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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 01

Horikita Maki? Oguri Shun? This is gotta be great!!!

This debut episode starts off immediately with Ashiya Mizuki (Horikita Maki) entering Osaka Gakuen, a boy’s school, donning her school uniform, when she hears a commotion just outside the school gates. Curious, she goes and take a look, and is shocked to see a massive crowd of girls from various schools lining up along the sides along a path between Osaka Gakuen and her dormitories, waiting to greet their respective favorites from the school. Ashiya is enlightened by Hara Akira (Konno Mahiru), the cameraman for Osaka Gakusen, that Osaka Gakuen only enrols students according to their looks rather than their grades, and since she has many sister schools worldwide, Osaka Gakuen is well-known throughout the world. To justify the incredible fame of the students, Hara also sets up a stall with a partner, selling the photos of the students, which are always in hot demand by their ‘hungry’ fans.

Joining the ranks of the quirky crowd is Hanayashiki Hibari (Iwasa Mayuko) and her 4 ‘lackeys’, who name themselves ‘Hibari 4’, students of one of Osaka Gakuen’s sister school, St. Blossom, a girl’s school. The Hibari 4 take upon themselves the task of keeping the students of Osaka Gakuen happy and safe, and orders Hara to close her stall and leave. Both Hara and Ashiya comment that they cannot ‘follow their tension’, but Ashiya almost blows her cover when she uses ‘atashi’ instead of ‘ore’. (‘atashi’ is usually used by girls, ‘ore’ usually by boys). Running away, she reaches the lobby (I dunno if it’s called the lobby, it’s the place where the shoe racks are) and bumps into Umeda Hokuto (Kamikawa Takaya). Umeda gives her a weird look, and then reminds her that she will be late for classes. Before running off, he asks her which part of America she is from, which she replies ‘California’.

The class where Ashiya will be going to receives news of a new transfer student from America entering their class. All of them speculates a blonde with blue eyes (a stereotyping of people coming from the West), but is shocked to see a ‘pure’ Japanese instead when the introduction is made. Ashiya receives a ‘warm’ welcome from her new classamtes, oblivious that ‘he’ is actually a she. As she moves to her seat as directed by them, a hand holding Ashiya’s pair of shoes reaches in though the door, asking for the owner to claim them. Ashiya, thinking it was another rowdy classmate, stomps to greet him (like what she thinks a guy would do), but is stunned when she sees Sano Izumi, the reason why she sneaked into a boy’s school, right in front of her. Sano places a shoe on the dumbfounded Mizuki’s head, then throws her bag away from his table (it was his seat actually). Ashiya is kind of disappointed about the temperament of Sano, but is nevertheless glad to meet Izumi in the flesh.

News spread within the class that Ashiya holds the record in her school back in America for 100 meters, and she almost blows her cover again when she gets ‘checked’ for leg and chest muscles by Nakatsu Shuuichi (Ikuta Toma). Sano and Nakatsu butt heads soon after and Sano leaves the classroom, with Ashiya behind him. Ashiya calls out to Sano, but Sano tells her that he ‘doesn’t have that kind of interest’ when Ashiya unknowingly acts like a girl again when she tries to start a conversation with him.

The principal of Osaka Gakuen, Tsubaki (Matsuda Seiko), returns to the school abruptly, to the surprise of the vice-principal (I think…), Sawatari (Ukaji Takashi). Ashiya urgently needs to relieve herself, but the cubicles in the toilet are all taken, to her dismay. A fellow student asks her to go over to the urinal instead, since she ‘isn’t taking a dump’. Ashiya lets her curiousity take over and looks over, trying to a look at the guy’s ‘tool’, to his shock. Suddenly, all 3 cubicles open up, making Ashiya feel lucky again.

It is revealed that there is compeition among the 3 dormitories of Osaka Gakusen, and the coming competition is a marathon. News about Ashiya clocking a 10-sec for 100m spread to Tennouji Megumi (Ishigaki Yuma), the Head for Dorm 1, who misheard it as ‘9-sec’ (‘ju’ and ‘ku’ sounds roughly the same), then eventually the news is changed into Ashiya clocking an 8-sec for 100m, which spreads to Himejima Masao (Kyou Nobuo), or Oscar M. Himejima, as he calls himself, who is the Head of Dorm 3. The members of both Dorm 1 and 3 fights to have Ashiya join their dormitory (mandatory for a student of Osaka Gakuen to join a dormitory), but she manages to escape them. Sekime Kyogo (Okada Masaki) finds her, and he goes on to explain the dormitory system in Osaka Gakuen and the competition that is held during school events. Ashiya asks Sekime which dorm Sano belongs to, which he answer Dorm 2, the same as himself.

Ashiya ends up outside Dorm 2, where she sees Nanba Minami (Mizushima Hiro) kissing a girl. Out of shyness as a girl, Ashiya hides from Nanba, but he still sees her and goes on to introduce her to Dorm 2, which he is the Dorm Head of. During the introduction, she finds Sano’s dog, Yuujiro, which she takes an immediate liking to, and keeps meeting the same student, Kayashima Taiki (Yamamoto Yusuke) whenever she and Nanba go to, stopping at the cafeteria. Nanba explains that Kayashima has the ability to see ghosts and not a ghost, like what Ashiya believe, and Kayashima goes on to tell Ashiya that she has an interesting aura. The Dorm 1 and 2 tenants finally find Ashiya and they continue to ‘psycho’ her into joining their respective dorm, but Ashiya finally decides on Dorm 2 after seeing Sano sleeping outside on a park bench. She goes out to find the sleeping Sano, and somehow in a twist of fate, Sano ends up on top of Ashiya.

Nighttime, Dorm 2 holds a meeting at the cafeteria for the recruitment of members for the marathon. Someone volunteers Sano for the last slot, but he says he is not interested, and again it ends up with Nakatsu and Sano almost fighting. It is also revealed then Sano and Nakatsu used to be good friends. Ashiya volunteers herself to calm things down. Back in the dorm room, Ashiya is bringing her stuff to the upper tier of the room (her side) while Sano is in the room, when the contents of the box she is carrying fall through the box. Sano goes to help, but finds newspaper cuttings and articles about his injury which caused him to miss high-jumping for a period of time, and he eventually quit. Clearly unhappy, Sano leaves, leaving Ashiya to curse at her own foolishness. While clearing the mess, Nanba and a group of guys enter the room in towels, all looking for Sano to borrow shampoo. Ashiya chases them out.

Ashiya locks the bathroom door while she bathes, but Nakatsu enters her dorm room in a towel and finds the bathroom door locked. He takes out a ruler from his towel (I have no idea why someone would bring a ruler with him to a bath) and release the lock, and then he opens the door into the bathroom……

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
-Ikemen ♂ Paradise-

Horikita Maki(掘北 真希) as Ashiya Mizuki(芦屋 瑞稀)

The Path of Fame

The stall selling photos of Osaka Gakuen students, complete with a ranking board

Hibari 4, led by Hanayashiki Hibari(花屋敷 ひばり),
played by Iwasa Mayuuko(岩佐 真悠子)

Kamikawa Takaya(上川 隆也) as Umeda Hokuto(梅田 北斗)

A ‘nice’ surprise welcome from her class

Kimura Ryou(木村 了) as Nakao Senri(中央 千里), Ashiya’s rival

Oguri Shun(小栗 旬) as Sano Izumi(佐野 泉)

Ikuta Toma(生田 斗真) as Nakatsu Shuuichi(中津 秀一)

Ashiya gets checked by her classmates

Matsuda Seiko(松田 聖子) as Tsubaki(椿)

Heaving a sign of relief (and showing a comical face)

Ishigaki Yuuma(石垣 佑磨) as Tennouji Megumi(天王寺 恵)

Kyou Nobuo(姜 暢雄) as Himejima Masao(姫島 正夫)/Oscar M. Himejima

Okada Masaki(岡田 将生) as Sekime Kyougo(関目 京悟)

Mizushima Hiro(水島 ヒロ)aka Kamen Rider Kabuto, as Nanba Minami(難波 南)

Yuujirou(裕次郎), Sano’s dog

Yamamoto Yusuke(山本 裕典)aka Kamen Rider Sasword,
as Kayashima Taiki(萱島 大樹)

Ashiya decides on Dorm 2!!!

Though this scenes appears later in the episode, this is one screenshot that must be posted!!!

Enjoy the drama!


11 responses to “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 01

  1. bubbly Monday, February 8, 2010 at 1058

    does anyone know which episode is the pool scene? thank you very much!

  2. deno4144 Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 727

    Ooh~~ 0_o Didn’t know you watch this too because I’ve watched it too! It was funny~~~~~ XD My favorite character is Nakatsu~

  3. Hikari Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 2345

    i really love this Drama….

  4. oneican Monday, April 6, 2009 at 508

    i really love this drama…hondoni exciting!!! oguri shun-sama, ikuta toma-sama, yamamoto yusuke-sama, mizushima hiro-sama, omae wa hondoni hansamu desu..horikita maki can, anata wa kawai desu ne..gambare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tomatsu chan Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 2255

    luv this drama very much!! love toma chan…

  6. Claireooi Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 1620

    This was a awesome drama…I like it…but i not really like the tw one…i prefer jp…

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  8. MavericK Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 838

    Hi Trizziexz.

    I agree with you on the Japanese version being better than the Taiwanese one, though the Ashiya in the Taiwan version is, way, better in disguising as a guy. 😛

    Well, if you like Yamamoto Yusuke, the only other series which I know he acted in is Kamen Rider Kabuto. He is totally funny in it. 🙂

  9. Trizziexz Friday, March 14, 2008 at 1856

    yamamoto yusuke iz soo cut3 in hana kimi. i luv dis series. sooo good. much beta dan taiwan ver. i luv yamamoto yusuke n ikuta toma! ^^

  10. Trizziexz Friday, March 14, 2008 at 1854

    yamamoto yusuke iz soo cut3 in hana kimi

  11. Yumi-chan Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 700

    I love this dorama^^
    Great photos^^
    I love Ikuta Toma^^

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