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The Slaughtering of Anime in Singapore V – The Uproar (The Blurring Line)

Singapore is in a very sorry state right now.

At first we have the anime community ‘fighting’ (to no avail though) against Odex, who’s actions, at that point of time, seemed justified enough (fansubs technically are illegal).

But as the discussions on blogs and forums get heated up, so do the emotions of the people. Perhaps enraged over the fact that nothing is done, and can be done, some people start turning against one another. Even non-anime fans too, taking this chance to insult fans, deeming their interest and acts online as childish behaviour.
At this point, I would like to point out that we, the ‘commoners’, can only sound out out grievances through such medium such as blogs, forums etc. as there just isn’t any other ways for us to express our views ‘in a grown-up manner’, in accordance to what these arrogant people want. And as expected, such acts can merely be a way of venting our frustrations, as in contrast to what’s in our pledge, the anime community isn’t treated equally, compared to communities of groups, interests…whatsoever, for our government just couldn’t care less. As long as no money will be gained, they’ll just let you die alone.

But things MAY be turning for the better. The Netizens of Hardware Zone have started to do some detective work of their own, after a disturbing remark was found made in a certain forum, apparently by one of the top honchos of Odex: Stephen Sing, under the alias xysing (check the links out, at the bottom of the post). And in the course of their work, they have mangaed to dish out much dirt on the, from the looks of it, tyrannical organisation. I wun be writing about the dirt uncovered, for there are just too much to list out, but a very, very kind soul has summarized everything about Odex, on how the public views the actions of Odex, how Odex catches the ‘offenders’ etc., on the ever friendly Wikipedia.

However, I shall write how I see the situation at this point of time, and after doing much reading…

  • Odex is using very underhand methods in starting off their ‘mission’ to eradicate fansubs downloading
  • Odex lies about approaching the anime community for positive feedback, for in the New Paper article, it is written that Odex had said no one is buying their products even though the prices were slashed like crazy. Firstly, I believe less than 10% of the anime community in Singapore bloody knows the slashing of prices, for there practically isn’t any publicity/news about it. Secondly, many anime fans, be it locally or not, have said they are willing to pay the money, as long as the quality is there. However, Odex doesn’t believe in that apparently, choosing to drop the prices instead of churning out quality goods that everyone would have no qualms about getting them. Also, Odex decides to play the blame game about the bad quality of their products, blaming the companies in charge of subs for not QCing their works etc…
  • Netizens of Hardware Zone have uncovered information of ex-Odex employees being fansubs downloaders themselves, yet believed to be let off the hook, due to their ties with the executives of Odex. A company setting double standards can’t be anything decent, ya?
  • The ambiguity of the letter issued to the ‘offenders’ they caught actually allow Odex to re-fine or punish them again, as pointed out by a certain someone in a forum (sorry, can’t remember who). This I’m not too sure, for I dun study law, but then, since it has been pointed out, the gist can’t be far from it, ya?

Anyway, there is just so ‘much’ that we ‘commoners’ can do…and I believe without assistance from the government (or any more capable organisation)…Odex will eventually still gain the upper hand.
Well, that’s what to be expected from a money-grubbing government, ya?

And as mentioned, the links…:


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