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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 05

The episode where we get to see the other side of Nanba, Nakao, Sano, and even Kagurazaka.

At the end of the last episode, 2 couples were born: Tennouji and Kanna, and Sekime and Erika. Komari was the top favorite among the other guys, instead of Hibari, but Komari chose Nakatsu instead. Also, Nakatsu and Ashiya discovered Sano’s reason for going out every night: He had been training hard on his own to return to high-jumping!

Ashiya, having being kidnapped while she was sleeping, wakes up in a lorry full of singing people in helmets: Nanba, Nakao, Nakatsu, Kayashima and his father. Behind the lorry is a huge illuminated billboard with イケメン♂パラダイス written on it. They stop before a shack at a beach, and fireworks are displayed in the night sky, to the surprise of Ashiya. The guys get the billboard down and Kayashima’s father drives off (Kayashima communicates with his father through their auras, apparently), while Ashiya is dumbfounded, still watching the fireworks display. Suddenly, she lets out a cheer of delight, and the five of them starts cheering together, declaring to enjoy themselves all night. From the shack, a lady steps out, telling them that it is impossible, for the shack, called ‘海の家/Home of the Sea’, is only re-opening the next day, as written on the billboard. Nanba tries to express his disagreement by calling the lady ‘old hag’, but is punched by the lady instead, lecturing him that that is not the way to address his own mother. She goes on to introduce herself as Nanba Io (Moriguchi Youko), Nanba Minami’s mother, to the shock of the rest, and tells them that they have to work hard.

Akiha sneaks up on Umeda in the school carpark, which he reacts strongly to, questioning her if she wants him to ‘be the first person to die from spasms’. They continue on their bickering, then Akiha asks him where he is heading to, which is the Track and Field training camp, as he replies. Akiha, tries to get on Umeda’s car, but is of course shoved off by him. He asks her the reason for her interest in Sano, and while she answers that Sano was her best source material back when he was still high-jumping and that she wants to ‘go back to the frontline’ of work again, Umeda drives off, leaving Akiha behind.

Back at the beach, the gang has started work, with Ashiya, Nakatsu and Kayashima setting up the billboard. Nakatsu asks where Nanba is, whom Kayashima detects through his aura that he is flirting with the bikini-clad girls at the beach. Nakatsu stops in his work in disapproval, saying Nanba should be working with them, but starts again when he sees Io coming out from the shack, telling them not to slack off. She then sends Nakao (who calls Io ‘Mother’) and Ashiya to look for Nanba.

In the training camp, Sano, Sekime, and the rest of the Track and Field team are training hard. On their way to the training room from the track field, Sekime comments on Sano removing his earring, and tells him that Nanba and the rest are at the ‘Home of the Sea’. He receives a picture message showing the group hard at work and notices Ashiya, which leaves Sano wondering on whether everything will be fine for her. At the beach, Nanba is indeed flirting with a large group of girls, and then he goes to the aid of another girl setting up a spot on the beach. He recognizes the girl, addressing her as Kanako, which the girl calls out his name too. Ashiya and Nakao see this scene of a dumbfounded Nanba staring at the girl. In the evening, back at the shack, Nanba seems out of sorts. Ashiya approaches him about the scene earlier, and the gang learns that Kanako was a girlfriend of Nanba, and that he used to love her with all his heart. A jealous Nakao is very disappointed to hear these. Meanwhile, Nakatsu receives a text message from Komari (they had exchanged e-mail addresses in the previous episode) cheering him on, and Kayashima, behind him, comments that things are getting complicated, and then gives an example from the famous あいのり(Ainori) programme (I haven’t seen any of it though… :P). A chart (which I think is) similar to that from Ainori then explains the complicated love-polygon that is happening currently in the drama (turning it into some kind of reality TV show).

After the chart, the scene suddenly shifts to the bathroom, where Nakatsu and Kayashima are having a dip. Nakatsu asks Kayashima why an arrow is shown pointing from him to Ashiya, and then their classmates just suddenly appear in the bath again, giving their own views on the love-polygon. They all squeeze together on Nakatsu’s and Kayashima’s side of the bath, and declaring to help them in their work at the shack. Ashiya, supposedly at the female bath, is taking a bath alone, while wondering what Sano is doing at the same time. Done with her bath, she opens the door exit, but is shocked to find Io right outside. To make matters worse, she drops her towel, leaving Io even more confused.

The girls share a bath (I dunno why Ashiya is taking a bath again), with Io talking about Ashiya cross-dressing and enrolling into Osaka Gakuen. Ashiya asks her how she knows about everything, and Io explains the relationship of her, Nanba, and Umeda: Umeda is Io’s younger brother, which makes Umeda to be Nanba’s uncle, and Nanba, Umeda’s nephew. Ashiya is surprised to learn about this. Io goes on to tell her that it will be difficult to carry on like this, leaving Ashiya speechless. Back in the training camp, Umeda comments on Sano’s progress being slow, causing unwanted attention from his teammates.

The gang, except for Nanba, leaves the work at the shack to their classmates, who had offered to help earlier, and goes on to enjoy themselves at the beach. The three guys are curious as to why Ashiya isn’t wearing ‘his’ swimming trunks, and she says she has forgotten to bring it. They ask her to go buy one, but she just walks away, and Nakatsu’s mind starts to wonder on the image of Ashiya wearing swim-wear, and imagines her in a bikini, getting a nosebleed in the process unknowingly. Just then, Kagurazaka shows up, asking where Sano is. He goes on to taunt Nakatsu and co., and with a group of his own (including a foreigner who strangely speaks Cantonese ‘Mo Man Tai’/No Problem) eventually proposes a challenge between Toukyou and Osaka on which school has more talents, which Nakatsu accepts.

Nanba meets Kanako alone, where they stroll to a bay while bringing up the reminiscences of the old days. Nanba tries to impress Kanako by talking about her favorite things, but to his shock, she apologizes to him and tells him that she is getting married soon. Back at the shack during the evening, Nakastu is desperately trying to get ideas and help for the challenge he had accepted without thinking, but to no avail. He tries asking Nanba, but burdened by his own troubles, Nanba just asks him to go look for someone else. And just when they are wondering who to go to, Tennouji and Oscar show up this time, which Nakatsu questions their presence.

In the training camp, Sano tells Sekime that it is hard enough for him just to get his energy back, but Sekime comments that it is already good enough that he came back, and says that he has changed ever since Ashiya arrived in school. Hibari and the Hibari 4 are having their dinner (okonomiyaki) at the place Ashiya and Nakatsu frequent, when Komari tries to send another cheerful message to Nakatsu. Hibari snatches her phone away and sends the message on her behalf, and then starts to describe how she is able to communicate with Sano without knowing his e-mail address. Komari comments that she does not understand all the far-fetched nonsense the other four are talking about, and gets shouted by all four to shut up this time.

At night, Nakatsu reads the message from Komari, seemingly troubled by it. He finds Ashiya sneaking behind him, who asks him whether if he has Sano’s e-mail address. He has the old one, but not the new one after Sano changed his phone. They go on to talk about wonderful it is to see Sano’s sudden motivation to go back to training, and Nakatsu promises that even if Sano’s not around, they will still beat Toukyou Gakuen in the challenge. Meanwhile, although it is late at night, Sano is still training hard on his own.

The day of the challenge finally arrives, with Kayashima acting as the judge. The first round is the Beach Flag Showdown, and from Osaka: Ashiya; from Toukyou: Jack Johnson (the Cantonese-speaking foreigner). The Osaka team members ask Ashiya to change into ‘his’ trunks for it is sure that ‘he’ will get wet, and Ashiya seems to be in a fix when the Toukyou team rushes her too, but Io comes to her aid, throwing her a upper wetsuit. The victory of this round goes to Toukyou. Next round: Gyoza Speed-Eating Showdown, and the competitors are Oscar and Higashimurayama. Victory goes to Osaka in this round.
Score: Osaka-1/Toukyou-1
Next, (Song) Intro Showdown, with the competitors Nakao and Bob. Nakao is thrashed by Bob, who strangely knows every song, even when the song hasn’t been played, thus scoring another point for Toukyou.

Sano continues training hard in camp, but the other teammates, except for Sekime, approaches Umeda, telling him that they do not accept Sano, and that he has no right to stay in the team, after the 2 years of hard training they have gone through without him. Umeda then asks what must be done for them to accept him back into the team, which they propose that Sano must make the qualifying standard of the district rally requirement (as written in the softsubs). Sano hears about this, and accepts the proposal.

Continuing with the challenge, the next round is Sumo Showdown, and Tennouji and Shibuya are the competitors. Tennouji manages to emerge victorious after a close fight, but not without a few bruises on the face. This brings the score to be Osaka-2/Toukyou-2, a tie. Last round, Balance Showdown, with Nakatsu pitting against Kagurazaka. It ends in a draw, resulting in a tie again. Kagurazaka proposes a final showdown to determine the winner, with the losing team going home naked, and again Nakatsu accepts, to the discontentment of Ashiya……

Waking up in a lorry full of singing misfits

Kayashima and his father communicate well with each other…through auras

Ashiya simply thrilled to see the beach and fireworks

Moriguchi Youko(森口 瑤子) as Nanba Io(難波 伊緒)

“You trying to make me the first person to die from spasms?!”

Nanba meets an old flame

A jealous Nakao looks affectionately at the down-in-the-dumps Nanba

The chart explaining the complicated love polygon in Osaka and St. Blossom

Cover blown for the second time (I like this picture… 😀 )

Io, who is Nanba’s mother, is Umeda’s elder sister, making him Nanba’s uncle

Ashiya at the beach, as depicted in Nakatsu’s head

Nanba is disappointed to hear of Kanako’s marriage

Harada Natsuki(原田 夏希) as Tanabe Kanako(田辺 可南子)

Close fight between Ashiya and ‘Hairy-Chest’ Jack

Oscar and Higashimurayama at their limits from eating all those gyozas

Nakao gets utterly thrashed by Bob

Sano gets shunned by his own teammates

Tennouji emerging victorious with a smile, although bearing several ‘battle scars’


Giving a skeptical look to Nakatsu

Snapshot of the episode!

The Dynamic Duo (Horikita-san looks really cute in this)

Next week: Ashiya’s parents pay her a visit, in Osaka Gakuen?! Ashiya turns to Nakatsu for comfort?


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