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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 03

At the end of previous episode, Yuujirou manages to win the title of King (???), and Ashiya wins the title of Queen (?!?!). After a mini celebration in her dorm room, Ashiya receives an e-mail from her elder brother, Ashiya Shizuki (Okada Yoshinori), informing her that he has come to Japan to bring her back to America, and addressing Ashiya as ‘sister’. While Ashiya is reading, Sano wakes up and seems to notice the e-mail, asking her what is that about. Ashiya, shielding the mail message from Sano, is at a loss for words, but heaves a sigh of relief when Sano goes back to sleep, apparently still drunk.

The next morning, news of St. Blossom students having their underwear stolen spread to Class 2-C. Nakatsu asks Ashiya out for some okonomiyaki, but she declines the offer, saying she has some matters to attend to with her brother, who has arrived in Japan. Outside, she rushes into a boutique and buys a set of women’s clothing (including a brassiere). Once out of the boutique looking like a girl again, she cheers on herself, and she goes off to meet her brother. While waiting though, she behaves like a boy. (Will be using ‘Ashiya’ for Ashiya Mizuki and ‘Shizuki’ for Ashiya Shizuki) Shizuki finally shows up and warmly greets Ashiya, and they stroll off together to have some hamburgers, Ashiya’s favorite. Umeda sees this, and scolds Ashiya silently, to himself.

While on his way out of school, Sano is confronted by Kagurazaka, who gives him a magazine, telling him to look at the article inside. The article is shown to be about Sano Shin, his younger brother, achieving a high-jumping record of 2.09m, breaking his own’s.

While on their way, Shizuki asks Ashiya about her her life in high school in Japan, and she lies about having many female friends and all, but Shizuki eventually reveals that he knows of Ashiya disguising herself as a boy and enrolling into a boys’ school. She tries to talk her brother out of bringing her back to America, but to no avail, so she escapes by using the excuse of having to go to the toilet.

In the cafeteria of Osaka Gakuen, Noe Shinji (Igarashi Shunji) shows off his invention to his fellow dorm tenants: a lie detector (though it looks more an electric chair). He suggests that it can be used to find the underwear thief, but is reminded by the others that they do not have any suspects to use it on in the first place. However, they decides to give it a try, and Nakatsu volunteers to go first. He is requested to reply ‘No’ to every question. First question is regarding whether he is the underwear thief, which the detector does not show a response, verifying Nakatsu’s innocence in the matter. Next question, asked by Nakao, is if Nakatsu prefers men over women, which a positive response is shown, to the shock of Nakatsu and the others. Further questioning is done by Kayashima, which reveals the person Nakatsu likes in staying in the dormitories, and in Dorm 2, to the shock of the other tenants. All of them hear a commotion from outside, and goes to check it out.

They find the tenants of Dorm 1 pinning down Shizuki, but since they do not know that he is Ashiya’s elder brother, they suspect that he is the underwear thief and decides to use the lie detector on him. While carrying him off back to the cafeteria, Ashiya shows up to the aid of Shizuki, whom Nakatsu tries to suck up to. She introduces him to her schoolmates, and brings him back to her dorm room, where they have an argument. Sano, outside the room, overhears the argument and finds out about Ashiya’s real identity and gender. The argument inside the room heats up, with Ashiya insisting that she will not return to America until Sano starts high-jumping again. Shizuki slaps her, but Ashiya stands by her decision of bringing back Sano’s smile nevertheless, surprising Shizuki.

Back to the cafeteria, Hibari and the Hibari 4 makes an ‘official’ announcement to the tenants of the 3 dormitories that there is indeed an underwear thief targeting St. Blossom Gakuen students, and that Hibari has gotten her underwear stolen too, much to the disbelief of the guys and even to the Hibari 4 (as usual, Komari gets snubbed by Juri). Tennouji swears to catch the underwear thief who has stolen the underwear of his fiancee, Kanna (which is shocking news to everyone present), and Sawatari appears, delivering a speech about having a sense of justice on behalf of the principal, and declares the next competition and reward for the 3 dormitories: the first dorm to catch the underwear thief is excused from cleaning duties for a year.

Sano returns back to the dorm room after having spent time outside, thinking about the incident where he had saved Ashiya, and about the things he heard earlier. Ashiya tries to engage in conversation with him, but is ignored by him.

The next day, Ashiya is dragged by Umeda to the infirmary, where he questions her about showing up on the streets near school as a girl. Ashiya has no choice but to tell everything about her brother to Umeda. Umeda states that he is a friend of Ashiya, and tells her that her brother has come to the school yet again. Meeting her brother, she is told that he has come to talk to the principal about dropping Ashiya out. Umeda shows up and after seducing Shizuki apparently, he tells him that the principal is not around, but he will prepare the documents concerning Ashiya dropping out of school by the next day, and Shizuki leaves. On their way back to the infirmary, Umeda tells Ashiya that he was only lying, and once inside, they find Hara on Umeda’s chair, to the shock of Umeda. The reason behind his sexual orientation is revealed (Hara apparently had gotten drunk and violated to Umeda back in their college days, causing him to have a fear of women…or at least, of Hara), and Hara goes on stating the reason for her visit: The magazine article which Sano has read about earlier. Hara and Umeda go on to reveal more about Sano’s family: His father is a former Olympics athlete and his brother is also a track athlete, causing Ashiya’s curiosity to grow deeper.

Outside school, Sano is approached by Shizuki, and they talk about Ashiya at the school track field. Shizuki is determined to bring Ashiya back to America, and tells Sano about it, but Sano shows a moment of hesitation when he hears about it. In the cafeteria, Dorm 2 tenants are having their meal, when Nanba asks about the progress the other dorms are having in catching the underwear thief. He is told that Dorm 1 tenants are patrolling the grounds of St. Blossom Gakuen, while Dorm 3 is using their intelligence in the hunt for the thief. Nanba then declares that unlike the foolish attempts of the other dormitories, they will just use their lie detector on anyone they find suspicious. Nakao asks Kayashima to check for any strange aura around them, and stops at Nakatsu, asking what is wrong after detecting his aura. Nakatsu asks Kayashima on what he will do if he himself really likes men, which Kayashima replies immediately that he will want to change room.

Ashiya is reading about Sano’s brother from the magazine in the dorm room when Sano enters. Ashiya uses her brother as a topic for conversation, going on and on, when Sano replies coldly that since she loves her brother so much, she should just go back with him to America. He also tells her that her existence in his life is a burden to him. Ashiya insists that she is not going to leave, and Sano blows his top, shouting at Ashiya, telling her to get out of his sight. Ashiya, finally unable to take it anymore, leaves the room and cries alone out at the corridor, while Sano lies on his bed, frustrated with himself……

Ashiya shields the mail message from Sano

Dressed like a girl, acts like a boy

Umeda sees Ashiya on the streets as a girl

Okada Yoshinori(岡田 義徳) as Ashiya Shizuki(芦屋 静木)

Ashiya runs from Shizuki, who is hell-bent on bringing her back to America!

Nakatsu tries the lie detector, with hilarious results

Ashiya comes to the aid of her brother, mistaken as the underwear thief

Sano discovers Ashiya’s secret

Hibari, the next victim of the underwear thief…

…but the tenants of Dorm 2 don’t believe it

Get set for the hunt for the underwear thief!!!

Umeda, the only one Ashiya can confide to

Shizuki speaks to Umeda about letting Ashiya drop out

Shizuki approaches Sano about Ashiya

Dorm 1 patrols the grounds, stopping anyone suspicious…

…while Dorm 3 tries to outwit the thief (but outwitted themselves instead)

“What if I really like men?”

Sano blowing his top at Ashiya, telling her to get out of his sight

Ashiya sorrowfully cries alone outside…

…while Sano gets frustrated over he had just done

And again, the snapshot of the episode:

Nakatsu, with his killer smile…and a pantie on his head

Next episode: Ashiya, Sano, and Nakatsu together in a room?! And a couple is born!!!


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  1. MavericK Friday, March 7, 2008 at 2104

    Hi wan.

    It’s inappropriate for me to mention the site to you, or promote any forms of ‘unauthorized’ downloading…
    …but you can check out the links on the right side bar…

    You can find what you want there. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!

  2. wan Friday, March 7, 2008 at 1251

    Is there a place to download this whole series/any jap drama with English subs??

    Onegai shimasu~

    Arigatou ne!!

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