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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 04

At the end of last episode, Yuujirou was found to be the underwear thief (I have no idea why a dog needs so much underwear for), and Shizuki decided to let Ashiya stay on in Osaka Gakuen, even asking Sano to take care of her.

Continuing from where it ended last episode, Nakatsu comes rushing into the cafeteria, where Nanba and a few others, including Ashiya, are. He holds up a newspaper with the headlines ‘Dormitories, Closing Down!” Later that day, in the cafeteria (again), Ashiya asks Nanba about the dormitories closing down, but Nanba and Nakao tells her to take a closer look at the papers, where she realizes that it is a sports paper, meaning the news only affects those in Dorm 1. Nanba further explains that Dorm 1 has to be temporarily closed down for repair work on the water pipes there. Tenants of Dorm 1 make their way into the cafeteria, thanking Dorm 2, and that’s when Nanba realizes/recalls that the tenants of Dorm 2 have to share their rooms with those from Dorm 1, making each room having 3 occupants. But he also reminds Tennouji that the sharing of rooms should only take place the next day, which causes Tennouji to punch Mitsuomi, who couldn’t tell him earlier upon seeing his excitement.

Sekime calls out and goes after Sano, after he leaves the cafeteria to take Yuujirou out on a walk. Ashiya follows too, and Sekime asks Sano whether he is going to go for the training camp during the summer vacation, but he does not give a reply, walking off with Yuujirou.

While Tennouji metes out punishment on his men, Nanba asks if he is not afraid that he will scare his fiancee, Kanna from St. Blossom, off with his strictness. Suddenly, Oscar (on top of a push-cart) and the Dorm 3 tenants show up, reminding the crowd that summer vacation is near. Sawatari shows up next, with another speech from the Principal written on his hand, this time about love. The next contest is announced: The Osaka and St. Blossom Joint Party! Only the top 10 in ranking in Osaka Gakuen is allowed to join the party. A challenge is posed by both Nanba and Oscar, who both threaten to steal Kanna, who will be attending the party, away from Tennouji, and the confident Tennouji readily accepts.

Ashiya is reading the magazine article about Sano Shin, Sano Izumi’s younger brother, when Sano returns from his walk with Yuujirou. Ashiya comments that he is acting weird when Sano actually replies to a question from Ashiya, when usually he would ignore her. While undressing, Sano remembers Ashiya is a girl, and heads into the bathroom to undress instead, leaving Ashiya wondering.

Dorm 1 tenants are having a draw on which room each of them will be occupying. Nanba ends up with Tennouji, to his disappointment. Shichidou Souma (Nishiyama Sousuke) draws Ashiya’s and Sano’s room, and Nakatsu has an idea when he hears this. Ashiya takes a shower, and when Sano walks to the outside of the bathroom unknowingly, he stares at the blur figure of Ashiya showering and suddenly remembers that she is a girl, then slowly and shyly walks back to the resting area. Just then, Nakatsu enters the room, carrying his belongings, and greets Sano (with an accent similar to Milch from Nodame Cantabile). Sano asks him why it is him instead of a Dorm 1 tenant, and a flashback is shown: Nakatsu had begged Shichidou to let him occupy Room 205 instead, in exchange for his own room. But Nakatsu tells Sano that it was Shichidou who insisted the exchange. Sano tells Nakatsu that Ashiya is showering and leaves, and Nakatsu becomes rather excited. He tells himself that he moved in with Ashiya is to confirm that he is not a homo/gay, but later uses the excuse of saving water to bathe with Ashiya. However, before he can do so, Ashiya is out of the bathroom. She hears from Nakatsu that Sano has left, and upon returning to her bed, asks Nakatsu how he thinks of Sano, which he replies loudly “I’m not a homo!” Nakatsu, recovering his composure, then comments that it will take a miracle for Sano to jump again. He also comments on Ashiya being a kind ‘guy’.

Ashiya goes to the infirmary looking for Akiha, to the disbelief of Umeda, who is cleaning up the place. Akiha shows up suddenly and Umeda throws up in disgust. Ashiya later learns from Akiha that Shin is currently practicing high-jumping in Toukyou Gakuen (桃郷学院), and then runs off, but not before receiving a warning from Umeda to not do anything rash. Back in their dorm room, Ashiya tries to hear more about Shin from Sano through hints, but learns that even Sano know little about him. Ashiya then tries to get Sano to go look for his brother, but as expected, Sano says “forget it” and leaves.

The students of Osaka Gakuen are trying their best to publicize about themselves in order to get into the top 10 in ranking. At the gates, Hibari says she will vote for Sano no matter what, and the members of Hibari 4 each has their own target in mind (and as usual, Komari gets shouted by Juri) Ashiya and Nakatsu are sitting at a side watching them, the latter commenting that they are stupid to be doing such things. Ashiya asks Nakatsu how different is he from them, and he replies that he has totally changed, and his face unknowingly closes in on Ashiya’s face.

The results of the vote are announced at the cafeteria: the usual top , Sekime, and Ashiya are included (Kayashima and Nakao are not though, to their dismay). Nanba asks Sekime on his strategy for the party, then gives him a few advice of is own, which everyone tries to copy down as memo, even Ashiya. A clad-in-towel-only Nakatsu shows up, asking Ashiya, who is clearly embarrassed, where Sano is, as he wants to borrow shampoo (again). Ashiya sees that Yuujirou is still at his kennel, thus knowing that Sano did not go for a walk. Back in Room 205, Ashiya turns in, and Nakatsu tries to get his futon and stuff up to Ashiya’s level, when Sano tells him to go down to the lower deck as there is more space (trying to protect Ashiya actually). Sano switches off the light, but turns it on shortly later to charge his phone. Nakatsu is commented by him to have a unique sleeping method, as he is seen standing on the stairs with eyes shut, pretending to be asleep.

Ashiya sneaks into Toukyou Gakuen and sees Sano Shin practicing his high-jumping, which she comments as “Incredible”. To her surprise, she sees Sano also looking at Shin practicing from afar, and then sees Kagurazaka approaching Sano, who told him that it was him who invited Shin to watch him practice. Sano tries to leave, but Kagurazaka shouts to Shin, saying that he had a guest. Shin set his eyes upon Sano and walks up to him, giving him a punch in the stomach. He then goes on to describe the suffering he had been through after Sano had run away from home, and then goes on to insult Sano that he is not qualified to take part in the national competition in the coming autumn, and leaves. Sano sees Ashiya on his way from the unhappy meeting, and they chat at a park, where Sano reveals the true reason why he quit high-jumping: his father.

Back at their room, Nakatsu notices the glum faces of both Ashiya and Sano. Sano leaves, saying that he’s taking Yuujirou for another walk, and Nakatsu sees the chance of both him and Ashiya together alone. However, Ashiya leaves, following Sano. Nakatsu asks the reason for Ashiya’s worry, which a whole array of other tenants turn up in the room, including Sawatari, each giving a reason on behalf of Ashiya. Meanwhile, Ashiya sees Yuujirou still at his kennel, but realizes that she is caught by Sano, who has been waiting for her appearance. He tells her not to follow him again.

Ashiya goes to the infirmary as ‘a patient with a broken heart’, and shares her woes with Umeda. He reminds her that her only quality is her nosiness, and she shouldn’t give up on helping Sano. At the toilet, Nakatsu and Ashiya (pretending to use the urinal) have a small discussion about Sano, and Nakatsu suggests that it could help Sano to have a girlfriend. Enlightened by his words, Ashiya sets off to find a girlfriend for Sano……

Headlines: “Dormitories, Closing Down!”

Tennouji and the other Dorm 1 tenants impose on Dorm 2

Next contest: The Osaka and St. Blossom Joint Party

A confident Tennouji accepts the challenge posed by Nanba and Oscar, for Kanna’s affection

Nanba is horrified to know Tennouji will be staying in the same room with him

A shy Sano after seeing the blurred figure of Ashiya showering

Nakatsu, the new roommate of Ashiya and Sano

Getting excited when hearing that Ashiya is showering

Umeda throws up at the sight of Akiha, literally (with mosaic too)

Ashiya tries to talk to Sano about Shin

Dorm 1’s method of trying to pull more votes: muscles

Nakatsu……TOO CLOSE!!!

Everyone taking down the words of advice from Nanba on impressing girls

Ashiya doing some spy work

Daitou Shunsuke (大東 俊介) as Sano Shin (佐野 森)

Sano tells Ashiya the true reason why he quit high-jumping

A high Nakatsu caught between 2 depressed people

Ashiya gets caught by Sano for following him

“I’m a patient with a broken heart”

Nakatsu and Ashiya (really brave of her) taking a leak together, while talking about helping Sano

Snapshot of the episode!

Sekime cosplaying as Char Aznable, from Mobile Suit Gundam

Next week: Ashiya gets kidnapped?! The students of Osaka Gakuen spend their summer vacation at the beach, while Sano trains hard in training camp! And Ashiya is on the verge of blowing her cover once again!

9 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 04

  1. Hashraf Affendi Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 521

    May i ask, what is the background song used while the scene Sekime cosplaying as Char Aznable played?? anyone please

  2. Random J Friday, August 10, 2007 at 1051

    Definitely. Series 1 is awesome!

  3. MavericK Saturday, August 4, 2007 at 1311

    Icic…guess it’s like the same as the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango (just parts here and there) huh, where the second series isn’t as good (in the Taiwanese version, much worse) as the first, ya?

    Anyway, think I gotta get the first series after my patday. Haha… 😛

  4. Random J Saturday, August 4, 2007 at 559

    Yeah. Ikuta is in ‘Hana Yori Dango 2’, but only for 2 or 3 episodes though. If you haven’t watched the first one I would recommend it. It’s much, much better than the second. I wasn’t all that keen on ‘Hana Yori Dango 2’. It was dragged right out for far too long and it just didn’t hook me like the first one did.

  5. MavericK Friday, August 3, 2007 at 1722

    And yah, no prob at all…i have to thank you for even reading these synopsis/reviews that are not well written… 🙂

    Anyway, kinda have time anyway, so why not? 😀

  6. MavericK Friday, August 3, 2007 at 1655

    Whoa…another one in ‘Nobuta’? Haha…yup, most J-dramas are as such…you will see same actors collaborating in the same dramas…

    My favourite pair-up gotta be Yamashita-san and Horikita-san…the best on-screen couple ever!

    Ikuta-san is in Hana Yori Dango 2? Well, I haven’t watched the first one… 😛 Gotta get my hands on the DVD…is it good? Dun think the Doumyouji looks like the manga counterpart though… 😛

  7. Random J Friday, August 3, 2007 at 313

    Yeah. 🙂 And then there’s also that guy in the first episode who stands up and says “Blonde with blue eyes”. I don’t know his name, but I know he was one of the 2 guys who always used to follow the bald headed guy around holding his bottle of Coca Cola in ‘Nobuta wo Produce’.

    J dramas are always like that though aren’t they. You find connection between the actors and find some of them have acted with one another before. Like Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma and Kobayashi Susumu having all been in Hana Yori Dango 2.

    Thanks for posting these episodical reviews! I never would’ve looked twice at this drama otherwise. I’ve only watched 1 episode and I’m hooked! 😀

  8. MavericK Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 1052

    Hey, I didn’t really notice that Daitou Shunsuke was in ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ until you’ve mentioned it… 😛
    I can only remember Okada Yoshinori and Ukaji Takashi acting together with Horikita Maki before, in ‘Nobuta wo Produce’. 😀

  9. Random J Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 726

    Oooooooooo!!! I’ve been looking for a new drama to get stuck into and this looks really cool!

    Horikita Maki and Daito Shunsuke back in a drama together. I’m getting flashbacks of ‘Nobuta wo produce’. 😀

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