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Now I can no longer call kY old huh? Haha… 🙂

Well, now that I’m 20 officially, how do I feel? The same!!!
Though it’s true it’s really time for me to think about bigger things, like family, studies, work etc….

But I ain’t quitting toy-collecting. Never.
仮面ライダー forever!!!

Well, thank you very much, to those who wished me a happy birthday…didn’t think anyone else other than my family would remember (my father did though…haha… 😛 ). Well, many asked whether I’m out celebrating my birthday, or am I cutting a cake (at night)…well, contrary to mainstream celebration formalities, I spend the day slacking at home first, then accompany my mom doing some shopping (and she treated me to Sakae Sushi, which, to us, is very ‘extravagant’ food… 🙂 ). And yup, I have no cake…partly because I dun like cake (not all though), partly because it’s too much of a hassle getting the cake and all. 🙂

Well, kinda explains how boring I am for a person huh? O_o


2 responses to “二十歳ですよ!

  1. MavericK Monday, November 19, 2007 at 1033

    Haha….you uncle meh? I more uncle than you lor…you so ‘hip’ and ‘in’…how to compare? Haha… 😛

    Soon to be adult? Think I regard myself as adult liao…though half-half bah…I act like child meh? 😛

    Haha…will take note….but no stopping toy-collecting! 🙂

  2. xQ Monday, November 19, 2007 at 928

    then i’m uncle already huh…well…haha my birthdays are also spent like that….even on my 21st…lol

    old already la….soon to be adult sia…must learn to think dun act like a child liao

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