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Been up to nothing much these few things…dun even know what to do online…except for my 花ざかりの君たちへ. And so, after receiving countless e-mails from friends, I joined FaceBook. Rather fun, actually…but like Friendster, you can’t ‘play’ for the whole day (just gets boring fast).

Hmmm…maybe I’ll start translating the lyrics in Mandarin/Chinese, if ‘我屁股开始痒’.

Been watching TransFormers: Cybertron…I just dun understand why Override is female in the English version (not to mention, the dubbing is rather exaggerated, but still acceptable to me), when the Japanese version of Override, known as NitroConvoy (which I think is a much cooler name) is a male.

I’M BORED!!! Guess I should post more translations of song lyrics. Hah.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I started to collect the Harry Potter novels (I bought Order of the Phoenix, then The Philosopher’s Stone…strange huh?) to re-read Book 1 to 4. Just finished Book 5, then Book 1, and now waiting to book out and get Book 2.
Watched the Order of the Phoenix before reading it…realized something: THE MOVIES SUCK BIG TIME!!! Not that the actors have bad performances or anything, they are quite good actually…just that after watching the movies, I can’t really imagine scenes from the book, as scenes from the movies will be stuck in my head (DAMN!). And the freaking movies cut so many things off from the original story.
Looks like the only Harry Potter I’ll be looking forward to now would be the last, that of the Second War (hope they make it as epic as possible).


2 responses to “B.O.R.E.D

  1. MavericK Friday, August 3, 2007 at 1659

    Yeah, ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ was pretty good, the movie, i mean…’Goblet of Fire’ was kinda boring (Harry with bad hair)…but at least Voldemort makes his appearance, and not forgetting Katie Leung…haha… 😛

    Yup, the magic showdown in ‘Order of the Phoenix’ was ‘Bloody Brilliant’ indeed…but the way Sirius Black dies is just so stupid. And the movie doesn’t show much of Harry’s anguish, which I think is an important part of the book.

  2. Random J Friday, August 3, 2007 at 839

    I read ‘The deathly hallows’ last week and loved it. Such a great finish to an awesome story. I wasn’t too keen on the first 2 Harry Potter films, because Daniel Radcliffe’s acting was so stiff and they left alot of stuff from the books out. But I loved ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’. That’s probably my fave film out of the lot so far. ‘The order of the phoenix’ was pretty boring. It only got good when the action went down at the Ministry of magic.

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