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In Stasis…

To those who do visit my blog, sorry for the recent lack of updates. 😛

Currently suffering from Kamen Rider/Toy Fever. Show you the reason why:

I finally found it!!! After months of endless searching on the internet and through the streets, I finally saw this lying at a side of a stall in China Square’s flea market! And it’s only selling for $20!
OK, maybe I haven’t been searching hard enough…but I am indeed elated to own this! Even my Faiz Blaster Form is glad that he has found his original self…

…though he likes to put up a strong front. 😀

Anyway, will rush through the synopsis of Hana-Kimi 10 and 11 (I know, I’ve been lazy), even though I dunno whether anyone reads, but just for the fun of it…but not today, for I’m stuck in camp right now. Sucks, huh?
But perhaps I can continue my super-delayed Kamen Rider Den-O synopsis. 😀 😛


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