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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 08

“Kagurazaka is a nice guy, really.” And rather aloof too. 🙂

At the end of last episode, Ashiya was talked out of leaving Osaka Gakuen by Nakatsu and, surprisingly, Sano, who again used the ‘excuse’ of his jump at the training camp not being the ‘official’ one that he wants her to see. As for the Delayed Tanabata Festival, Nakatsu and Komari were the only couple who made it to the rooftops, but the Legend of the Delayed Tanabata turned out to be fake, for the guy from Osaka Gakuen 50 years ago died before he could fulfill his promise of meeting up with the girl at the rooftops, and the girl, unable to accept his death, haunted the rooftops on every 7th August after she died herself and turned into a ghost. The ghost possessed the waiting Nakatsu, and the possessed Nakatsu almost kissed Komari when Kayashima expelled the ghost from his body, bringing Nakatsu back to his senses. While leaving the school premises, Nakatsu confessed to Komari that his heart has belonged to someone else, and so the brief relationship was brought to an end.

The next morning, Ashiya mails a letter back to her father in America regarding her decision to stay in Japan for a while longer, even praying hard to the postbox. She greets Nakatsu, who is also on his way to classes. He tries to hint about the true meaning of his words the previous night (“I need you.”), but Ashiya, who does not get his hints, tells him that ‘he’ needs Nakatsu too (causing him to exaggerated reactions), but just like a best friend. Nakatsu comments to himself that Ashiya is a thickheaded person.

In the classroom, almost everyone still seems to be in a holiday mood, even though summer vacation is over. Sano is still as sulky as before. Soon, Ashiya and Nakatsu enter the classroom together, with Nakatsu’s arm around her shoulder, and the sight of this makes Sano even sulkier. Ashiya goes to greet Sano, but the moody Sano only tells her to not let anyone put their arms around her shoulder, and to keep an eye out to her surroundings. Ashiya, who does not know that Sano knows about her true identity, does not understand his intention and jokes about Sano having his period (which Sano gives a rather hilarious reaction). Back in their own seats upon the arrival of their form teacher, Ashiya looks at the back of Sano, and thinking back on the previous night, she thanks him quietly to herself.

Outside the classroom block/s, Akiha is making a public announcement on a pickup, with no audience around. Umeda shows up and stands on the middle of the road, trying to get Akiha to leave the school premises, but the driver chooses to run over Umeda instead. After punching the daylights out of the driver, Umeda (with tire marks on his face) asks Akiha for her purpose in Osaka Gakuen, since she has already achieved her goal of being recognised as a professional photographer with her photos of Sano. She informs him that she is working on an assignment for ‘An An’, a fashion magazine.

In the cafeteria, Akiha has called everyone down for a meeting regarding the photo shoot for ‘An An’, which everyone’s excited about. However, she furthers informs them that she will only choose the finest four, and they are Nanba, Nakatsu, Sano, and Ashiya. Sano initially declines to be in the photo shoot, but after hearing that Ashiya is in the shoot as well, he pulls her away, telling her that she might be asked to do ridiculous things, like even going nude. But after Ashiya refuses to listen to him, he reluctantly takes up the offer again (to protect Ashiya), shocking and disappointing everyone who wishes to take his place.

The next morning, the day of the photo shoot, Sano is already up and tries to wake Ashiya, who is still sleeping. He goes up to her side of the room to wake her when she ignores his shouts, but hesitates when he sees her belly exposed. He tries to wake her softly, but Nakatsu enters at the ‘crucial’ moment, and so Sano merely kicks up Ashiya’s blanket on the floor to cover her belly, and then slaps her on the forehead, waking her up with a start. In the cafeteria, Sawatari, back from his holiday in Hawaii, gives an grim announcement to the rest of the students about an emergency personal interview that will be held the following week, under the instructions of the Principal. However, he does not give details as to what the interview is about, and this worries everyone.

At the studio where the photo shoot is taking place, the four of them are amazed by almost everything there. Sano, who is there to protect Ashiya from anything that might jeopardize her identity, keeps preventing Nakatsu from getting too close to her, and keeps making decisions for her too, resulting in him and Nakatsu squabbling. They only stop after Nanba asks them to hurry up. During the shoot, Akiha uses her prowess to show a different side of Nanba, and to loosen up the tension of Ashiya by asking ‘him’ to think of the person ‘he’ likes. Ashiya looks at Sano, who is standing behind Nakatsu, causing Nakatsu to think that Ashiya is indeed interested in him. He begs Akiha to allow him to pose together with Ashiya for the following shots.

Back in Osaka Gakuen, Oscar and the Dorm 3 tenants are sneaking outside the Principal’s Office, where Sawatari is speaking to the Principal on the phone. They manage to hear about the personal interviews going well, and something about ‘only keeping the good quality ones, and disposing of the bad ones’, which after linking them together, Oscar and his gang decide that something bad is going to happen, and they run off. At the photo shoot, it’s Sano’s turn, and he gives a bored expression. Akiha spites him, and eventually he gives a glaring look to the camera, which is what Akiha wanted: a ‘cool’ look. Ashiya is mesmerized by the cool Sano, but Nakatsu is somewhat depressed over the way Ashiya is looking at Sano.

In the cafeteria, Oscar shares the information he has gotten with the rest of the students using sign language that only Kayashima can understand, who deciphers the signs for the rest. They come to the conclusion that the school is closing (yet again), and that the interviews will determine who are the outstanding ones to remain to be transferred to the Madagascar or London campus, whereas the rest, or the bad ones, will be expelled. While singing upon the mention of Ouyang Fei Fei (欧阳菲菲) from a chain of nonsensical gibberish, both Tennouji and Oscar decide to hold emergency meetings with their respective tenants, leaving the Dorm 2 tenants in the cafeteria, crying for Nanba, who is still at the photo shoot……

Praying that her father would accept her decision to stay longer in Osaka Gakuen

“I need you too, Nakatsu.”


Umeda in a poor impersonation of Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII

Sano tries to talk Ashiya out of the photo shoot

A first for the drama series so far: Sano volunteers

Truly a sight to behold

A grim announcement of the ‘fishy’ personal interviews that are to come

The studio where the photo shoot will be taking place

“Oh~ Juliet.”

“Oh~ Romeo. Why are you Romeo?”

The intervention of Sano

Parties in a love…triangle?

Amazed by the way Akiha is carrying out the photo shoot

The Dynamic Duo

Oscar in disguise…for no apparent reason

“Only keep the good quality ones, and dispose of the bad ones.”

Sano with a ‘cool’ shaggy look

“Love is over~…”

The cry for Nanba Minami-senpai!!!

Snapshot of the episode!

The Osaka Gakuen family

Next week: A new teacher arrives at Osaka Gakuen, played by Inagaki Gorou (稲垣 吾郎), and it seems he isn’t that well-liked among the students!

5 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 08

  1. MavericK Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 033

    Haha…well tina, I dun touch Korean dramas. 😀

    Well, my mum does, and I could see she enjoyed watching the drama while it was showing on local TV. 🙂
    So yeah, I watch bits and pieces when I’m out in the living room, but never really bothered to watch one in its entirety. 😛

  2. tina Monday, June 9, 2008 at 1514

    coffee prince, heards it pretti gud, have to watch that
    hana kimi was sooooo gud, esp coz it has an ending

  3. MavericK Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 1602

    Hi lea.

    I’m done too. 🙂
    A post on the final episode will be done (finally!!!) tonight…or technically speaking, tomorrow morning (into the wee hours…maybe?). Not that anyone’s looking forward to it… 😛
    And yup, it is very funny…especially when Nakatsu starts doing a mime when he starts thinking too hard.

    I didn’t watch Coffee Prince though…I dun watch Korean programmes at all, in fact. 😛

  4. lea Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 1142

    i’m already finished watched the all episode of hana kimi.. hana kimi was superduper funny like coffee prince….

  5. Random J Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 2135

    Episode 8…*sniff* It’s almost over! I haven’t watched 5 onwards yet (I’m trying to make it last), so I’ll do a marathon watching session of 6 onwards this evening. 😀

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