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Blabbering of a Fool


Went out alone again today…and suddenly, something struck me (figuratively).

It’s been a long time since I had really gone out with a group of friends…and somehow, it’s hard for me to even remember what it feels like anymore.
Seriously, it’s hard for me to recall how I was like when I’m with my friends outside…and now I dun really know how to act/behave in their presence outside.
Is this a serious problem? O_o

Anyway, went down to (where else?) CSC again…but this time, I took some pictures!!! Not anything great though…especially when it’s not on a Sunday…

Ng’s Collection

Ng’s Collection, by far my favorite shop…for the super friendly service. Toys variety-wise…good enough for me… 😀 And my spoils from Ng’s Collection:

DX Den-O Belt (Sword Form light effects)

Got it at $60…wonder if he gave me the wrong price (Uncle Ng wasn’t in today), for I remembered it going at $79.90 instead.
Anyway, now I can henshin! (!?!?!?) Still lacking the ケータロス phone…*heh heh* 😛

Of course, CSC isn’t just for fans of tokusatsu. Just took one extra picture though…think appeals more to fans of Marvel and other American movies/comics:

I wanna start working some ‘real’ work (what kind of English is it? Never mind)!!! I want extra bucks!!!
Can’t do so now…T_T… I wanna ORD!!!!!!

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