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Weird habits…

Nothing to do right now, decided to list down a few of my weird habits…not that anyone’s interested anyway… 😀

  1. If I am using a blanket when I sleep, I must make sure that the illustration/drawing is upright (meaning if the drawing is of a man, its head must be in the direction where my head is)…but what happens after I fall asleep, I dun really care.
  2. My walking pace is affected by the song/music I’m listening to while walking. High tempo, high speed; low tempo, relaxing~normal speed. If I’m not listening to anything, let’s say it’s techno.
  3. I keep my graphics novels in numerical order (eg 1,2,3,4…)…but my manga in reverse numerical order.
  4. I list my games and songs in my playlist in alphabetical order.
  5. I categorize my clothes into ‘for-going-to-nearby-places’ and ‘for-going-to-far-places’…in terms of Singapore, that is.
  6. I like reading traditional Chinese characters more than simplified Chinese characters, though they are some that I can’t read.
  7. I will not continue on my collection (of manga, graphic novels, etc…) if there is a volume/unit missing in between. I dun like the idea of skipping.

I’m weird huh?

3 responses to “Weird habits…

  1. jo Thursday, July 19, 2007 at 042

    arhmm..bcuz i’m oso “guilty” of habit no.1,so i dun find it strange..Hehe

  2. MavericK Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 1259

    Haha…ok, lidat called ‘special’ huh? I thought No.1 is the strangest…to think there are people who do the same thing… 😛

  3. jo Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 933

    Hello hello!
    Wa..u r not weird la..but quite special..to think tt u knw what r some of ur not-every-ppl-the-same habits!
    It’s interesting!
    Habit 1 n 2 still applicable for me,but habit 5 was last used by me during my secondary school days..haha..
    Well..ppl do hv similar habits though..isn’t it?

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