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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 06

Ashiya and Sano come to realize about their true feelings.

Team Toukyou suffered a defeat at the hands of Team Osaka in the end of last episode, and as promised they left and went home naked. Ashiya, who left before the final challenge, went to the training camp after hearing that Sano had tried to contact her the previous night. Sano, despite training so hard, wasn’t able to make the jump (just by a narrow miss), and as expected his teammates chose to abandon him, but they relented, giving Sano one more chance after seeing him on his knees, bowing to them. After his teammates left, Sano noticed Ashiya watching him from afar, but both of them remained expressionless.

The students of Osaka, who have been working at Home of the Sea, finally return to Osaka Gakuen on Kayashima’s wonder lorry (which somehow is able to fit everyone in), and the pipe works over Dorm 1 are completed. Ashiya and Nakatsu return to their dorm room, where Nakatsu asks her why she went back to the beach and return to school with them, when she was supposed to be at the training camp. He does not press her for an answer when she is left speechless. Nakatsu prepares his stuff to move back to his own room, since there is no reason for Dorm 1 tenants to stay in Dorm 2, but Ashiya surprisingly asks him to stay for a while longer, to Nakatsu’s extreme excitement.

Meanwhile, Sano and Sekime are still at the training camp. They, together with Akiha, are the only ones left on the training ground, with Sano consistently practicing his jumping, despite Sekime’s request to go back and rest. Kagurazaka, back from his defeat at the beach, pays them a visit and seemingly mocks Sano about his jumping, then leaves soon after. Both Sekime and Akiha express their discontentment and disgust towards him, but Sano realizes that Kagurazaka has in fact hinted on how he can improve his jumping in his words.

Back at the dormitories, Nakatsu and a troubled Ashiya are alone in the room. Nakatsu starts to ask Ashiya a series of questions, which she answers all subconsciously while seemingly in a trance, and somehow Nakatsu gets to to a conclusion that ‘he’ is in love with him. Ashiya suddenly mentions about Sano, and the two of them become silent (Nakatsu because of his weird thoughts, Ashiya because her troubles). She recalls about Sano noticing her back at the training camp, and just when she seems to be in conflict with herself, she rushes out of the room and the dormitories, using having to use the toilet as an excuse. While outside, she shouts ‘No way!’, apparently unsure of her feelings towards Sano. Nakatsu, now alone in the room, decides on his own that Ashiya indeed likes him, and although he deems it as impossible, he lets his mind wander, thinking about the future of him and Ashiya together. Snapping back to reality, he receives an e-mail from Komari, asking him out for a date the next day. Just then, Sano returns, and while unpacking, asks about Ashiya’s whereabouts.

Ashiya is now in the infirmary, all alone. After looking out the window at the moon, she lies down on the bed and falls asleep. She wakes up with a startle the next morning, for Umeda is now sitting on top of her, telling her that his infirmary is not a budget hotel, a 24-hour manga and internet cafe, and especially not a ‘Sano Izumi-strategy’ headquarters. Ashiya looks up at him, dumbfounded. Back at Room 205, Nakatsu comments that Ashiya had been out the whole night, and goes on to ask Sano if anything happened back in the training camp. Sano replies ‘No’, and Nakatsu tells him that it is strange, for Ashiya was very happy when ‘he’ heard Sano had decided to go for the training camp. Sano remains indifferent.

Having poured of her troubles to Umeda, she is handed a cup of tea/coffee by him, and she goes on to say that it is her fault that Sano had to face such humiliation of having to kneel down before his peers. Umeda then asks her if she really thinks so, and enlightens her that Sano was willing to kneel down because he really wants to jump badly, leaving Ashiya pondering about it. Shifting to Sano, he is seen making his way to the school training grounds.

In the cafeteria, Nanba mentions to the rest of Dorm 2 tenants about the Sakura Committee/Kaoukai(花桜会), a committee set up by the former dorm heads together to oppose the school and parents, similar to a student council. However, the audience simply laughs at the idea of Tennouji, Oscar, and Nanba working together, even Nanba says it would be like a ‘fairy tale’. At the instant, Tennouji, Oscar, and their respective dorm tenants arrive, fighting with one another. Nanba tries to stop them from engaging in ‘idiotic’ disputes, but ends up joining the argument, together with the tenants from Dorm 2. In the midst of their argument, an arrow zooms across the cafeteria and hits a pillar, merely missing Oscar’s head by an inch (figuratively). With the other 2 dorm heads freaking out together, Nanba regains his composure and opens up the item tied onto the arrow: another edition of Osaka Sports. The headlines tells them to find the treasure of Osaka Gakuen, lying deep within the school, and Sawatari continues to say his favorite quote ‘This was said by the Principal herself.’ by appearing on the papers instead of appearing before the crowd, for he is at Hawaii at the moment. Remembering the headlines, the crowd suddenly go hysterical over the news of hidden treasures within the school, and Nanba declares an unofficial contest between the dorms to find the hidden treasure.

At the school entrance, Ashiya is taking a stroll, still burdened by her troubles, when a taxi stops in front of her. To her shock, she sees her mother, Ashiya Eiko, alighting from it and rushing forward, hugging her. To add on to her shock, she sees her father, Ashiya Takumi, who had strongly opposed to Ashiya’s decision to transfer to a high school in Japan, alighting next. Ashiya goes on to have a chat over tea/coffee at a cafe with her parents, whom she has not met for some time. Eiko (I shall use their names instead, it’s just too tedious to write ‘Ashiya’s mom/dad’) tells her that they are in Japan for their honeymoon, and also partly because Takumi had expressed his worry over Ashiya’s well-being back in US. She also tells Ashiya that they have booked a family suite for that night, and asks her to stay with them. Ashiya, seeing it as a chance to temporarily relief herself from her burdens by not returning to the dorms, agrees. While the Ashiya family leaves the cafe, Ashiya notices Nakatsu, who is out on a date with Komari, but looks rather bored. Nakatsu soon sees Ashiya too, and Eiko, thinking that he is Ashiya’s boyfriend, tries to greet him, while Takumi tries to take a look at him, but Ashiya manages to push them out of the cafe before Nakatsu comes and pull her up at the collar, telling ‘him’ that he had been worried over ‘his’ disappearance the whole night. Ashiya notices Komari too, who tells her that they are on a date. Nakatsu tells Komari to keep quiet, and continues trying to convince Ashiya that there is nothing between him and Komari, causing the latter to have mixed feelings. Ashiya then asks him to tell Nanba that she will be staying with her parents that night and will not be back in the dorm. Before she leaves, Ashiya gives a confirmation of Nakatsu being a ‘super nice guy’ to Komari, bringing a smile to the latter’s face.

Back in Osaka Gakuen, the dorms are in the midst of their respective hunt for the treasure. Dorm 1 tenants are using dousing rods (but apparently does not work well with their simple brains), while Dorm 2 tenants are using metal detectors (which they do not realize that not all treasures are made of metal). They see Nakatsu returning and asks him to help, but he, clearly in a foul mood, refuses. Nanba then complains that the detectors are not working, which Nakatsu pulls Kayashima to him, telling Nanba to use him as a detector instead. Dorm 3 tenants perform some kind of ritual, with Oscar on top of the ‘altar’, trying to get some kind of enlightenment from the heavens. Sure enough, Oscar gets struck by lightning and starts scribbling with his brush on paper while in the state of shock/trance. He somehow sees ‘Limbo’ from his scribbling, deciding that limbo dance is the hint. Back in Room 205, Nakatsu finds Sano in the room changing his shirt. He tells Sano that Ashiya’s parents have visited and are in town, and when Sano expresses indifference again, he is sure that something had happened in the training camp. Sano then spills the beans to Nakatsu, telling him that he had disappointed Ashiya by not making the jump when she came to see him. Nakatsu tells Sano that there must be another reason for Ashiya to avoid him, and Sano comments that even if that is the case, all he can do is jump.

Outside, Ashiya is shopping for clothes with her mother, while her father waits outside the boutique. While trying out the dresses, Eiko talks to Ashiya about affairs of the heart, telling her that she knows Ashiya has someone she likes, but Ashiya keeps denying. She receives a call from Nakatsu, asking her if she is available for the moment. Eiko tells her to go ahead, but to remember to be back before dinner. The students of Osaka Gakuen, still carrying on with their hunt for treasure, all end up back in the cafeteria, and eventually Kayashima finds the ‘treasure’, a pink envelope. Nakao snatches it and take out the contents of the envelope, which are 3 pieces of papers, while the rest of Dorm 2 shield him from the tenants of the other 2 dorms. However, Nakao reads the words out loud on the pieces, and eventually with the 1st and 2nd hints, Dorm 1 and 2 set out to the respective places as indicated by the hints.

Ashiya arrives at the venue Nakatsu had asked to meet, but finds Sano instead, who seems to be also waiting. After a moment of uneasy silence, they greet each other awkwardly. At the same time, Nakatsu is watching them from afar with binoculars, telling himself that he is such a nice guy, he even surprises himself. Back to Sano and Ashiya, Sano asks why she left without a word back at the training camp, and eventually he starts to snub her again unknowingly. However this time, seeing Ashiya depressed over his words, Sano tries to rephrase his words, but Ashiya suddenly snaps at him, and as a result they get into a squabble, with Ashiya calling Sano ‘Kitarou’ because of his hair and him calling her ‘Medama no Oyaji’ because of her nosiness, leaving Nakatsu stunned at how things have turn out. Sano leaves shortly, ignoring Ashiya’s calls of ‘Kitarou’ to him, but when he is sure that she cannot see him, he starts to regret his words to her……

“Can you stay here…for a little longer?”

Ashiya with a lot on her mind

Too close, Nakatsu!!!

‘Running away’ from her feelings

An effective wake-up call

Dorm 2 laughing at the idea of the dorm heads working together

The expressions of the dorm heads at the timely arrival of the arrow

Sawatari is out on holiday at Hawaii, but still gets his job done

Going hysterical at the idea of a treasure hunt

Yamazaki Hajime(山崎 一) as Ashiya Takumi(芦屋 拓見)

Tsutsui Mariko(筒井 真理子) as Ashiya Eiko(芦屋 英子)

Komari and Nakatsu out on a date!

Tennouji and his trusty dousing rods

Oscar after receiving ‘help’ from the gods

Nakatsu is clearly pissed off

Ashiya, getting shy over affairs of the heart

An awkward meeting between Ashiya and Sano

The mastermind behind the scheme

Regretting his harsh words to Ashiya

Snapshot of the episode!

Ashiya, in the arms of Sano?!

Next week: Nakatsu declares war against Sano for Ashiya’s affections? Ashiya leaves Osaka Gakuen, returning back to America?!


5 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 06

  1. tsmhdwvpbdh Monday, May 19, 2008 at 033

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  2. MavericK Monday, August 13, 2007 at 1214

    Yeah…for me, I start counting down to the final episode from episode 6~7 onwards… 😛

    I didn’t read the manga of Hana-Kimi, but learnt the ending of it from Wikipedia…and the ending of the Taiwanese version, compared to the ending of the manga, is pure unsatisfying…

    I didn’t watch ‘Hanayome to Papa’ too…though seems rather popular, from all the comments and reviews I read about it on the net…but now think I’ll think twice before getting it (through fansubs or DVD), now that you said it turning into crap…haha… 😀

    There’s one title I’m very interested though, and that’s ‘Joudan Janai!’…all because of Ueno Juri… 🙂 And partly because of Oda Yuji, having seen his performance in the ‘Bayside Shakedown’ series.

  3. Random J Monday, August 13, 2007 at 843

    The thing about J dramas is that when they hit episode 8, the realization hits that it’s all about to end soon. :(. I’ve never read the manga or seen the other version of “Hanazakari” you mentioned watching before, so I’ve no idea how it’ll all end. But I hope it stays strong until the finale. Some J-dramas tend to turn crap towards the end. “Hanayome to Papa” ended up turning crap from episode 8 onwards and now I couldn’t care less about it.

  4. MavericK Monday, August 13, 2007 at 651

    Hey…thanks dude! Haha…my posts about these episodes can only help (if any help at all) those who watched them without subs untill half an episode…because I try not to spoil the ending… 😛

    But if you want the gist of the entire episodes, you can check out Ex-Fansubber’s blog, at http://www.minaidehazukashii.com/hinano/ 🙂

  5. Random J Monday, August 13, 2007 at 412

    I watched this episode without the subs, so I’m not to clued up on what was said, aside from the obvious words. *lol* But I know I love this show to pieces and I owe it to you and your cool blog! This show rocks.

    The ending had me like “Woah!!!” Ashiya doesn’t know that Sano knows she’s a girl. And Nakatsu obviously doesn’t know that Ashiya’s a girl and has no idea that Sano knows Ashiya is a girl. So he probably thinks Sano is a “Homo” like he is.

    I can’t WAIT to see how Nakatsu reacts when he finds out Ashiya is a girl. “HOMO JA NAI!!!!!!!” *LOL*

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