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Been watching 2 of the greatest Japanese dramas in the not-so-distant past, and they are:

HERO (木村 拓哉/Kimura Takuya、松 たか子/Matsu Takako)

Great Teacher Onizuka (反町 隆史/Sorimachi Takashi、松島 菜々子/Matsushima Nanako)

Seriously, I didn’t know that HERO had a viewership rating of 36.8%, the highest so far I have seen (I dunno if it’s the highest in Japan). Proposal Daisakusen’s highest is only at 20.9% (関西/Kansai region). Even GTO beats Pro-Dai, having 35.7% (I think, got to check Dramawiki).

I seriously wanna get the DVDs now. Any Singaporeans know where I can find them locally? Or those outside Singapore, any place selling? With proper subtitles of course. 😀

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