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Home at last!

Finally, a post made from within the confines of my room (is it phrased like this?)!!!

Spending 6 days is no fun, that is undeniable…but being the boring person that is me, I spend nearly the entire day at home, apart from my Japanese lesson.
Yet, I managed to get my hands on some goodies nevertheless:

Souchaku Henshin Kamen Riders #1 and #2

Talk about luck. Got these 2 at a discounted price, for one of them (#1) is a display piece, while the other is sold to me at member price, and the boss decided to sell them to me at a comfortable price. Woot!

Shall write about something I witnessed during breaktime. This happened in the 7-Eleven in Paradiz Centre.

Perverted Old Man (POM): 小姐,在卖什么东西?Miss, what are you selling?
7-Eleven Salesgirl: 卖面包。Selling bread. (Pastries, to be exact.)
POM: 哇,好像很好吃叻。我很想吃叻… Whoa, look tasty huh. I want to eat some
POM: …可是最想吃掉你。 …but you are the one that I really wanna ‘eat’.
                                                 *runs away*

It’s the first time I’ve seen a real pervert in the flesh teasing a stranger out in public. Well, I gotta admit, the salesgirl does have a sweet face (I kinda stole a few glances of her myself…O_o ), and I kinda felt sorry (dun think this should be the word to use, but it’s the only one that comes to mind) for her, having to meet this kind of creep.

Then I think to myself: Why didn’t I talk back to the POM? Would it be a good or bad idea? Well, IMO, in Singapore, it’s always bad to nose into other people’s business…but is it always really so? A big question. 🙂


3 responses to “Home at last!

  1. MavericK Monday, November 19, 2007 at 1045

    He was obviously aware of his shameless behaviour…he ran away, but not far at all…just to the outside of the shop, then he tells his friend who was with him “Bue3 Pai4 ah…bue3 pai4…”, which would translate to “Not bad huh, not bad…”…I think…

    Which means he’s impressed (!?) with the reaction of the girl (which I forgot to add, she kinda remained indifferent)…

    As for what I would do/say…I would probably just make a loud comment like “哎哟,这样老了还做这样不要脸的事情哈!” or something lidat…

    Haha…old men in Singapore, especially dirty old men, are able to run fast because we have re-service here, and the old men scared of RT (remedial training), so they train themselves to run fast. 😀

  2. undercoverchad Monday, November 19, 2007 at 210

    Lol to the completely cheesy lines from the D.O.M.

    There are, apparently, alot of old perverts near Paradiz Centre. A friend of mine who used to work near the area used to get ogled by them when she walked past, and even once, followed(!) by one on a bike.

    Out of curiosity, what would you have said to him anyway? I think he ran away so fast because he was afraid someone would tell him off. Does that show he is aware his behaviour is shameful?

    And also, how come dirty old men are always able to run away so fast?! =)

  3. kY Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 1737

    老ti-ko!! *wahaha*

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