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パプリカ (Paprika)

This Is Your Brain On Anime.

Ever wondered what is it gonna be like when dreams turn into reality, and reality into dreams? Will your lifelong dreams become true, or does mayhem ensue? Well, this film is the one that will bring wildest dreams alive (animated though), right in front of your eyes!

A medical breakthrough in psychotherapy is made when a group of researchers, headed by Dr. Chiba Atsuko, a serious yet attractive woman, comes up with a prototype of a device, invented by Dr. Tokita Kousaku, a seriously overweight genius with a heart of a child. The device, named ‘DC Mini’, allows the user to enter people’s dreams, exploring and ‘edit’ their dreams. But troubles come to the research team when 3 of the prototypes are stolen, and people who had been under psychic therapy or connections start to lose their personalities, which may eventually lead to death, or the loss of the conscious, leaving the body to be of an empty shell.
Now, it’s up to Chiba and her dream persona, Paprika, a cute and feisty facet of Chiba’s personality, to find the mastermind behind these heinous psychological crimes……

Well, watched Paprika at The Picturehouse (superb seats, simply the best…but no food and drinks inside) today, was late though, so I missed the beginning bits, but I was still able to understand 90% of the film while watching, and another 5~8% after thinking. I think there’s a deep meaning behind this film, so deep that after the film has finished, the crowd just wouldn’t leave the screening hall, still discussing with their friends on what had been going on throughout the film. Luckily for me, I like to think, or it would have been a bad experience for me, since I watched it alone (no one to discuss about the film with). However, for those who go brain-dead when watching movies, or prefer to do so, you will still be mesmerized by the animation and colors of this film.
For an anime, this film is simply one of the best of its genre. Who says anime are for kids?

A line in the film goes like this:
“In a world of inhumane reality, it is the only humane sanctuary left. That, is a dream.”

I give a score of: 5/5. For people who dun understand it, I believe they will give it a: 1/5.
Afterall, it’s only a fine line between understanding and confusion for this film. 🙂


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