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Anime Slaughtered in Singapore – Aftermath

Taken from HardwareZone, with credits going to ravener. 

A picture really speaks a thousand words. Now with three, a saga is literally being spun. Perhaps SingTel was trying to do some good yesterday by creating a space for tired shoppers of COMEX, who had been squeezing with one another, to rest.
This is currently the best example of non anime related entities affected by the Odex massacre. But SingNet users beware: SingTel might suddenly come up with the decision to increase the price of your internet subscriptions.

Anyway, I have not been posting anything about Odex and related stuff, for I see no point in writing anything about it anymore: Anime is seriously over in Singapore (at least for me…though I haven’t been really watching for a rather long time).

Odex finally has their site up again, providing legitimate anime downloads at a price. And to no surprise, I saw tjhan’s name under ‘Members’. I, for one, had already decided to boycott Odex, and I will stick to this decision. However, I believe many of those who have mentioned about boycotting Odex too in HardwareZone and other forums will eventually go over to the other side. Well, no surprise again, Singaporeans what. ‘Commoners’ like us will succumb to the slightest of legal/government pressure exerted by the ‘Nobles’ up there.

And I’m really disappointed with The Straits Times. I thought it would take a neutral standing towards this matter, but all I read these days about Odex are of biased articles towards Odex, mentioning the ‘reasons’ of the execution of anime fans etc., but never about the truth about Odex, like the quality of their products and the actual facts about the executions, straight from the mouths of the ‘Commoners’, and etc.

And the two top ‘Odeku’s in Odex still insist that they are ‘otaku’s. Really works as a party joke.

And about the Video-On-Demand. If Odex was able to come up with it earlier, I’m pretty sure things will not get to be like what it is right now. But with them coming up with the VOD thing at this point of time really makes them suspicious of one thing: Odex is earning a profit from the fines they collected, thus the capital to start the VOD.

Well, this would be my last post on the Odex massacre. Nothing more can ever be said again if the government chooses to trample on the ‘Commoners’.

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