying past is louder than you, etc.), yet the ‘beng’ you have been acting as comes out when your friends appear, even in front of girlfriends.
    For Poly(technic) students, most will have their hair colored (of the same color, only a select few have balls to try something different). Dressing usually becomes that of a punk rocker, although the actions of a few may totally contradict his looks and fashion. Most will have the look on their faces like as though the own family has been massacred and he has no choice but to live on for their sakes. In Singapore!? More likely to be that he still hasn’t got to hump his girlfriend yet (this sentence might cost me to be single all my life).
    Other paths into life: This I’m not very sure. 🙂
    Extra: Every Singaporean male has to go through NS, meaning hair falls ‘naturally’, leaving our heads to resemble a toothbrush. During this period, we (me sometimes) always wear a cap outside, as though our scalp would melt away under the air-conditioning in shopping malls, exposing our brains, if we have any, that is, during this period of time.
  • Working life (20++-retiring age): Early in our working years, most of us dress in long-sleeved shirts and pants, sometimes with a suit to go along, basically, a typical working-attire set. And we feel happy about it, being so smart and all. What we eventually find out is this attire would stick with us for the rest of our working days, even as our belly grow larger, waist wider, etc….

Stopping here for guys. Might have left out many other things, but suffering a mental block right now.
And moving on:

For girls/gals:
(Take note: I have no experience in their affairs or way of life; why would I know? So, I shall just note what I’ve seen so far…the ‘norm’…)

  • Primary 5 to Secondary 2 school girls like to wear purple a lot, especially striped with black lines. Somehow, their sense to looking fashionable/beautiful = copying Jolin Tsai’s fashion sense. (On a side note, I dun find Jolin Tsai pretty at all…I dun really care what her fans care either) They like to wear hot pants a lot too, or really short ‘shorts’ (!?), even though they dun have much of a bottom. and they wear make-up, thus ruining the innocent and pretty face they each naturally have (I kinda sound like a pedophile, dun I?).
  • From Secondary 3 onwards, most like to dress ‘adult’, like wearing gowns and such, even if the occasion may not ask for such formalities. And usually, their idea of ‘adult’ means low-cut in front, low-cut (is it called that?) at the back, high cut at the side. Even though not all have the body proportion to bring the supposed look of the outfit. Hey, I wun deny that I have looked at girls dressed like that, and well, liked what I’ve seen, but still…I dunno what to say…modesty please? Save it for your partner, ya?
  • Working life, that’s something I do not know. But I can say that only a handful know what suits them most, and look great in it. And yeah, all the teachers in my (Japanese language) school know how to dress, and do dress better than Singaporean women, and just comparing to those in the same profession.

Anyway, gotta stop here, half of my body is asleep right now. As usual, comments are always welcome.

By the way, watched the Devilman anime OVA movie, then realized that the live-action is based on that anime movie.
Thus, an advice: watch the anime movie. Screw the live-action movie. The anime movie is pretty good indeed, I’m still having that tinge of sorrow in my heart.
And humans are indeed ugly. Watch and you understand.



4 responses to “The Norm

  1. MavericK Friday, November 23, 2007 at 2247

    Oh yeah…you’re right…I do mind a little too much on what people think about how I dress myself. 😛

    Well, as for Japapnese fashion, as long as it’s not too ‘visual-kei’ish, it would be great…
    Not that I hate visual-kei…just find it a little over… 😛

    Yup, Singapore like a ‘copying’ nation…and is like copy the entire trend/thing…
    Perhaps the other countries are trying to copy our kiasu-ness? 😀

  2. undercoverchad Thursday, November 22, 2007 at 2233

    Ahh…but then, it’s kinda hard for ppl here to express themselves in the way they dress because they will kena criticized like mad.

    Look at the two of us already! Muahahaha

    Call me an old stick in the mud, but I find Jap fashion can get quite outrageous. (Although when they dress well, it’s wow.) I guess Singaporeans fail in that respect because we borrow too much from other cultures and lose our own identity. I mean, what do we have in looks that other countries will try to copy?

  3. MavericK Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 1428

    Haha…guess I had nothing much to do…

    I agree with you on girls wearing tops with, in your words, ‘too much froo-fra all over it’… 😛 I dun really know what I prefer, but a girl of normal/slender build (not slim/thin…always think that they would be blown off by the wind), with hair tied into a ponytail, in T-shirt and jeans, and a cute face seems to attract my attention, though it isn’t really ‘dressing-it-up’, ya?
    And oh yah, glasses are a plus, but depending on the kind of glasses…but come to think of it, glasses are a hassle (I once wore them, but eyesight got better…luckily), and I dun really like the idea of a girl (or anyone) having to always look for her glasses…an unnecessary task indeed.

    But hey, who am I to comment? It’s the girls’ freedom to wear whatever they like, ya? Just ranting over here anyway…haha…

    Guys seriously have less choices, unless you are like those in Japan… They really have balls, some wearing like some visual-kei band on the streets. But seriously, their fashion sense is something I think Singaporeans would never ever hope to achieve.
    For myself, I’m like the uncle-type of person, even though I’m 20. I’m always sporting a black tee/polo tee, and in jeans/pants. And yeah, my hair is always short…never had any fringe touching my eyebrows, and never had any fringe for I always comb my hair up (to the extent that my hair will always stick up in the air…o_O )

  4. undercoverchad Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 833

    Heeheehee….That was amusing. Can’t believe you spent so much time categorizing it lol.

    The thing I don’ t get, is why most girls like to wear tops that have so much…froo-fra all over it. Y’know? I prefer simple, elegant lines, maybe a bit of lace, but tastefully done.

    Anyway, guys have less choices when it comes to what to wear, although the trend seems to be going towards metrosexual lately…?

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