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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 07

At the end of the previous episode, the 2 dorm heads found the treasure hidden within Osaka Gakuen: 3 white uniforms and a scroll telling them to form the Sakura Committee again, and work together hand in hand for the future of the school. The dorm heads briefly agreed to this, but soon rivalry between the dorms started again when the dorm heads start to fight among themselves for the leadership post of the committee. Meanwhile, Sekime had returned to Osaka Gakuen, announcing Sano’s success in making the jump. Ashiya ran to the school gates and met Sano, and she asks him why he hadn’t inform her about him making the jump. Sano, in a rare moment of gentleness, told her that the jump he made didn’t count, for he wants Ashiya to see him jump on the official stage. Ashiya, elated to hear this, had her face wet with tears, and Sano made a stunning move: he hugged Ashiya, to both her and Nakatsu’s shock, who accidentally saw this scene. Ashiya finally realized her affections towards Sano.

In Room 205, Ashiya has just come out from a bath and is shocked to see Sano right outside. Sano starts to undress for his bath, and Ashiya, thinking back on the hug, starts to panic and asks him to give her 3 seconds so that she can move out of the way. Ashiya, having escaped to her side of the room, ponders for the reason why her heart is beating so fast. The next day, Sano makes his way from the dormitory to the training grounds in school, but is approached by Nakatsu, who has been standing in front of him (obviously ignored by Sano), who asks him about the hug between him and Ashiya. Sano hugs Nakatsu, telling him that it is a common gesture of friendship among men, and Nakatsu is ‘enlightened’, his mood taking a 180° turn.

In the cafeteria, Nanba hears about the 遅れてきた七夕伝説 (Okuretekita Tanabata Tensetsu), or the Legend of the Delayed Tanabata, a legend about a couple from Osaka Gakuen and St. Blossom 50 years ago, vowing to have an everlasting love by reaching the rooftops of the Osaka Gakuen on the 7th of August, exactly 1 month after the Tanabata Festival, thus the name of the Delayed Tanabata. Many Dorm 2 tenants then say they wanna do the same with their girlfriends, and Nanba is shocked to find the number of people who has a girlfriend. (He has been single apparently ever since Nakao’s sabotage)

Back in Room 205, Ashiya is heading outside when she sees Sano’s heap of clothes on his bed. She folds them properly, and while doing so, remember her words to Umeda, her brother Shizuki, and her father Takumi before, saying that she will stay in the school until Sano manages to jump again and that she would return to America after Sano has decided to jump. And according to those words, she realizes that she has no reason to stay in the school any longer.

Tennouji sneaks into the cafeteria, looking for Nanba. He asks him about whether the Legend of the Delayed Tanabata being true, and Nanba in turn asks Tennouji whether he is facing problems in his relationship with Kanna, and tells Tennouji that he can always look for him for advice. Tennouji says it’s absurd to ask for advice from someone with no girlfriend, and Nakao adds sarcastically that it has been 73 days which Nanba has been single. Tennouji walks away proud after mocking Nanba, who suddenly has an idea in his mind, while showing an evil grin. Ashiya enters the cafeteria and Nakatsu calls out to her, asking about Snao’s whereabouts. She tells him that he has gone for high-jump practice, and that he hasn’t been taking enough breaks and rest. Nakatsu goes on indirectly hinting that he wishes to move back to Room 205, but Ashiya asks what for, resulting in Nakatsu’s glum face. Sekime rushes into the cafeteria, shouting about Sano collapsing during training, to Ashiya’s dismay.

Sano is soon back in his dorm room resting, suffering from a high fever, with Umeda, Ashiya, and Nakatsu at his side. Ashiya expresses a great deal of concern over Sano, causing Nakatsu to be jealous, which Umeda is able to see on his face. Once outside, Nakatsu is approached by Umeda, who had been waiting outside, reminded by him that Ashiya is a ‘guy’. Umeda goes on to comment that he had thought Nakatsu is like him (a gay) and winks at him. Soon after, Nakatsu receives an e-mail from Komari, asking for a meeting the next day. At the meeting, Komari asks Nakatsu to go steady with her, and although shocked initially, after some serious thinking and self-acting, Nakatsu agrees.

Back in their dorm room, Ashiya is really glad initially when the other Dorm 2 tenants, led by Nanba, come expressing their concern with their own blankets, but starts to panic when more and more people starts to come in, ending finally before Kayashima, who becomes dejected at being stopped by Ashiya. Ashiya sees Sano moaning ‘It’s heavy…’ under the weight of all the blankets and rushes to remove them. Nakatsu returns to the dorm after his meeting with Komari, and meets Ashiya in the corridors outside her room. He informs ‘him’ about him agreeing to go steady with Komari, but is somehow depressed when Ashiya encourages him to do so.

In the cafeteria, Nanba and Oscar hold a meeting with the single tenants of the dormitories, discussing a devious plan of separating the couples in Osaka Gakuen and St. Blossom during the Delayed Tanabata Festival. The next day, Umeda and Ashiya are in the school garden, with him handing her some medication and telling her not to collapse from exhaustion too. To his shock, Umeda meets Io, his sister, in the garden. Ashiya greets her, and Io gives a present to her, saying that it must be difficult for her to get necessities for females. Ashiya, appreciative for both Umeda’s and Io’s help, finally runs back to the dormitories. Io asks Umeda about Ashiya’s situation, which he replies that nothing has changed except for Nakatsu, who has started to suspect himself to be gay, and Io goes on to point similarities between Umeda in the past, and Ashiya and Nakatsu. They head back to Umeda’s office, and he is furious to see Akiha, who is shocked to see Io herself. Io asks whether if they have got back together again, which Umeda denies strongly. Io then reveals that it was Umeda who decided to be gay halfway into his relationship with Akiha. Nanba pays a visit to Umeda, asking for the use of the school on the 7th of August, and is surprised to see his mother (only after Umeda has manually turned his head to face her), whom he greets as ‘baba’/old hag again.

Komari finally goes on her first date with Nakatsu as a couple, but they are tailed by the other members of the Hibari 4. Meanwhile, Kagurazaka is loitering at Osaka’s gates when Ashiya surprises him, asking for his business to be in Osaka Gakuen. He says he is there to visit Sano, to see if he is doing well, for it would be a problem for him if he is not able to beat Sano himself on the same stage. Ashiya, realizing that Kagurazaka has a good heart afterall, brings him into their dormitories. In the cafeteria, Nanba, Oscar, and their fellow comrades are using another of Noe’s inventions to detect which dorm tenant has a girlfriend; whoever has a girlfriend is not allowed in the grand plan during the Delayed Tanabata Festival , and is unable to have his meal in the cafeteria. Nakatsu returns from his date, and is detected to have a girlfriend. He becomes frustrated when Ashiya expresses delight in him having a girlfriend and stomps off, leaving a box of handmade cookies from Komari to the guys.

Ashiya, suddenly remembering about Sano, asks Nakao whether they had given Sano anything to eat, and panics when she hears that he has been fed sake eggnog. She rushes back to her dorm room, only to find Sano kissing Kagurazaka, who has gone into a trance, perhaps his first kiss. Ashiya pulls the blanket for Sano, but is pinned down by Sano subconsciously, trying to kiss her. She manages to stop him from doing so, but finds herself lying beside Sano on the bed, which she decides to stay so for a while. At nightfall, Nakatsu suddenly rushes into Room 205, but is devastated to find Ashiya, who has actually dozed off, and Sano lying on the bed together, and exits the room just as quickly. Sano wakes up soon after, and is surprised to see Ashiya lying next to him and on his arm, putting him in a tight spot. However, Ashiya soon rolls out of the bed muttering ‘Hamburger’, thus waking up, embarrassed to have been sleeping by Sano’s side, but the two of them laughs off the awkwardness between them at Ashiya’s dream of eating hamburgers.

The next day, a refreshed Ashiya is approached by 4 of Sano’s admirers, who have heard of Sano falling ill, and is requested to pass their gifts to him. That evening, Umeda meets Ashiya in the garden, handing her a photo of Sano high-jumping, taken by Akiha. She then tells Umeda about her meeting with Sano’s admirers, which she realizes herself that she had violated the ‘rules’ by staying at Sano’s side, while his admirers can watch and wait from afar, and goes on to tell Umeda that she has decided to return to America……

Distressed over going どきどき (heart beating fast) over Sano

A hug, a common gesture of friendship among men, as told by Sano

Nanba surprised over the fact that so many around him are attached

Ashiya realizing that she no longer has a purpose to remain in Osaka Gakuen

An evil plan comes to Nanba’s mind

A worried Ashiya expressing concern over an ill Sano

“I thought maybe you and I are similar.”

Nakatsu agrees to go out with Komari

A dejected Kayashima after being denied entry into Ashiya’s room

Sano, ‘crushed’ under the many layers of blankets others have brought for him

Nanba and Oscar garner many supporters for their devious plan

Nanba Io pays a visit to Umeda and Ashiya

Io reveals many secrets about Umeda and Akiha

Out on their first date as a couple…

…but being tailed by the Hibari 4 secret service


Kagurazaka kiss-assaulted by Sano

Ashiya lying next to Sano (sweet scene)

Approached by Sano’s admirers

Ashiya confides in Umeda about her decision to return to America

Snapshot of the episode!

Nakatsu snaps at Sano for letting Ashiya go

Next week: Nanba, Ashiya, Sano, and Nakatsu become the ‘Osaka Boys’, featured in a magazine, ‘an・an’!!!


3 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 07

  1. MavericK Monday, August 27, 2007 at 2341

    Yo! Nodame Cantabile!!! Nice!!!

    Actually I just started to watch it after seeing the screenshot at CrunchyRoll…then when I saw Chiaki got slapped with the paper fan, I was hooked. Haha…

    I’ve only watched the 1st episode of the anime version, and well, I say I prefer the live action one… Ueno Juri’s voice just kinda gets stuck in my head as Nodame’s, making the anime Nodame’s voice sound to me like very much like a child’s. 😛

    And I definitely prefer the Milch Holstein in the drama then the anime, although he looks nowhere like a German. Haha…

    And I’ll go check the song ‘Konna ni Chikaku de…’ out… 😀

  2. Random J Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 700

    Hey MavericK. I’ve just started watching Nodame Cantabile. I needed something new to watch (I have to have like 4 J-dramas on the go and in rotation :D). It’s cool so far. I haven’t even watched the whole of the 1st episode, but I like it already.

    I heard alot of cool things about and saw you had the DVD boxset of it – so I decided to give it a try.

    It’s a shame Crystal Kay’s “Konna ni chikaku de…” wasn’t used as the main theme for the live action version too. I love that song so damn much!! 😀

  3. Random J Monday, August 20, 2007 at 2031

    This was a cool episode. It felt different to the others though. But most J-dramas tend to be like this. They’re really big and outlandish for the first 5 or so episides and then they start to get a bit more dark, a bit more serious and really push on with the story.

    It was cool to see Io, Umeda and Nanba all together in a scene though – given the revelation that they’re all related. *lol*

    I also think it’s really cool how nobody see’s it as a big deal that Nakatsu and Ashiya are gay. (Even though we know they actually aren’t, given Ashiya’s a girl).

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