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PEACH lyrics translation

This is taken from my friend’s blog and not done by me…dunno where the original source is from, or is it credited, but I just took it from his blog (Kodomut@Blogspot). Did some editing though.

Original lyrics here.


Oh what a bright day On this exciting year, I wanna sing
Oh what a good feeling I wanna laugh as much as I can drink

Moved by the excitement I wanna feel my heart pound…
Either that, or be in paradise Ah~ Ah~ Ah~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~…so this is Summer!!

PEACH!! The shape of an upside-down heart
It’s a little shaky on one point So I’ll flip it around and return it to you
PEACH!! The shape of an upside-down heart
Therefore it’s necessary for more power But I’ll do my best, for I’ll fall in love with you

Say bye-bye to depression I don’t have the time, it’s a waste
With a molting goodbye Search out for a good chance

Earnestness is important The day I had forgotten it
I suddenly realized I was in trouble?
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~…But I’ll learn!!

BEACH!! The delicious temptation
It’s okay to worry a little, though I trust you
BEACH!! If you want, you can have it
The thrilling night and the therapeutic morning

In this mixture of devil and angel
I slowly, slowly moved away, after returning it to the right place High Touch

PINCH!! Everything will balance We’re at the same pace
Together, following the rhythm JUMP! JUMP!
PINCH!! Let’s be together It’s best to stick together
Let’s swallow our sadness and have a blast in the summer

PEACH!! The shape of an upside-down heart
Therefore it’s necessary for more power But I’ll do my best, for I’ll fall in love with you

I’ll fall in love with you

I’ll fall in love with you





8 responses to “PEACH lyrics translation

  1. banyuhay Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 2233

    Reblogged this on Banyuhay: Life's Metamorphosis and commented:
    After watching Hanazakarino Kimitachi E for countless time now. Here I am nursing an LSS syndrome with Ai Otsuka’s PEACH again! So happy to reblog this translation. For you in full bloom!

  2. leila Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 519

    Thanke you very much for translation i love the song and i love Drama [img]http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/loveshower.gif[/img]specialy Ikuta Toma as nakatsu [img]http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/heartshape2.gif[/img]

  3. MavericK Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 018

    Yeah…guess we’re weird in a sense huh…wun listen through the entire song, yet not removing the song from our playlist… 😛

    The intro of PEACH just doesn’t get me into the song, unlike Ikenai Taiyou, with the upbeat tempo right from the start and lasts through most of the song. 🙂

  4. tina Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 1939

    maverick ur rite, i onli listen to peach wen the credits are on
    wen its on my playlist or sumthin i just skip it
    i prefer ikenai taiyou, its so much betta, n the song ahs a catchy beat to it

  5. MavericK Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 2105

    Haha…I actually only enjoy this song during the credits of Hana-Kimi. Other times, when listening to it, I usually just switch to another song. 😛

    I just feel Horikita Maki-san should be there dancing when this song is playing. 😀

  6. Random J Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 1247

    I like this song. It always makes me wanna do a little dance. Especially during the ending credits of Hanazakari. 😀

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