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Just a reminder…

First of all, credits go to Kai200X for allowing to watch and understand 花ざかりの君たちへ so far.

Read on Kai200X’s comments on how people are still uploading Hana-Kimi episodes with his subs…and how he’s losing his motivation for subbing, as there are many spoilers and few summaries out there providing the general, or even detailed story of a particular episode even before the subs are done.
I dunno if this blog is included in the list of ‘spoiler-and-summary’ sites, but think I’ll just clarify anyway. 🙂

Firstly, what I write on the episodes are what I would call, detailed synopsis. People who have read my synopsis/posts on the episodes would realize that I do not write the details for the entire episode, but only half of it (except for final episode). Because I personally feel one should enjoy the episode by watching and understanding on his/her own, at the same time. How fun can it be if you gotta watch something you do not understand at first, then read on the episode again (in text form) in order to understand it? 😛
Secondly, I actually depend on the great Kai200X-sama’s subs in order to watch the episode myself, and in turn, write the synopsis. So that means I am one of those people who wait for Kai200X’s subs. 😀

So, I would think my writings are actually a form of promotion for the drama, or whatever I’m writing for. However, for supporters of Kai200X who still think my writings are causing people to not wait for Kai200X-sama’s subs…I wouldn’t mind waiting for the entire drama series to be complete before I write my synopsis.

Anyway, Kai200X-sama has injured his hand…hopes he recovers soon. I would understand if he decides to pause his subbing work to recover… Anyway, really appreciate your great work so far, Kai200X-sama!!!

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