Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Man of the Past

I find myself very funny at times, sometimes maybe even to the extent of being detestable…haha… 🙂

I am one who would always reminiscence about the past, yet never really bothered about the present, and furthermore, think too much about the future. Strange huh? I’ll take one eaxmple. I had met up with a primary school friend not too long along, and I really enjoyed the company. However, almost everything I tried to use as a start to a conversation has something to do with the past. Well, I have never been much of a person with words, but it really gets to me when I can’t really think of something good to talk about when I wanna.
Furthermore, her memories of the past are far better than mine. 😛

Oh well, I should think more about the present now, and less of the future. I always have too many unnecessary troubles when thinking about the future, and these unnecessary troubles always cloud my eyes from the troubles that I should be facing now.

Just a thought to myself anyway. 😀


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