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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 05

Will You Let Me Fish You?

Hana, Owner, Naomi, and Momotaros are relaxing in DenLiner, with Naomi offering both Hana and Momotaros each a cup of ‘coffee’ made in the image of Momotaros, and Owner enjoying his weird game of a meal. Momotaros himself seems to enjoy it, while Hana looks at it with unease. After taking a mouthful though, Momotaros smells something, something like an Imagin. Hana reminds him that he IS an Imagin, and he shrugs it off. He asks about Ryoutarou, who is at a bookstore, currently on an errand for Airi. Momotaros insists that he smells an Imagin that is not him, and Owner tells them that it does not matter whether there’s one or more, as long as they have a ticket to board DenLiner. Meanwhile, while leaving the bookstore, Ryoutarou is followed by another Imagin ‘spectre’.

The scene switches to an elementary school soccer match. One of the players, by the name of Satou Daiki, is on the bench while watching the match. He excuses himself from the game after watching his team score a goal, despite his coach’s words to ask him to stay. Outside, Daiki tells himself that he can score a goal too and kicks a stone on the pavement, which hits the ever unlucky Ryoutarou, causing him to fall off his bicycle. Meanwhile, the ‘spectre’ floats into the path of an oncoming pickup and gets smashed into sand, thus surprising the driver and causing him to brake suddenly, resulting in the heavy loads on the pickup falling on both Daiki’s and Ryoutarou’s heads. The ‘spectre’, turning back into its original form, possesses Ryoutarou, which Momotaros immediately senses, to his disbelief. Paramedics arrive on scene to bring both of the casualties to hospital, however, when asked about his condition before being sent, Ryoutarou is seen to have blue eyes and sand seeping out of his sleeve.

At Milk Dipper, Airi receives a call telling her that Ryoutarou has been hospitalized, but she is unfazed by the news, as she tells Oozaki and Miura Issee(三浦 イッセー), a rival of Oozaki for the affections of Airi, that it happens 3 times a year ‘after all’. Both Oozaki and Miura competes against each other to rush to the hospital to visit Ryoutarou, both trying to get into Airi’s good books by sucking up to him. Ozaki tricks Miura into getting a gift for Ryoutarou, buying himself some time, and so he reaches the hospital first. Meanwhile, Daiki, now on a bed in the hospital, is visited by his mother. His mother tells him that he will soon be able to play soccer again after he recovers, but after she leaves the ward room, Daiki tells himself that he will still not be allowed to play in matches even if he recovers. A ‘spectre’ is then seen floating into the ward room when Daiki hides himself under the blanket.

Oozaki fakes having rushed to see Ryoutarou, but he sees him surrounded by nurses and female patients, one even feeding him. The Head Nurse soon arrives, trying to get the nurses back to work and the patients, back to their beds, but she herself is ‘strung along’ by the words of the possessed Ryoutarou, who even goes to the extent of lying about his only sister, Airi, passing away to earn the sympathy of the female fans. Oozaki, seeing all these, goes on to ask ‘Ryoutarou’ if he isn’t himeself, but he just warns Oozaki to be careful about his words, for ‘behind every word is a hundred hooks, a thousand fabrications, and 10,000 lies…’.

Back in DenLiner, a furious Momotaros informs Hana and Naomi that Ryoutarou has been possessed by another Imagin, which Hana comments that it almost never happens. She asks Momotaros about the whereabouts of Ryoutarou, but he is unable to know either, as Ryoutarou is possessed and he is unconscious himself. Hana comments again that how bad can a person’s luck be. At the hospital, a doctor finally chases away the nurses and patients from Ryoutarou. Oozaki, seeing his chance to talk to him, somehow thinks that is the true Ryoutarou, and using the reason of both of them being men, tells him to not tell on him to Airi about the incident where Oozaki was seen with another girl on the streets. The possessed Ryoutarou then uses his sweet words to trick Oozaki to give his wallet to him. Back to Daiki, he recalls on the time when he missed a penalty shot, supposedly causing the loss of his team, while sleeping. He wakes up to find sand under his blanket, and rolls out of bed when the sand takes the incomplete form of an Imagin, asking Daiki for his wish to be granted, but at a price.

Leaving the hospital, the possessed Ryoutarou is approached by Miura, who finally reaches the hospital with a basket of fruits. Miura hands Ryoutarou the get-well gift, but is snubbed by him. Soon, Momotaros manages to speak to the new Imagin in Ryoutarou’s body, telling him not to get cocky, and he regains possession of Ryoutarou’s body. The new Imagin lies to Momotaros that he didn’t know he was ‘occupied’, which Momotaros exclaimed that to be impossible. Back inside the ward room, Oozaki starts to worry if Ryoutarou had taken his wallet away, leaving him behind, when a sound of a passing train is heard and Hana emerges out from the cabinet, to Oozaki’s shock. Hana starts to roam around the hospital, searching for Ryoutarou.

In Daiki’s ward room, he hasn’t made his wish to the Imagin, who is still asking for one. Outside, a conflict starts between Momotaros and the new Imagin, fighting for possession of Ryoutarou’s body, with Miura watching, surprised. Eventually, Ryoutarou awakes and regains his consciousness, then collapsing from exhaustion resulting from the constant switches in possession of the 2 Imagins. at the same time, Hana finds Ryoutarou, who just realizes that Miura is with them. Before they can hear what Miura has to say, they see a dread figure leaving the hospital: the Crust Imagin. Miura then continues to ask if Ryoutarou has been possessed (by evil spirits) after Ryoutarou and Hana chase after the Crust Imagin, who seems to be tailing a group of school boys.

Back in DenLiner, Momotaros continues arguing with the new blue Imagin, who is given the name Urataros, as Naomi has pointed out that his image seems to be based on the legend of Urashima Tarou. Momotaros taunts him to fight, but Urataros does not seem to be interested to doing so. Ryoutarou and Hana takes a short rest when Ryoutarou seems unable to carry on, saying that his body feels heavy. After hearing from Hana that it’s due to the Imagins, he asks her what will happen when 2 Imagins possess one’s body at teh same time. Just then, they witness the Crust Imagin attacking a boy, and Ryoutarou quickly transforms into Den-O Sword Form, thus interrupting the argument between Momotaros and Urataros. While fighting, the Crust Imagin merely evades all of Den-O’s attacks, not wanting to fight him as he considers Momotaros as his comrade. However, the rash Momotaros continues to fight, and manages to bring the Crust Imagin down, who has tried to escape by flying. Just when Den-O is about to execute his Hissatsu Attack however, Momotaros loses control of the body due to the exhaustion of Ryoutarou. The Crust Imagin then escapes into the river.

Hana rushes to Ryoutarou, but he asks her to go take care of the attacked boy instead. Back from the battle, Momotaros returns to the DenLiner to resume the fight with Urataros. Momotaros deals the first hand, and soon the fight starts, rocking the entire dining car of DenLiner. Meanwhile, Ryoutarou and Hana waits for the time for DenLiner to arrive, with Ryoutarou hardly able to stay conscious.

The contractor in this episode: Saitou Daiki(斉藤 大輝)

Ryoutarou gets possessed by another Imagin

Hana emerges out of a cupboard right in front of Ozaki

Urataros(ウラタロス)taking over

The Crust Imagin

Urataros(ウラタロス), voiced by Yusa Kouji(遊佐 浩二), and played by Eitoku(永徳

Things do not start out well between Momotaros and Urataros


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