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My Room…Part II

Previously, I mentioned there may be a second part for my room…well, here it is!!!

Less words this time…and this time, with regards to the anti-ODEX hype…just look at the pictures and you may get it…

My bloody mess of a room. And yes, I dun have a bed, just a super thick futon (yeah right, it IS a mattress!).


My computer table top. And yeah I know, the power points can be considered a fire hazard, can it?

And 2 new additions to my toy shelf!

My 2008/09 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee, from the Transformers live-action movie…did some additional painting to it to the weapon and the red spot on his head, which is supposed to be the Autobot insignia, but is actually just a square with grooves made…cause I dun have the ability to draw micro-size…and Robot Masters Beast Convoy, one of my favorite Convoys/Primes.

Now, my collection of Japanese drama DVDs…titles made known to me through fansubs…

My collection of Japanese drama DVDs…think they are imported from Taiwan…sad to say, Poh Kim is the only video outlet selling Japanese dramas, and this is the only version available locally with subs (Chinese, English, Malay etc.). So now, Poh Kim is definitely my favorite video outlet, unlike the rest who are only interested in current trends: dumb Korean dramas. 😀

My first Japanese drama DVD: ギャルさー/Gyarusa, or Gal Circle…know about this title through a friend, who introduced me to CrunchyRoll. 🙂

My second one, and a must-have indeed: 1リットルの涙/Ichi Rittoru no Namida, or 1 Litre of Tears…also know about this title through another, and on cable TV…the first drama that got me crying… 😛

Next, the drama that got me hooked on 山下 智久/Yamashita Tomohisa and 掘北 真希/Horikita Maki: クロサギ/Kurosagi, or The Cheater (?!?!) as written on the box…I know, the English title sounds like crap, but hey, they’re from Taiwan, so can’t ask for too much, ya? This title, I got to know through fansubs.

Got this drama because of 沢尻 エリカ/Sawajiri Erika-san: タイヨウのうた/Taiyou no Uta, or Song of the Sun (literal meaning, not like the one for the movie, ‘Midnight Sun’). This I got to know through fansubs too.

One of the best school dramas out there, with another one of the best onscreen pairing of Yamashita-san and Horikita-san…featuring another great actor, 亀梨 和也/Kamenashi Kazuya (not interested in him though): 野ブタ。をプロデュース/Nobuta o Produce, or The Makeover (another lame, but relevant title). And again, known to me through fansubs.

This is the best comedy drama I’ve watched so far…and also got me a bit interested in classical music: のだめカンタービレ/Nodame Cantabile, or Concerto Love (as written on the box). Got interested in this title on CrunchyRoll, and after watching the first, hooked I was…and now 玉木 宏/Tamaki Hiroshi and 上野 樹里/Ueno Juri are in my list of favorite actors/actresses. 🙂

Another of the best school dramas ever: ドラゴン桜/Dragon Zakura. Noticed this title again because of Yamashita-san first, then realise 阿部寛/Abe Hiroshi and 長澤まさみ/Nagasawa Masami are in it too, and eventually decided it’s worth keeping the DVD after watching through fansubs.

Next, movie DVDs!!!

Clockwise from top left: SHINOBI: Heart Under Blade; タイヨウのうた/Taiyou no Uta; 涙そうそう/Nada Sou Sou; デスノート/Death Note; ウォーターズ/Waters (Gigolo Wannabe); 着信アリ:Final/One Missed Call: Final
I dun understand why they decided to name <Waters> ‘Gigolo Wannabe’…

This is what many people online have been talking about: freebie/s with every purchase. In the case of these Transformers: Cybertron VCDs (~$36 for the entire 52 episodes), a poster of either OPtimus Prime or Vector Prime was given for free (I thought it was Megatron on the other poster, and so I got the Optimus Prime one).

And I wasn’t joking when I mentioned in a previous post that I bought Boxes 2-5 of BLEACH in one go, for they were selling at 4 boxes for $29.90. Sadly, I bought the first box for the same price…together with…

…the 5 ODEX VCDs which I have said to own (and I do! As you can see…). Lower tier: Azumanga Daioh; Middle tier: Mai HiME; Top: Petite Princess Yucie (Box 1 only). Now, tell me what you guys think about the packaging…ya?

The contents of an ODEX VCD box set: A CD album with the VCDs, with a case to slot into, and then the outer packaging with horrid design. Nothing else. And to think they sold one box for S$29.90 before.

And to those who have never seen the ODEX logo, here it is. Now you can be sure not to accidentally take the wrong ones (if you’re buying VCDs anyway).

Anyway, I’m still waiting to get my hands on 花より男子/Hana Yori Dango DVD (as highly recommended by Random J), and for プロポーズ大作戦/Proposal Daisakusen DVD to be released…and 花ざかりの君たちへ/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e DVD too…though it won’t be that fast…



10 responses to “My Room…Part II

  1. MavericK Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 2252

    Hi song!

    Of course, I know there are good Korean dramas out there…but them to me are like durians to some people, ya? 😛

    Full House is indeed funny, watched parts here and there myself…couldn’t help but smile…but Rain just makes me wanna punch him when he starts insulting the female lead (dunno what’s her name). 😀

  2. song Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 1641

    i think there are good korean series.. i liked stairway to heaven.. full house… love letter…

  3. MavericK Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 052

    Yup, dun really have a liking towards Korea or their stuff…dun ask me why, have no idea myself either…it’s kinda some people like durians, some people dun, ya?

    But did watched parts of ‘Full House’…rather funny, but simply can’t stand Rain always insulting the female lead…

    Btw, I’m watching ‘Stand Up!!’ now!!! 😀

  4. Random J Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 004

    *LOL @ “Dumb Korean dramas”* I confess to having watched and liked “Full House” and “Let’s go to school Sang Doo!” though. Korean drama tend to be WAY too long though. 20 odd episodes!?

  5. MavericK Monday, August 13, 2007 at 1239

    Icic…I understand…Japanese dramas no longer really air on TV in Singapore too, the only one they’re showing now is ‘Shiroi Kyoto/The Great White Tower’, which is from 4 years ago…and on cable TV, not so sure, but heard from my friend that they re-airing ‘1 Litre of Tears’…

    Right now, the only dramas you get on TV now (in Singapore) are dumb Korean dramas (which are like ‘watched one, watched all’) and Taiwanese dramas…literally known as ‘idol drama’, for they seem to have nothing strong except for their cast, which is full of star idols…haha…

  6. Random J Monday, August 13, 2007 at 839

    I tend to download these shows. (Japanese dramas tend not to air on TV in the UK. :P). But I have no problems with supporting and spending money on a product I know I want and will enjoy. I’d definitely buy some J-drama boxsets if they were easy for me to get a hold and if I knew that the subs were well done. I remember watching a rip of “Stand up!” (one of my absolute FAVE J dramas) and the english subtitles were horrendous. The last episode was near impossible to make sense of. It was like the subbers just gave up and put anything.

  7. MavericK Monday, August 13, 2007 at 704

    And my room looks…cool? Is that really the word for it? Haha… 😛
    I dun even have a bed, ya? 😛

    And yeah, my bad…but I can only wait for the day the power points explode in my face, for my room has only 3 main power sockets, 1 a few meters from the other 2, and my computer table is another few meters away from the 2 sockets…and having 4 power plugs for just the computer, that’s the only solution me and my dad could think of…for the moment… 😀

  8. MavericK Monday, August 13, 2007 at 658

    Yo! There are English subtitles for the dramas…the strange thing is that the English subs are almost exactly the same as fansubs. 🙂 So I guess the company releasing these DVDs copied the English fansubs. And for those DVDs that have original English subbing, you will find that the English is atrocious. They are, afterall, from Taiwan…which isn’t an English speaking country. 🙂

    I actually watch them with (traditional) Chinese subtitles, to prevent myself from laughing too hard from the English subtitles. 😛

    Funny, if you have read about the anime-clampdown in my country…the company implementing the clampdown is saying that fansubs are ruining their business…
    True, many of my fellow citizens (and my friends; not really sure about the situations in other countries) keep downloading and never really buy anything, but guess the company also chose to ignore the fact that fansubs can also be used as a ‘promotional gimmick’…*sigh*

  9. Random J Monday, August 13, 2007 at 445

    Oh yeah! And your room looks cool! Though those plugs on your desk are a definite electrical hazard.

  10. Random J Monday, August 13, 2007 at 407

    “Nobuta” was one of the first J dramas I watched and I loved it. That “Song of the sun” didn’t grab me though. I watched one episode and it bored the hell out of me. It had that guy with the mono brow who was in “Lunch queen”, so I thought “Let’s see him in a lead role” – but I disliked the first episode so much I didn’t bother with the rest.

    I usually go for dramas which feature actors / actresses who’ve acted in a show I’ve liked. Dased on what I just said about Nobuta, you’d probably guessed I went straight for “Kurosagi”! 😛 That was a cool drama.

    Those boxset DVD’s look really cool. Are any of ’em subtitled in English?

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