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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 02

Ashiya’s cover is blown!

Due to her injury at her right foot, Ashiya isn’t able to finish the marathon, and victory goes to Tennouji instead. Brought over to Umeda’s by Sano and Nakatsu, she is left to rest after Umeda has taken care of her foot. Waking up, she finds herself facing Umeda, who asks her why there is a girl in a boy’s school, thus implying that he knows her secret. He physically threatens Ashiya when she keeps mum, to the extent of exerting force on her injured foot, but Yuujirou comes to Ashiya’s rescue. She manages to escape to the park, where she sees Yuujirou, after the attack on Umeda, with Sano. She thanks Sano for helping her, but gets snubbed by him instead, which causes her to shoot her mouth off at him.

In the cafeteria, Dorm 1 Head Tennouji and his men are on their knees, apologizing for what Daikokucho Mitsuomi (Takahashi Mitsuomi) and his partner had done to Ashiya. She forgives them, but Dorm 2 does not, and so Tennouji volunteers to decline his victory in the marathon. However, Sawatari appears and delivers a short speech (written on his hand) on behalf of the principal, saying that there is no need for Tennouji to decline his victory, which the students accepts readily (since it’s by the principal). Nakao consoles Nanba by telling him there is no more need for him to have nights out on weekends (the reward for winning the marathon), since he doesn’t have any girlfriends anymore (due to the ‘help’ by Nakao himself), and Nanba snaps and tries to strangle Nakao. Tennouji admits his loss this time, but promises to win fair and square the next time, and suddenly everyone hears Oscar’s voice, saying that he ‘will not let him win that easily’. They find Oscar on top of a ladder at the fireplace, declaring that he will be victorious the next time. Sawatari goes on to announce the next event: ‘Mister Osaka Contest’, which everyone cheers at the idea.

Sekime enlightens Ashiya on the contest, telling her that it’s a joint project with St. Blossom to basically choose the most popular boy and girl as King and Queen. And according to the rankings of a fanclub, the order goes: 5th-Tennouji; 4th-Nakatsu; 3rd-Nanba Minami; 2rd-Oscar Himejima (???); 1st-Sano Izumi. Nakatsu interrupts both of them by asking Ashiya outside, asking her about her injury and thanking her for the enlightenment he received during the marathon. He tells Ashiya that she will be his apprentice from then on, but starts stuttering after he puts his arm around her shoulders, which causes his heartbeat to haywire. This is the start of Nakatsu suspecting himself as a homosexual, which he himself cannot believe it.

The Hibari 4 make their way to Osaka Gakuen, getting ogled by the students on the way, and Hibari receives an amusing comment from them. In the cafeteria, the students of Osaka Gakuen and St. Blossoms work together on the preparations for the contest, but of course, some of the students hit on one another. Hibari 4 arrives to ‘supervise’ on the preparations. Amagasaki Kanna (Kiritani Mirei), a member of Hibari 4 tells fellow member Imaike Komari (Kurose Manami) that Hibari herself has won the title of Queen 6 times, causing Imaike to wonder how old Hibari is. Another member, Abeno Erika (Taira Airi) gets attracted by Sekime’s drawing, but gets ‘threatened’ by another member, Kishizato Juri (Matsuda Madoka). Imaike gets attracted to Nakatsu as well, and suddenly Hibari shouts for Sano(-sama) for no reason.

At the rooftop, Sano is spending time alone when Umeda appears, asking about Ashiya. Sano prepares to leave soon after, and Umeda sees the injury on Sano’s left Achilles tendon. He asks Sano about the Track and Field team, causing him to stop for a while in his tracks. In Dorm , Tennouji tells his men that it is not necessary for them to follow him in this contest, and lets them decide whether they want to follow him by staying, or leaving the room. Sure enough, everyone tries to leave the room, but the door is locked by Tennouji (though he says he will not force them to stay), and ends up staying with Tennouji.

In the cafeteria, Dorm 2 tenants are having their meal, and Sekime says something about using last year’s design for a contest logo, which is kept in the basement storage. The duty of finding it gets pushed to Ashiya, and strangely Sano volunteers to accompany her. They later realize that Sano has gotten drunk from eating Nara pickles, which have alcohol in them. In the basement, Ashiya asks Sano to find the switch, and in a drunken stupor, falls down afetr finding the switch. Ashiya shields the fallen Sano from falling objects. Both of them faces each other, then Sano kisses Ashiya! Shocked by this move, Ashiya slaps Sano, and he falls asleep. Sano gets carried off back to the dorm room, with Nanba and gang telling Ashiya that Sano becomes a ‘kissing demon’ (キス魔) when he gets drunk, and that almost everyone, including Nanba, Nakatsu, Kayashima, Tennouji, Oscar, and even Yuujirou, is a victim from his kisses, to the surprise of Ashiya. At night, Ashiya looks at the sleeping Sano, saying to herself that that was her first kiss.

Umeda finds Hara in his office, and gets mad. She then reminds him that they used to sleep in the same bed, which causes Umeda to go into a frenzy. He asks her reason for her appearance, which she shows Ashiya’s picture in reply, saying that she finds ‘him’ cute. Sano enters soon after, handing Umeda a letter containing a form request to drop out from the Track and Field team. Sano leaves after thanking Umeda, and knowing Sano, he does not try to talk him out of leaving. Nakatsu sees Ashiya apologizing to Sano for what happened the previously, which Sano reacts coldly to again, and Kayashima tells Nakatsu that he is emitting a pink aura above his head. The ten finalists for the contest are revealed, and Ashiya is one of those selected, together with the top 5 students in the ranking. Ashiya hears about Sano leaving the Track and Field team from Umeda and goes looking for him, but is dragged away by Nakatsu for a meal.

In the eating house, Ashiya and Nakatsu talk about Sano, and Nakatsu asks Ashiya if ‘he’ is a homosexual, since ‘he’ is always so concerned by Sano. Ashiya stands up, shouting at the top of her voice that she ‘is not a homo!’ While drinking, Nakatsu looks at Ashiya and suddenly paints a beautiful picture of her in his mind, causing him to ‘drool’. Ashiya helps to clean up, and later when she helps him to wipe his mouth due to scalding, Nakatsu snaps, standing up and shouting that he ‘is a hot-blooded soccer player who only loves women’. Outside, Kagurazaka Makoto (Shirota Yuu), Sano’s rival in high-jumping, finds Sano walking Yuujirou and tries to taunt him into a challenge at high-jump again, while insulting him at the same time. Ashiya and Nakatsu sees everything, and she goes up to taunt Kagurazaka, with Nakatsu acting stupid just by patting her on the shoulder.

In Dorm 3, a ritual is held for an apparently cursed Oscar. His head starts to turn 360 while he recalls on the reasons he had missed the contest for the previous 2 years: He was involved in a car accident in the first year, and went to the wrong place in the second. The rest of the Dorm 3 tenants decide to look for Kayashima for help. Ashiya follows Sano and Yuujirou to the school field, where they have a chat about Sano and high-jumping. Ashiya challenges Sano to not give up on high-jumping.

Finally, the day of the contest is here, with the Hibari 4 starting off with a dance……

Umeda confronts Ashiya about her real identity…and gender

Regretting about shooting her mouth off at Sano

Grand apology from Dorm 1 to Ashiya and Dorm 2

“Mister Osaka Contest”!!!

Osaka Gakuen’s top 5

Nakatsu gets attracted to Ashiya, which he finds shocking

Boys and girls of Osaka Gakuen and St. Blossom working together for the contest

Umeda asks Sano about high-jumping and Ashiya

Unable to leave the room…and Tennouji

The surprise kiss

Konno Mahiru(紺野 まひる) as Hara Akiha(原 秋葉)

A frenzied Umeda

Clearly at loggerheads with each other

“You got a pink aura above your head”

Ashiya, in the eyes of Nakatsu

Shirota Yuu(城田 優) as Kagurazaka Makoto(神楽坂 真言)

Dorm 3 holding a ritual for the cursed Oscar (dressed like Beetlejuice)

Having a heart-to-heart chat

A challenge to Sano (reminds me of Kurosagi)

The contest kicks off!

Finally, we get to see the crazy side of Nakatsu! I prefer this version of Umeda than the Taiwanese version (which seems to be a stereotyping for homosexuals), who is cool and suave. The Hibari 4 seems to mimicking Hard Gay though, with their chant of their name.

Next episode: Ashiya’s brother, Ashiya Shizuki, arrives in Japan to bring her back! And Sano discovers Ashiya’s secret!


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  1. rai Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 2152

    hi can u post a picture of kurose manami….tnx

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