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My Room…Part III: Back from a treasure hunt…

It was payday, and so I went on a much awaited treasure hunt yesterday. First went down to La Tendo, which was having a 20% discount almost storewide, intenting to get my (for now) final Den-O Souchaku Henshin figure…however, Ax Form was sold out. So I got Super DenLiner Gouka and Ikazuchi instead (the smaller versions that come with candy)…’cause sadly Isurugi and Rekkou were sold out too…a total of $28.80 spent at this point.

Then I went down to China Square for my hunt for Ax Form. Quite shocked by what I saw. Many stalls were set up, selling all kinds of things, though most of them were selling toys. Thought it was some kind of event going on. Then I went straight to Ng’s Collection and saw my Ax Form, but they weren’t selling Isurugi and Rekkou separately. Anyway, paid for my Ax Form and the latest (I dunno if it is…) Hype Hobby magazine…thus a total of $71.80 spent. Asked the lady shopkeeper about the ‘event’, then was told that every Sunday is like that. WOOT! Gonna go again this coming Sunday, perhaps bringing a camera along. 😀

Anyway, took some pictures of my toys again, this time with several new additions:

TransFormers Galaxy Force GC-01 Galaxy Convoy, mail ordered from Atomic Destruction Toys (see links). Really think this toy is worth the money, and it’s really BIG.

TransFormers GC-10 Nitro Convoy, bought from Comics Connection, Sun Plaza. Felt kinda conned after visited China Square yesterday, cuz’ I bought this at $26.90…and I saw it selling at $19.90 at a stall. Well, whatever. I prefer his vehicle mode though.

TransFormers Robot Masters RM-11 Beast Convoy. Had the bigger, American version of the toy, from Beast Wars…but think it was spoilt or missing, or something. So I got this one…smaller, but I like. And yah, the blades ain’t supposed to be like this…did some recoloring and stuck them together (not permanently).

TranFormers The Movie 2007 MA-10 Bumblebee. Enough said, the better looking version of Bumblebee in the movie, agreed? Did some recoloring too… 😀

TransFormers Galaxy Force GC-07 Micron Team. From left to right: Bumper, Hop, Blit. As the name implies, they are much smaller then usual TransFormers toys, and so their articulation do not allow me to give them much poses.

My TransFormers collection. Now you can see how BIG is Galaxy Convoy, and how small Micron Team is.

My (for now) complete Souchaku Henshin Den-O collection, plus my 75% complete Super DenLiner.

Close-up of the first four basic Den-O Souchaku Henshin figures. Still waiting for Wing Form to be released, then Climax Form and Linear Form. 😀

Yup, my 仮面ライダー 兄弟/Kamen Rider Kyoudai!!! Though I dunno why Psyga is the only one flying…dun even know why I bought Psyga in the first place!!! I want Faiz (normal) and Orga!!!

A random pic: The most unlikely match ever between 2 most unlikely opponents – Garo and Squall Leonhart
-Garo: What do you mean by Griever looking way cooler then me!? EH!?!?
-Squall: You heard me right, DOG-FACE!!!


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