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Blabbering of a Fool

The Skull Man: The 4th Night

Hayato visits Yoshio while he is playing the church organ (again). Back at Yoshio’s office, they talked about the death of Sayoko, and Hayato hears from Yoshio that she had entered the new faith of Byakureikai, after leaving the church and de-converted from Christianity. Outside, Kiriko is playing with the children from the orphanage, whom she hears from about the urban legend of the Phantom Monorail, which is said to run at midnight, although it is forbidden to be outside after dark, and that its last stop is Hell.

An announcement is heard throughout Ootomo, informing about the time being near midnight and that one is not allowed to stay outside home without a permit. A man is seemingly being chased, always seeing a shadow following him (not his own) whenever he looks back. He runs, and ends up in an underground monorail station. When he stops at the platform, a monorail arrives, even it’s already past midnight. Hearing footsteps at the stairs leading down to the platform, he has no choice but to board. In the monorail, the carriages are empty, and the man heaves a sigh of relief. He hears footsteps again and turn to look, and sees Skull Man several carriages away. The lights suddenly go out, and when they come back on, Skull Man has disappeared. However, the man hears the cocking of a pistol, and behind him, Skull Man is standing, with his pistol aimed at the man. Skull Man smiles, and next we see flashes within the monorail, with the man screaming for help.
Morning, a body, supposedly that of the man, is seen hanging of the rails of the monorail, with a skull mark painted on the pillar in his blood.

Hayato and Kiriko read about the murder in the papers, where it is written that the police are investigating whether the murder is connected to the murder of Onizuka Yui. Hayato thinks that the murder has something to do with the Byakureikai, and gives a smirk. In Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company’s Biochemistry Research Facility, Akira is listening to a sound clip of strange frequency, when he suddenly laughs to himself, saying that he has found the voice of God. Tetsurou enters the room dressed like a researcher, whom Akira apparently knows, and Akira tells him that something wonderful is going to happen soon.

In a bus, it is revealed that Hayato had borrowed for a car from Yoshio, and Kiriko complains that he shouldn’t depend on Yoshio too much. Hayato investigated the monorail murdre on his own, and finds out that the victim was Suzuki Shougo, a staff member from Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company’s Biochemistry Research Facility. Knowing Hayato, Kiriko volunteers to investigate Byakureikai, while Hayato himself investigates the research facility. He is refused entry and thus, investigations, by the research entry, but he sees 3 female staff members coming out. Checking his watch, he realizes that it is lunch break, and he gives another smirk.

At the restaurant, Hayato manages to receive more information about Suzuki Shougo, and also hears about the Phantom Monorail urban legend from the ladies. Coincidentally, Akira passes by the restaurant, and Hayato hears from the ladies that though they are from different sections, Akira probably knew Shougo. Hayato then runs off thanking the ladies, while leaving the bill on the table. Hayato confronts Akira at a bus-stop by asking for a light for his cigarette, hoping to get information from him, but once Akira hears about Shougo, he hails a taxi and leaves, but before giving Hayato a smirk. Hayato throws his cigarette on the ground fumingly, and tries to pick it back up when he realized it is a waste, but the cigarette is picked up by an old cleaner as litter instead. Detective Shinjou appears suddenly, locking Hayato’s head, asking him what he had talked about with Akira earlier. Shinjou is suspicious of Akira as well. He also lets Hayato know about the cleaners on the streets, who are members of the Byakureikai, cleaning up the city to honor their ancestors.

Kiriko is on high grounds, taking pictures of Byakureikai members around the city, doing kind deeds. She manages to take a photo of Mayor Kusaka and a mysterious woman coming out from the Byakureikai headquarters. Back in their apartment, Kiriko shows Hayato the photos she had taken, which Hayato comments that it’s not a surprise to see Mayor Kusaka having connections with Byakureikai, which is after all the largest religious group in Ootomo. When asked about the mysterious lady, Kiriko says she is atill investigating, but deduces that she must be one of the leaders in Byakureikai. In the Kuroshio estate, the mysterious woman is revealed to be the wife of Kuroshio Gouzo, Kuroshio Sara, the chairperson of Byakureikai. Maya is caught by Sara while trying to leave for the church, with Sara exclaiming that she must be going to a church of an outside religion to see a man. Maya goes back into her room, where she sees the reflection behind her when she looks into the mirror, but sees nothing when she turns back to take a look.

In Ootomo Pharmaceutical Company, Akira drops in on Kumashiro Masaki. Masaki tells Akira that countermeasures have been taken about the Suzuki Shougo murder when asked, and then asks Akira about the progress of a research, probably that of the voice of God, which he replies that it has proceeded to the next stage. Hayato tails Akira and they stop at a library, where Hayato loses his trail and picks up a book Akira had shown interest in. In the same restaurant as before, Hayato got bored of the book, which is apparently too deep for him, and is suddenly confronted by the 3 staff members he managed to con a meal out of, demanding him to pay back the money. Kyouichirou comes to the aid of Hayato. He tells Hayato that the feelings of resentment of the citizens of Ootomo are starting to surface, especially now with all the news about the ‘Skeleton Man’, monsters showing up, and the mysterious murders.

At night,  just before midnight, Hayato and Kiriko tail Akira together after he exits from the research facility, but they lose sight of him at the station and go on their separate ways to look for him, with Hayato searching the platforms. When he reaches the platform, the Phantom Monorail shows up and stops at around the same time, and Hayato boards it, not wanting to lose the chance of a scoop.

On board, the carriages are empty, but he sees Skull Man and soon the lights go out, just like what happened to Suzuki Shougo. In the dark, Skull Man appears behind Hayato and shoots him, but Hayato manages to dodge the bullets due to Kyouichirou, who is also on board the monorail. After several shots, Skull Man disappears again, and manages to shoot Kyouichirou in the left arm by shooting from the top of the monorail. He breaks through the window and into the monorail, pinning Hayato, but Hayato struggles to keep Skull Man from shooting him. After moments of struggling, Kyouichirou pulls the emergency brakes, which causes Skull Man to get off from Hayato and drop his Mauser pistol. He tries to reach for his pistol, but Hayato pushes him out of the monorail before he can do so, and Skull Man drops into a canal/river. Kyouichirou asks Hayato to run before the police comes, and Hayato comments that Kyouichirou is so mysterious that he wants to investigate him next after the ‘Skeleton Man’.

Hayato speaks with Yoshio about Sayoko’s death…and for a favour

Kiriko hears about the urban legend of the Phantom Monorail from the orphanage children

The Phantom Monorail makes its stop

Skull Man, with his trusty Mauser pistol

Akira on his discovery of the voice of God

Kiriko in her investigation of the Byakureikai

The doors of the Phantom Monorail open for Hayato

Skull Man ‘drops in’ on Hayato


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