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どろろ (Dororo)


Managed to watch どろろ (Dororo)…quite a story (I’ve never watched the anime nor read the manga). A brief synopsis in my own words:

“In Japan, during the 戦国/Sengoku period, a samurai by the name of 醍醐景光/Kagemitsu Daigo was fighting a losing war, and he resorted to receiving power from 48 demons, becoming invincible in battle and to eventually conquer Japan, but at the price of sacrificing the body of his own son. And so his son was borned, without 48 diferent body parts, and thus was abandoned by Kagemitsu. However, a mystical physician by the name of 寿海/Jukai rescues the baby and raises him as his own, fitting the child with artificial body parts made from corpses and enchanted by magic.

Eventually, after years passed, 百鬼丸/Hyakkimaru, as the child was named by Jukai, is now an adult, and had witnessed the passing of his surrogate father. Literally armed with 2 swords, 1 enchanted with the power of Vengeance, which were only hidden by the artificial forearms, he set off on a journey to recover his 48 body parts by slaying the 48 different demons, as enlightened by the voice of a passing wind. Along the way, he found an unlikely comrade in a nameless female thief, whom he later christened ‘どろろ/Dororo’.”

This movie has quite a lot of special effects (duh, if not how to depict the demons?), and the plot do not just revolve around Hyakkimaru slaying demons and regaining his body parts, there’s something more going on halfway through the show. The performance of the lead actor, 妻夫木聡 (Tsumabuki Satoshi) and lead actress, 柴咲 コウ (Shibasaki Kou) was pretty good too, as you can sense the friendship between Hyakkimaru and Dororo slowly turning into something more, yet not too obvious. Only thing is, Tsumabuki-san’s face is kinda too boyish for the role of Hyakkimaru, and Shibasaki-san sometimes gets on people’s nerves, though the role of Dororo requires to be rowdy and feisty.

All in all, I give a score of: 4/5.

I like fantasy movies, best with a touch of gore. どろろ definitely comes under such genre. 😀
And I can’t wait to watch the sequel/s. Out next year and beyond though. 😦

2 responses to “どろろ (Dororo)

  1. MavericK Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 109

    Hi ennaoj!

    Facing the problem of having no subtitles? Yours is a soft copy of the movie? In your computer?
    I have the subs for it…you want? 🙂

    As for the end, yeah, kinda an anti-climax…but Dororo herself mentioned before that she will remain a ‘boy’ and not cry, like what her mother had told her, until she finds someone she loves. Or something like that, at least… 😛
    Well, at the end, think she places being the most notorious thief as a priority, before being together with Hyakkimaru.

    Or maybe she knows Hyakkimaru at that current state couldn’t satisfy her, due to some parts not his own!? Hehehe…(ero-jiji talk… 😛 )

  2. ennaoj Monday, December 3, 2007 at 1934

    i’ve already watched this movie.. i liked it…
    the only problem i had was that it had no subtitle.. so i couldn’t understand it well. i only know a few japanese words and phrases so it’s more of watching thru the actions..
    but moreover, it’s a nice movie. with or without subtitles it is good (for those who likes action/fantasy movies…)

    i could rate it as: 4.5/5

    :::::: just been disappointed at Dororo’s unfeminine naivety in the end… they were supposed to hug each other (darn it!!!!!!) but she ruined it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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