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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 09

The darkest days for Osaka Gakuen are here, and 天道 総司 (Tendou Souji) from Kamen Rider Kabuto is here to save the day!?

By the end of previous episode, Sawatari was referring to coffee beans when he said something about ‘only keeping the good quality ones, and disposing of the bad ones’, thus meaning the students of Osaka Gakuen were only scaring themselves by thinking that the school was closing down. However, in their self-delusion, they managed to take a ‘family’ photo, showing wonderful expressions on their faces, which had in fact answered the question for their personal interview: Do you like (the) school?
Meanwhile, after the entire misunderstanding was cleared, Nakatsu declared to Sano that he likes Ashiya, thus hinting that he now sees Sano as a love rival.

Sekime announces yet another big news: They are going to have a new form/homeroom teacher for their class. Nakatsu, like when Ashiya’s arrival into Osaka Gakuen, reminds everyone to know what to do. Shortly, Sawatari enters to introduce their new teacher, 北浜 昇(Kitahama Noboru). Everyone agrees that Kitahama himself is one handsome guy and begins to get rowdy again, but Kitahama, after seeing the An-An magazine where the 4 Osaka Gakuen had been featured, tells them that he will not accept such behaviour, and that anyone will be suspended if caught. Nakatsu then starts off the welcome ‘ceremony’, but Kitahama manages to dodge every attack, with Sawatari getting hit instead. Kitahama goes on to ask who is the mastermind behind the ‘low level prank’, and Nakatsu owns up, giving a haughty self-introduction to Kitahama when he asks for his name. Kitahama tells Nakatsu that he will remember him well.

Nakatsu and Ashiya visits the cafeteria, only to find Nanba and the other Dorm 2 third-year students seemingly practicing on a band performance. Nakatsu reminds Nanba that the next day is the start of their tests/exams, but Nanba tells them that they do not bother with what’s ahead of them. Both Ashiya and Nakatsu are puzzled, and adding to their confusion are Oscar, who arrives singing with his Dorm 3 tenants, and Tennouji, who leads a march with his Dorm 1 tenants. Sawatari soon arrives to clear things up: Another competition between the dormitories is to be held after the exams, the Osaka Gakuen Mid-Term Celebration LIVE! The reward: Whichever dormitory does the best performance in the competition gets free meals for an entire year! Everyone, including Nakatsu, dances in their excitement, while Ashiya reminds the viewers to study hard.

Nakatsu studies for the exams with Ashiya in her dorm room, and he tries to get as close to Ashiya as possible, even telling ‘him’ that physical contact/’skinship’ is very important during study. Sano returns from training, only to see Nakatsu having his arms around Ashiya, who greets Sano as though nothing’s wrong. Ashiya asks him if he should still be training when it’s so near the exam period, with Nakatsu telling him that striking a balance is important as well, but Sano manages to find mistakes in Nakatsu’s work in just one short glance. The trio later study together, but Nakatsu dozes off in the sitting position, holding a pen. Sano, recalling Nakatsu declaring to him of his affection towards Ashiya, smiles and flicks him on the forehead, thus causing Nakatsu to wake up with a start, stumbling off his seat. Nakatsu regains his composure, shouting that he did not fall asleep and that he still has lots of energy left, but immediately dozes off again when his butt lands on his seat. Both Sano and Ashiya laugh at this sight.

The first day of exams arrives, and Class 2-C is having their first paper invigilated by Kitahama. Nakatsu suddenly asks himself what if he gets a perfect score (……), and Sano reminds him that he had been sleeping the entire night when they were supposed to be studying. While the papers are being distributed, in a twist of fate, a piece of paper lands just between Nakatsu’s table and exam paper, without Nakatsu noticing. Kitahama announces the start of the exam, and after moments into the exam, while Kitahama is making his rounds around the classroom, he stops at Nakatsu’s table, noticing a corner of a piece of paper sticking out under Nakatsu’s exam paper. Kitahama pulls it out and realizes it is the study note for the exam paper. He asks the oblivious Nakatsu what is the study note doing on his table, telling him that it is cheating. He tells Nakatsu that they will talk about this in the Student Disciplinary Room after the end of the exams for the day.

In the Student Disciplinary Room, Kitahama interrogates Nakatsu regarding the cheating incident, but Nakatsu is unable to explain himself, only telling Kitahama that he does not know anything about the study note, which Kitahama obviously does not believe. Sawatari, who has been watching them, tells Kitahama to leave this matter until the exam period is over and dismisses Nakatsu, but before Nakatsu leaves, Kitahama tells him that it is not the end of everything yet. Nakatsu returns to the classroom to find his fellow Dorm 2 classmates waiting for him, asking if he requires their help in the cheating incident. Nakatsu is touched by their actions, and Sano hands him the study notes he had help compile for their Physics exam the next day. A seriously touched Nakatsu ‘cries’ on Sano, to the amusement of everyone. They leave the school compound, meeting Nakao, who has been waiting at the gates, worrying about Nakatsu as well. As they make their way back to the dormitory, Ashiya looks back at the school and sees Kitahama looking out of a window at them.

Back in the Student Disciplinary Room, Kitahama recalls on an incident which someone was stabbed, and he looks depressed at this recollection. Umeda visits him in the room, and being their first meeting, Umeda comments that it is true that Kitahama is good-looking, then gropes his ass. Kitahama tells him that he is not into such a hobby, and Umeda looks at him intently in the eyes, then removing his spectacles, saying that they are foggy. Returning them to Kitahama after wiping them, Umeda tells him that he will not be able to see the true forms of the students if he continues to see them through those glasses of his. Umeda takes his leave, and Kitahama ponders over his words.

In the meeting rooms of Dorm 1 and 3, Nanba and Nakao spies on the tenants, who are practicing their respective performances for the competition. Dorm 1 does a performance involving baseball players due to a pun in the names, while Dorm 2 practices a children song. Back in the cafeteria, Dorm 2 decides that the the other 2 dorms are of no threat at all, and starts to discuss on their own performance. After several lousy suggestions, Ashiya, seeing the dejected Nakatsu, proposes a band, and everyone in Dorm 2 agrees, including a revitalised Nakatsu. In Room 205, Nakatsu and Ashiya are studying together again. Ashiya is listening to a learning cassette for English, closing her eyes in concentration. Nakatsu sees this and starts to imagine things and self-act again, only this time Sano, who returns from training, is watching in disbelief. Nakatsu decides on his own to give a push to Ashiya into accepting a forbidden relationship with him and tries to kiss ‘him’, but he is knocked out cold by Sano with a hit to the back of his neck. Sano leaves Nakatsu lying at a corner of the room, and Ashiya notices the return of Sano, and that Nakatsu is lying on the floor, twitching. Sano tells her that he is sleeping.

It is the last day of exams, and the final paper is finally over. Everyone is cheering at the end of their ‘suffering’, and in the midst of it, Kitahama goes to Nakatsu, telling him to go back to the Student Disciplinary Room to continue the investigation on the cheating case. After both of them have left the classroom, someone from the class suggests that perhaps Nakatsu really did cheat during the exams, and a dispute is started between the students of Class 2-C. That evening, Ashiya gathers everyone in the cafeteria, and Noe introduces another new invention of his, a robot that would be able to detect the one guilty of framing Nakatsu. However, the dorms start to fight among one another again due to suspicions against one another. Nakatsu arrives in the cafeteria, only to find out that everyone is fighting now because of him. An apologetic Nakatsu apologises and leaves the cafeteria, and Ashiya follows him, expressing her concern over the matter, but Nakatsu cheerfully tells ‘him’ to worry about ‘himself’ first.

The scores of their exams are released and the students compare their scores with one another, displaying a distinct separation between the dorms more than before. Nakatsu walks past and someone from Dorm 1 asks ‘Cheater’ Nakatsu his score, which Nakatsu, putting a strong front, cheerfully announces to be zero, the lowest score in the entire level. The rehearsals for the Celebration LIVE start, and Dorm 1 puts up a festival performance. However, during the rehearsal, Kitahama arrives, telling them to stop all these nonsense of celebrating after the exams when not everyone had done well for the exams, even threatening them to announce their scores to everyone. Dorm 1 immediately leaves at Kitahama’s orders. Nanba tries to talk his way out with Kitahama, but immediately asks Dorm 2 to evacuate when Kitahama tells him to be prepared to stay back for another year if he continues to be defiant. Only Ashiya, Nakatsu, and Sekime remain. Dorm 3 continues their rehearsal, but gets the hint to disappear after seeing the disappeared crowd and Kitahama.

Akiha visits Umeda regarding the news about the postponed celebration, and explaining her purpose of visit to Osaka Gakuen again: To make a photo album for the students. She tells Umeda not to worry for she’s not interested in him, but she surprising kisses Umeda on the chek, to his disgust. Back in the classroom, several of Dorm 2 tenants are practicing their band performance on a guitar, while asking one another how long the celebration are going to be postponed. Kitahama enters the classroom, and upon seeing the guitar, he once again recalls the stabbing incident, and in a fit of rage, he snatches the guitar and throws it down the window, smashing it. He then shouts to the class that if they should be studying instead of wasting their time on useless things like these, and to listen to whatever he says.

At the school garden, Sano finds Nakatsu on his own, troubled. Sano tells him that he should share his troubles if he regards him as his friend. Nakatsu then tells Sano everything that happened during the meeting with Kitahama: Kitahama had asked Nakatsu to write a reflection letter, stating that he had cheated during the exam, but Nakatsu refused to do so. Kitahama then threatened Nakatsu that he would be suspended both from school and his soccer club, thus putting Nakatsu in a difficult position, as he would not be able to play in the District Preliminary matches. Ashiya, who is passing by, heard everything and goes up to the both of them, telling Nakatsu that she will talk to the Principal about the case, but Nakatsu tells ‘him’ it is okay, for he decides he will write the letter to just to be able to play in the soccer matches……

Inagaki Gorou(稲垣 吾郎) as Kitahama Noboru(北浜 昇)

All hyped up for the Osaka Gakuen Mid-Term Celebration LIVE!!!

Nakatsu takes another step towards getting closer to Ashiya

The trio study together for their exams…

…but Nakatsu surprises the others with his incredible ability to doze off while sitting

Kitahama catches Nakatsu cheating ‘red-handed’

An interrogation by Kitahama and Sawatari

Dorm 2 tenants show their support in their belief in Nakatsu’s innocence

A murder involved…?

Umeda sets his sights on the suave Kitahama

Dorm 1 decides on a performance involving baseball…

…while Dorm 2 decides on a children song and dance

Final decision of Dorm 2: A band performance

Sano sneak-attacks on Nakatsu, who is trying to kiss Ashiya

Another (useless) invention of Noe’s, under the request of Ashiya

A まつり/Matsuri performance by Dorm 1, all donning festival outifts

Dorm 2 matches their performance with their costumes

Akiha kisses Umeda!!!

Nakatsu finally shares his troubles with Sano and Ashiya

Snapshot of the episode!

The Sakura Committee/Kaoukai(花桜会), led by…天道 総司 (Tendou Souji)!?

Next week: Sano’s father makes his appearance! And Nakatsu confesses to Ashiya!?


8 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 09

  1. MavericK Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 029

    Extra episode? You mean the SP right?

    Dun think that it’s available anywhere on the net right now…not too sure whether it has already shown in Japan too. 😛

    Let me know too, ya? Haha… 😀

  2. tina Monday, June 9, 2008 at 1450

    umm, i finished watchin hana kimi but i cant seem to find the extra episode to this, ani one has the link to it?

  3. eryputih Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 347

    you can see the j-dorama at http://www.aznv.tv its realy hanazkari really…eps 11 uploaded

  4. Random J Friday, September 14, 2007 at 854

    YAY!!! An extra episode!!! 😀

    I’m watching number 9 now. I’m at the bit when Umeda gets nasty and grabs the new teacher’s arse. *LOL* It makes me laugh when you see the red electricity around his eyes. I couldn’t stop laughing when he tried to work the nasty on Mizuki’s brother.

  5. MavericK Monday, September 10, 2007 at 020

    Hey cyberr_lite, you’re right!!!

    Hana-Kimi indeed has 12 episodes now!!! Thanks for the info!

    And there’s no such thing called ‘intrusion’ here… 🙂

  6. cyberr_lite Sunday, September 9, 2007 at 2220

    sorry just a random coming through, happened on your blog (i googled lyrics for ikenai taiyou that brought me to your blog.. and this page from there) and i think hanazakari no kimitachi e has actually extended the series to 12eps? thats what i heard anyway. Hope its true! cant wait to see wats gona happen. (:
    anyway. sorry to intrude lol.

  7. MavericK Sunday, September 9, 2007 at 659

    Yo!! Yup…actually I didn’t even notice that it’s ending soon…next week in fact! Episode 10 has already been aired on Tues, and so the day after tmr will the final episode….!

    Wonder which ending will it take? The manga one, or the Taiwan one…definitely hope it’s the manga one!!!

  8. Random J Sunday, September 9, 2007 at 422

    *screams!!* Wow! I wonder how this is all gonna tie up! This drama has been awesome so far.

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