Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

A Wonderful Holiday


Spending a public holiday in (military) camp is so much of a great way to celebrate or enjoy…but not that I mind though. for I will be stoning at home anyway. (I dun really like the idea of going out with crowds of people, especially when there are giggling (irritating) schoolgirls and dumb schoolboys who are apparently dumbstruck by the former’s giggles, always following their skirts)

But to make things worse, I have to content with two guys (I shall not state their race here, for somehow people will choose to say I’m racist or something, but I’ll just say they are a music-loving bunch…which I have no problems about) singing loud in the lobby, and trying to hook girls online (this is the thing I dun get it, and cannot accept…but hey, can’t do anything to them, can I?). Can even hear them teaching each other how to do so, and while in their conversations, talking about girls like they are toys or something.

Somehow, I suddenly kinda feel ashamed to be a guy. Well, only when such guys are around. *sigh*


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