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It’s been a long time…

…since I’ve posted anything about myself and my life, according to my friend. Well, coincidentally, something kinda happened (actually, just one-sided…haha), and thus, also partly for the sake of my friend, I shall note it down.

I now think of myself as a wimp. Haha, why?
Well…to start off, from where I stay, there’s this shopping mall (where you can’t do much shopping, there’s just too few variety of things there…=S ). And, dunno from since when, there’s this micro sale going on at the ‘atrium’, or just this big enough space, selling children and toddler stuff, like apparel, books, toys, etc.. And there’s this pair of twins (girls) working at the sale (I have no idea if they’re just working part-time, or maybe helping out with their ‘mother’, as there’s always this woman with them, who could be the person-in-charge over there).
And let’s just say, one of them caught my attention (this part is strange to me, for I thought to myself: ‘They are twins, right? Then how come I always only notice this particular one?’ Seriously strange…) Many times when I see her, I kinda have this impulse to just go and talk to her, but thinking one second later, I realize I have nothing to talk about, and that most probably, with a 99.999999%, that I will stutter.
There was this one time when our eyes met (is it even phrased like this?), and I suddenly thought of something I’d read in Ichigo 100% (a manga title), something about if a guy and a girl look at each other in the eye and both look away before 3 seconds, they are interested in each other. Well, guess I didn’t get to know if it is real or not, for I looked away after 1 second, even I had told myself to keep looking (‘staring’ may possibly a more appropriate word to use). What a loser I am. And after that, all I could do is just look at her from afar. Haha.

And today is the last day of the sale (according to my mum). And I didn’t do anything to like, interact with her. (Having written all these, I feel useless all over again…haha… 🙂 ). It’s just like what I’ve just read in the ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’ manga (yup, 2 volumes, Taiwanese version, have been released in Singapore finally) : ‘It’s better to regret over what you have done, then to regret over what you could have done’. Guess it’s the melancholy of me. 😀

Speaking of ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’ manga, I just got them today, together with ‘Kodansha’s Furigana Japanese-English Dictionary’, at Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya bookstore. It’s been nearly a month of two since I last visited Orchard Road…I think. Specially went Kinokuniya today because they were having a 20% discount storewide sale for members from Friday till today, and as usual, I went there alone. And it was a rather short trip too, lasting only 3 hours, though I went to (kinda) many places.
I set off from home at 5 pm…went Kinokuniya to ‘look-see’, then went to Takashimaya’s toy department to look at (what else) Kamen Rider toys…really crazy, the Keitaros phone toy cost $79.90, the same price as the Den-O belt itself! Anyway, after some window-shopping, went looking for an ATM, then returned to Kino to get the books I’d mentioned. After that, went to HMV to do more window-shopping…mixed feelings towards HMV now; impressed that ISSA’s new single, Chosen Soldier, is in stock over there though it’s just been released in Japan on the 17th, not impressed that Orange Range’s ‘Ikenai Taiyou’ isn’t on their shelves even though it’s been months after it’s release (dun even give me the excuse of the cover being inappropriate). Anway, after HMV, I went down to Wheelock Place to Dolls Inc., where they specialize in (what else again) toys…and THERE! I saw 2 Den-O belt, new release, on their shelves. Also saw Zeronos, and the Plat Form and Momotaros Souchaku Henshin sets on sale!!! However, remembering that I have fees to pay on Tues, I left the shop a disappointed man (or boy). And I reached home at 8:15 pm. 早いですね...

Well, from this post, I sound like an all-out loser, dun I? Haha…well, I am! 😀 Think I’ll eventually be a monk or something.

But before ending this post, a few questions to ask:
1) Is it strange for someone to just go up to a person, trying to know the person?
2) How do you even start conversations with people of opposite gender that you’re not familiar with?


3 responses to “It’s been a long time…

  1. MavericK Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 1611

    And hey, good luck on your side!

    Dun really think that now girls still need to wait for guys to make the first move liao…well, I have no idea at all…haha… 😛

  2. MavericK Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 1329

    Yo! Actually quite glad that to see a comment/reply, especially from a girl!!! Haha…:P

    Well, it isn’t exactly a stall…it’s more like, how do I put this…everything placed in trolleys and racks, and the staff basically just walk around and tidy the things up after the customers mess them up…
    And well, they are selling toddler stuff, so I dun think a person like me would have anything to get from there, ya?

    True, I could bring a friend, but I dun think anyone would wanna do so… 🙂
    And most people I know should know that how much of a wimp I am lah…so, haha, the sun’s gonna rise from the west if I am able to walk to a stranger and ask for his/her number… 😛

    Anyway, it’s over now…the sale’s over…all I can do now is pray that I can get to meet her again…? Haha…wishful thinking…BACK TO REALITY!!!


  3. eLaiNe Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 310

    hmm..since she is tending a stall, you can just go to her stall and pretend to ask about the product they sell..what are they selling btw? anyway, there is nothing wrong for a customer to ask stall tender question about the product..so treat it as something normal to do..

    you can also bring a friend or someone to accompany you if u want..so that you will feel more comfortable..’n your friend might be able to help u too when u r lost of words..

    or another way to do it is just go up to her and ask for her number..since she doesn’t know u, even if u feel embarassed about it, she will not know it anyway..just be normal..

    anyway, all the best to it~~ i am currently working hard on it,too~~ just that for my case, i know the person..hehe *shy*

    p.s: i retype everything u know…since i dunno what happen just now, dunno whether my previous comment is posted or not..

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