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Pre-National Day Post

Hey, it’s 3rd August, and 6 days to Singapore’s National Day!!!

Now, if you’re thinking this is gonna be some patriotic post, guess again.

Read in Hardware Zone that ODEX is merely a lackey in the Great Fansub Clampdown, the mastermind is in fact TV Tokyo. Dun even know if it’s true or not. And that even though anime fans in Singapore can boycott ODEX goods all they want, ODEX is still earning big bucks from selling their mediocre subbings to other countries (I dun understand at all why they want their subs), and not to forget, the fines they are collecting (dun try to tell me that they donate the money to charity, I’m a Singaporean myself, and I know how a Singaporean thinks).
It’s so obvious.

Guess there’s only 3 things left regarding this matter for me to do, ranked accordingly to difficulty (easiest to hardest):

  1. Mail order DVDs from other companies like Bandai instead of supporting ODEX (this is actually just to make myself feel better)
  2. Practice, and master the Japanese language, and then mail order original Japanese anime DVDs (without subs), from Japan (this will take years)
  3. Migrate to Japan (maybe after I strike lottery, or manage to rob a bank or something…hah)

Oh yeah, I somehow feel as the years go by, I feel less and less for my motherland (I really feel bad about this, but still…). Well, there’s this saying: “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Oh of course, compared to the yellowing grass here. And isn’t Singapore using this saying to attract foreign talents in? And when locals are complaining they have to compete with the immense numbers of foreign talents coming over, not much is seen being done at all. As I mentioned, everything’s about PROFIT & MONEY, lah.

And it’s not just me though, feeling like this. Many people of and near my age are feeling the same.


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