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Blabbering of a Fool

MPD Psycho…a manga not for the faint-hearted…

Suddenly recalling on a DVD title I saw while window-shopping at HMV…did some research on it…

多重人格探偵サイコ…or MPD (Multiple Personality Detective) Psycho for short…

Definitely not a manga for the faint-hearted…I can’t say I know how to describe this title to people, but the story, in my opinion, is on par with Death Note.
Just that you have to stomach a hell lot more violence and gore by reading MPD Psycho.

Can’t post a page of it here, for I am in camp now…but I dun think I will be spared from criticisms if I post something too shocking here anyway…
But I’ll see what I can do…does anyone wanna see a picture? 🙂

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