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デビルマン (Devilman)


“Never judge a book by its cover.” I’m sure many people, if not all, have at least heard of this famous line once in your life. I have, and no other line suits the Devilman live-action movie better, in a seriously bad way.
First, just for extra information, I have never read or watched Devilman…have only seen the wonderful toys of the series. And so, when I saw this wonderful cover for the DVD, I thought to myself, ‘Hey, this movie should be worth a watch. The Devilman definitely looks devilish enough.’

I couldn’t get anymore wrong.

What makes it so bad? First, the actor (I dun even bother with the name) for the main protagonist, 不動 明/Fudou Akira, looks either: 1) like he’s on drugs, and been some time since his last dosage, or 2) like he’s suffering from some terminal illness. The main antagonist, 飛鳥 了/Asuka Ryou, played by the twin brother of the the former, looks a tad better…but still, bears no charm. Second, the acting by the 2 actors mentioned…is there even any acting? They can’t act seriously…you have to watch to understand (though I do not recommend watching this for the acting at all). Not just the 2 main actors, basically anyone who plays the role of a demon sucks. However, the performance by the other actors/actresses are good enough.
The story is pretty good, just that it’s spoiled by the terrible acting. Just think of it as the story of X-Men, minus the X-Men. However, the ending sucks. Sucks BIG time. Advice: You’ll be better off watching the anime or reading the manga. Spare yourself the torture.
Theme song is pleasant to the ears, by hiro, though I’m very sure if it’s the right song for such a movie…think it was chosen to suit the ending only. 😦

My verdict: 1/5. One point for just the brief moments of great CG-sequences. And I do mean brief. Combo-ed with the bad voice-acting.

Note to myself: I shall watch any videos I considered good in cinemas, or through other medias before I spend my money on the DVDs. I wasted $20 on this sorry piece of a DVD. 😦


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