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My spoils for the month…probably…

For those who haven’t heard, I had lost my Zen: Vision W, months ago, to a thief in camp, in which my unit is supposed to be in charge of security in the base. (OH, the irony!)

Anyway, after surviving months of boredom during my trip to camp and back (and other places) on the MRT, I finally got this:

I just love my ‘Smart Brain’ wallpaper.

Alternate photo:

Somehow, in my opinion, it looks better in this photo.

And now, given that I still have to pay for my school fees in month (next week, to be exact), I’m ‘officially’ broke this month. *sigh*

But another few spoils of mine in this month:

As I have mentioned before, I will buy the original copies of movies/dramas that I find good and worthy of owning, provided the quality is there. And upon watching them, the quality is indeed there, although the quality of THE FIRST isn’t really as good as fansubs. =P But still, with such a big ‘Masked Rider’ tag on the cover, how can a Kamen Rider fan like me resist?

2 responses to “My spoils for the month…probably…

  1. MavericK Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 2129

    I see…good to know there’s another Creative Zen user out there!

    I’ve never used iPod (any gen) myself…even though the hype is like never-dying…I’ve always been using Creative Zen, my first being Zen: Micro, then the Vision: W…and then now, the Zen.

    And yah, I’ve heard about iPod’s battery…really stinks…as for Zen, yup, really good that it’s changable…and even if there’s nothing wrong with the current battery, it’s also possible to bring an extra (full) one in case the current battery runs dry (though I’ve never heard of people doing that). 😀

  2. Random J Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 901

    Creative make good mp3 players. I have a Creative Zen MicroPhoto. I decided to be different and not go for the iPod like everyone else. The battery life put me off of iPod’s big time. The cool thing about the Zen is that you can buy a new battery (for a relatively low price) and just replace your old one when it starts to go crappy and lose it’s charge quickly. With iPod’s you either have to throw it away and buy a new one or take it to Apple who charge you some stupid price to replace the battery for you.

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